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A Man From Another World – Episode 3

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“Darling,I saw a debit alert of $50,000 dollars yesterday,I wanted to ask you about it,if there was anything you used to money for and did not let me know about it”, Celine asked her husband, eagar to know what her husband used the money for,since they had a joint account,so she needs to know about it


“Ermmm,yeah Celine ,is true I used the money,but I gave out the money to a woman who needed it in making her business more advertising,so should could get more customers,she is poor,so I helped her”,said Rick truthfully to his wife Celine,who was not so happy about the whole idea of her husband given out their money to a stranger,a woman for that matter.


“Darling how could you give a woman our hard earned money,just like that, because she is poor, don’t she have a husband,you are my husband you don’t have right in doing such favour for her,”Celine queried her husband


“Oh sweet don’t take it personal,it’s just some poor woman ok,I just felt pity for her that’s why I helped her”, Rick said trying to comfort his wife


“Are you sure,you don’t have anything with her, except been nice in just giving her the money”,asked Celine anxiously



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“Yes,sweet that’s it’s,ok no one is taking me from you,ok I love you”,he said and kissed her on the lips


“let go to the bedroom sweetie”, Rick told Celine still kissing her,and pressing her back butt


“Oh you this pervert man,leave me alone, don’t you see I just came back from work,am so tired and I need some good sleep”,she said yawning and going to get her meal that was kept for her by the nanny in the kitchen


“Darling come ear some,she asked her husband


“No you eat,I told you I don’t want that woman’s food I want your food,you don’t want to give me the attention I needed from you,then why are we married then,if you keep on avoiding my every right,I needed you this time,but you just kicked me out,now telling me to eat some stranger woman’s food,how unfair of you”, Rick spat angrily and left Celine in the kitchen,and head to the room to sleep away his annoyance


Celine began thinking about his sudden behavior,that he has never acted like that before,even if she did not make love to him,he will still come around to cuddle and pets her,but now he just shouted at her angrily,she began thinking if it’s was the woman he gave out his money that made him that way,she need to find that woman and give him the warning of her life,she thought before she covered her food cause she just lost her appetite cause of her husband.




Anne had called some Carpenters to refurnish her shop ,and they have finished with the cafe,some painters started painting the now big and fancy shop,she already bought some dozens of chairs and tables,she bought new things and filled her shop,it’s was now very beautiful, fifteen minutes later,the shop was sets and beautiful that someone could imagine if that shop could ever be beautiful like the way it was now, Anne’s joy was so much that she forgot she had not sts eyes on Rick through out the morning,she needed him to see what his money transformed her shop into.


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Within a twinkle of an eye her shop began to fill up,cause she has bought a new speakers and a new CD player , which she put some songs that was now playing and shaking every where,which made the people hallo to know what was happening in her shop,so the people saw it was Anne’s cafe,they were happy with the new beautiful view,and the AC there were receiving,with the cool music that was playing in the shop atmosphere and outside the cafe,like a dozen had come and gone,which Anne attended to them with smiles all her face, another dozen came in she attended to them and they left,she made a very reasonable amount of money that day,which she quickly went to the bank to save it,then branch the store to get some food items she will cook for herself and her mother, probably she will cook for Rick too.


Since she did not see him that day,she became worried if he did not come to his office that day,or if he was sick,and


to make matter worse for Anne,she doesn’t have his contact so she could call him,so she rather quickly prepared the food ,and ate some of it,while she kept some for her mother,and took the remaining to Rick in his office.


She knocked and the door was open before she could knock again,like as if he had been expecting her since.


“Hey Rick”,she said shyly with a smile plastered on her face


“Hey Anne,come in”,he opened the door wide for her to enter then closed it after she was in


“Ermm Rick I brought this for you,I did not see you throughout today I was worried so I decided to check on you,and perhaps give you this”,she said stretching out the covered bowl of food to Rick


“Oh thanks for your care and effort in preparing this for me,I have been very busy with work that I have not tasted anything like food outside,but you just helped me with this,as if you have been in my mind to see I needed some food”,he said smilling ,while he sets the bowl of food on his table,and opened the sweet smelling delicacy Anne prepared for him,he wished his wife could be like Anne,but she is nothing to that, always care for her business.



Rick ate the food with relish and thanked Anne for it,Anne was so happy to see he loves eating her food,the two discussed about alot of things,while she told him about her new cafe,which he was so happy to know she had refurnish to the people’s taste,when she was going he called her back,and told her a thank you again,then she turned and gave him a hug,which sent chills down his spine,he tried to control himself,but he could not he had to kiss Anne,Anne was surprised at first but she accepted the kiss and kissed him back,the two kissed for like some more minutes, Rick became blinded through the kiss,and he quickly tried to undo Anne’s clothes,but she stopped him.


“Rick stop please,do you really know what you are doing right now”,she asked with desires in her eyes,she wanted Rick too,but she needed to know why he his doing this,she doesn’t want to be heart broken if they made love together,since he was a married man she needed to be careful.


“Yes I know what am doing,have been dying to have a woman beside me,for two month now, ever since I started been friends with you,I feel secluded and overpowered when you touch me,I become weak by your touch,I need to do this now,if not I don’t know what might happen to me”, Rick told Anne who listened attentively


“what about your wife, Don’t you make love to her,and what if she find out about me,what will be of me”,Anne asked the most important and delicate question,but Rick been a man,and needed to get laid at any instant assured Anne that his wife won’t know about it,after he gets to confuse Anne,he took her to his mini room inside his office,and they started romancing themselves,after which he made love to Anne,after they finished with their love making,she left back to her cafe,after he gave her $5000 dollars for the food and her care towards him,then he collected her contact so he could be able to reach her when ever he feel like.


Rick started developing love for Anne,and wish to have her everyday, wish to eat her sweet and tasty food,and wish to hold her in his arms,but the problem here is ,he is already married to Celine and he can’t because of this leave his marriage for Anne,Anne on the other hand, already made a promise to herself that she will always love Rick and always cook foe him,but she started thinking that why will his wife treat him that way,she don’t cook for her husband such an handsome



man,she doesn’t let him make love to her,what kind of a woman will do that to her husband,she thought. She put the matter aside cause Rick was not her husband so she doesn’t have right to think about it,but the truth is,she care for him and she loves him.












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