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Until I Met You – Episode 83

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Chapter 83









” Wait , is that your brother?” Brandon asks.


Alexa stands on her feet and march to the counter.


” Ace.” He turns around as Alexa connects her fist on his cheek.

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Everyone gasp as I hurriedly rush to the scene. The girl with skimpy clothing whom I think must be his girlfriend blinks her fake lashes at us. Ace turns to look at us and Alexa backhand him right on his cheek.


Oooh…” The customers gasp again.


Alexa , what the fu.ck!” He cusses and massage his cheek.


Damn, you remember.” Alexa says and grab him by his jacket.


Hey, that’s my boyfriend.” The girl says.


I’m just gonna shut up if I were you.” Alexa says to the girl as she drags Ace outside. Piper and Brandon follows us outside and Alexa won’t stop throwing punches at Ace.


Ariel, are you gonna stop her not?” Brandon asks.


Fuck me, he’s an idiot.” I mutter and lean against my car.

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The girlfriend rush to pry Alexa’s hand away from Ace. Alexa glares at her and push away.


This is enough.” Ace yells as he breathes in and out in a rather fast pace. Damn , the looks from slaps and blows. Piper stands next to me as she smirks.


Damn, he’s so fu.ckin hot.” Piper whispers and I chuckle. Kinda true. He looks better than his normal self. And he’s a little taller than usual.


You should leave.” Ace says to the supposed girlfriend.


What? I ain’t leaving? Who’s she ? One of your flings?”


Get the fu.ck outta here bitch.” Alexa glares at the girl.


I ain’t leaving.”


Bitch get out. I’m through with you, move your ass outta here.” Ace says.


The girl bites her lips and I bet she’s trying to bite back her tears. She sniffles and walks away in haste.


” That was mean.” I mutter.


Ace’s stares land on me and a big smirk plaster on his face.


Damn, miss Gray Carter.” He chuckles and stalks to my form.


Ace move away.” I warn him.


I know you’ve got a boyfriend but I still remain your first love.” He chuckles and hug me.


Damn, you look hot.” He whispers against my ear.


Alright, hugging time’s over. Get yourself away from me. Alexa I need help here.” I call out.


Alexa rolls her eyes and pulls Ace away from me through the sleeves of his jacket.


We have a lot to talk about.”


Alright. You should stop acting like my girlfriend, sister.” He straighten his jacket and looks at Brandon and Piper. God , Piper blushes and tuck her loose strands of hair behind her ear.


Hi.” Ace greets both of them.



Hi. I’m Piper.”




Ace nods curtly and smiles.


I missed her more you fu.ckface.” Ace tells Alexa as he points to me. I roll my eyes and cross my arms.


Are you gonna tell me what happened to you and why did you leave?” Alexa asks as she continuously tap her right foot on the pavement.


Uh. Guys , we’re just gonna leave you guys to your family reunion.” Brandon says and holds Piper’s hand.


We’re gonna call…” Piper says smiling at Ace. God someone should please remind Piper she’s got Jamie.


Get into the car.” Alexa says and points to my car.


A Ferrari. Don’t tell me you own this.”


Ariel.” Alexa hisses as I open the doors.


Gray got you this? You know everyone’s just talking about you and Gray. I was pained you moved on.” Ace says and I roll my eyes.


He didn’t drop this attitude of his. I open the car and slide into the driver’s seat.


Ace beats Alexa and enters the passenger seat.


Get in the back.” He tells her.


That wasn’t fair you know that right?” I ask.


Want to ride with you babe.”



I’m not your babe , Ace.” I huff and ignite the engine once Alexa enters and the doors shut.


Where are we even going?” Ace asks and push a button to wind down his side window.


To murder your stupid ass. The fu.ck, you annoy me to the core.” She huffs.


I did nothing wrong.”


Oh really?” Alexa asks from the back.


Yes, really. Dad wants me to be like him. Take over the automobile company and i fu.ckin hate it.” He says and take off his jacket. Oh great, he’s got tattoos too. Tons of them on his arms to his wrist.


Stop checking me out princess.” Smirks at me.


Ace you’re my cousin , why would i check you out?”


Nothing wrong in checking your cousin out , you know that. Are you sure you’re our cousin? Cause I want us to get married.”


I chuckle and swat his arms.


You should stop being flirty.” I scold him.


Yeah, yeah. You look more pretty. Like I barely didn’t recognize you. Gray did a lot of great job. Nice Ferrari.” He says and looks around the vehicle.


Alright , I think we should go back to our previous conversation before you try to flirt with your cousin.” Alexa says and i nod.


Fucker.” Ace hiss out.


Is that why you left? Because dad wants you to go to college and be a graduate?”


And I fu.ckin hate school. I left the country , move to italy.”


And joined the Mafia.”


He turns to look at Alexa at the mention of the mob. ” Who told you that?” He asks.


Maybe because I also work for the mob and I found out you’re with the Eduardo’s. De fu.ckin Luca , you moron.” Alexa says.


What’s going on here? Alexa works with the mob now? For Gray?” He asks.


Yeah , Summit.” I give a half smile and shrug.


You know i thought you didn’t know your boyfriend is a Mafia boss.”


I know about that.” I answer.


And you stayed? Wow.”


They are in love Ace. Why don’t you fall in love with someone too.”


Are you even in love?” Ace asks Alexa.


That makes both of us in one ship.”


This is bullshit. The entire family is with the mob now. What did our parents say?”


My mom isn’t aware Summit is a Mafia.” I say.


Ace chuckles.” Holy fu.ck. Who told you that shit? Of course your mom knows about it. She knows Gray is a mob boss.” Ace says.


What? How did you know that ?”


You should ask her yourself. I have nothing to say.”



I sigh and try to digest what Ace said. My parents knew Gray is in the Mafia? Is that why she asked me to quit my relationship with him because he’s a criminal? But how did she know about all this? Is it through dad who cheated with Gray’s mother and she accidentally told Dad , her son and ex husband is a criminal. This is so confusing. Right now, I need answers.


I halt the car on the empty parking space as we get out of the car. Ace looks up at the building and chuckles.


You stay here?” I nod and begin walking.


What are you doing in New York?”


The family stays here too. I work with Cage and his father and they’ve got a house here. Criminal matters.”


What if you get shot and you died?” Alexa asks as they strides behind me.


At least i didn’t die broke. I should also ask you that ? What if you get shot?”


You know i won’t. I’m a woman , I don’t smuggle drugs. I seduce men and it’s not that dangerous like yours.” She says as a matter of fact.


The elevator arrives and we enter. Alexa go awkwardly quiet.


Do you know Gray owns this place?” Ace breaks the silence with another shocker.


What are you saying?” Alexa asks with a scowl.


Fuck. Really, Ariel, you don’t know?”


Okay I’ve heard enough. First, my parents knows Gray is in the Mafia and they didn’t tell me about it. And now I’ve been dating Gray for for a long period of time now , he didn’t tell me he owns this building. I think that explains the day we



crossed paths when I resume college. He owes me an explanation now including my parents.


How did you know that ?”


You should ask him sweetheart. He owns it.” Ace says and leans his back against the elevator walls. Alexa and I look at each other as we look away.


So why didn’t you come back home? Mom was worried. She was afraid, Ace.”


I didn’t wanna bring trouble. Most times when you’re a mobster , it’s nice to keep your family away from your life in other to play safe. It’s not always safe out there. Especially for you Ariel. Gray’s leading on the drug trade. Drug dealers and mob bosses are fu.ckin envious and they might wanna hurt you.”


The elevator slides open and we step out.


They already tried to hurt me , thrice now.”


Holy fu.ck. What!”


Ace it’s fine. It’s now new. I understand you just have to be strong to get involved with criminals. If you’re weak , you’ll be easily used as a pawn and I won’t let that happen again.” I shrug and insert the key to the apartment door.


Who made the attack?” Ace asks.


Russians.” I say and open the door.


Don’t talk about the mob in front of Leslie, she doesn’t know.” Alexa whispers to Ace.


Yeah , yeah.”


We walk to the living room. Hazel is standing and she didn’t acknowledge us , since she’s talking to Leslie who’s sitting. I clear my throat as both ladies turn to our direction. Their mouths slightly open in shock.



Okay , Hazel isn’t in shock. She’s gawking over Ace who looks extremely hot and Leslie is kinda surprised her cousin who always bully her is back from nowhere.


God where’s the kitchen.” I mutter and walk to the kitchen. I open the fridge and take out a bottle water and a box of chocolates.


Nice.” I drop the item on the countertop and sit down.


What the fu.ck! You’re pregnant?” Ace yells from the living room.


Alrighty, here we go. Alexa chuckles and walks into the kitchen. She sits opposite me and open the box of chocolates. My phone rings inside my jacket and I bring it out.




You always make it sound better when you say Jamal. How are you? Are you okay?”


Yeah, I’m good. I’m in my apartment.”


What are you doing?” He asks on the phone.


Hanging with out with family.” Alexa munches the chocolate as she nods to the taste.


I missed you. I hope you are not feeling pains. The doctors advised you take a lot of rest , you should come home soon.”


I laugh.” But I’m in my house.”


He huffs on the phone.” Sure. Don’t stay long.”


I roll my eyes and nod. God he can’t see me.” Thanks , I will be home soon.” I tell him.



I love you.” He says. Seriously the L-word sounds foreign in his mouth each time he says it. Obviously, it’s new to him , I get it.


I love you.”


I playfully glare at Alexa as she shoots herself. I chuckle and drop my phone.


Why shooting yourself?”


I love you..” she says in her fake voice trying to mimic mine. Oh God , she’s insane.


I laugh.” Shut up.”


You guys makes love beautiful , I swear. I should look for love too.” She rest both her elbows on the counter and cup both her cheeks.


And who the fu.ck is looking for love? Leslie got pregnant and no one told me? Who the fu.ck is responsible?”


Do you wanna beat up the moron?” Alexa asks.


If it’s worth it , yes.”


You should ask her yourself then .” Alexa says and motion to the living room.


You shouldn’t emphasize on it too much. She’s not happy. My mom cut her out of the family and freeze her account. No money ,no job and no University.” I say and eat the chocolate.


Leslie, who’s responsible?” Ace calls out.


Professor.” Leslie squeaks out.


This ain’t money heist. Who is responsible?” Ace asks again.



My professor , Ace. Don’t try to mock me about it. I’m getting used to this badluck in form of a baby.”


Ace slowly turns to look at us.


Is it true?” He asks calmly and we nod.


Why would you fu.ck your professor Leslie? Because you were bored?” Ace asks. I facepalm myself and shake my head.


Ace forget about it. It’s the past. She’s trying to mould her life over again.” Alexa says.


Ace nods and look around the kitchen for once.


Wow , how were you guys able to afford this?”


Our parents. You should see Alexa’s place.” I say and smile.


Wow. You have your own place too. Mom really cares about you” He picks up a chocolate and shove it in his mouth.


It’s really hard to believe she’s pregnant…” Ace whispers. God, I thought we were passed that topic. ” She was the crazy wild girl like Alexa. Sister , are you pregnant too?”


Shut up, you freak. I’m not and I’m not ready. Why are you here?”


I came to drop delivery shits , you understand. Decide to hook up with that crazy bitch whom you guys chased away. We fu.cked and she wanted me to get her something to eat. We decide to drop by at sands & winches and I saw you two witches. I should be leaving soon. De Luca don’t tolerate lateness. And you Alexa , why Gray?”


He pays good and he’s my cousin’s boyfriend.” Alexa whispers.


Are guys like enemies now ? Since De Luca and Gray don’t really agree?” I ask.


I don’t give a fu.ck.” Alexa says.


It’s not like they don’t agree. They don’t like each other because of Gray’s success and Sinclair’s beef with Gray.”


Yeah. Sad.” I mutter and uncap the bottle water and drink.


I should get going. My car is at that restaurant.” Ace stands up and flash me his usual smirk. I roll my eyes and sit back the bottle water.


Are we supposed to drive you there? I’m going home from here. Got stuff to handle and college too. I’m way pass sophomore and I need to handle this new semester.” Alexa stands up too.


Fine , I’m gonna drop you guys.” I huff and pick up the last chocolate. We walk to the living room. Leslie looks sad as Hazel talks. They are really silent.




Yeah?” She looks up at me and she looks pale.


Are you okay ?” I ask.


I don’t know. Maybe. I just missed my ex life. This present one is killing me. I lost my job.” She explains.


I sigh and check my pocket. God I have no money with me.


I’m leaving but I’ll transfer something to you. I have no cash with me.”


It’s fine. I understand.” Leslie says and smiles. That isn’t genuine cause she is sad.


I return the smile and leave. Ace smiles at her and pat her hair like she’s six before following behind us. I drop Ace at sands & winches. We exchange numbers and he promised to check on us and maybe visit their parents. I drive Alexa to her



apartment and later drive back to Gray’s. I get out of the car and walk into the house.


I climb upstairs and open his room door. He lays down on his belly as he type on his laptop. I walk in and shut the door. I remove my jacket and toss it on the couch before walking to the edge of the bed. Gray stops typing and turns to look at me. I lay next to him on the bed and wrap my arm around his torso. He’s shirtless as he wraps his arm around my shoulder. I run my fingers on his tan stomach and up his chest.


How’s your stomach?”


Fine.” I sigh .


He raise my tank top up a little to stare at the bandage on my stomach.


By weekend this should be gone.” He trails his fingers on the bandage and kisses my forehead.


Does it hurt?”


No.” I smile and shake my head sideways.


He drops down my tank top and run his fingers through my hair.


Who owns my apartment building?” I ask. He raises his brows and shrugs.




He sighs and rest on his back.


Who told you that?”


Why didn’t you tell me?” I ask .



Tell you ? What was I supposed to tell you? Ariel , I own this place. For fu.ck’s sake , it doesn’t make any sense.” He says and looks down at me.


You should have. I had to find out from Ace.”


Ace? Alexa’s twin?”


Yeah. We met him at our usual restaurant around college. He told me you own my place of living. Can’t believe my mom knew you’re a mob boss and yet I still can’t digest that story.”


Wait? What makes you think he’s telling the truth about your parents?”


My parents don’t like you Gray.”


He rolls his eyes and sleep on his sides so he’s facing me.


I thought the reason behind their hate is because my mom dated your dad.”


I thought so too. Ace said they knew you’re a mob boss. How could they know? God I’m so confused. I need to speak with them.”


Gray wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me to him.


It’s okay. I’m sorry i didn’t tell you about that place. I really didn’t see any reason to mention it to you.” He says and brush his hand up my hip.


I chuckle and nod.


Have you eaten?”


Yes , Nick did the cooking since I couldn’t call the house help.”


Nick can cook?” I chuckle.


At least he cooks better than me.”


Yeah , right. You almost burnt your kitchen.” I chuckle.


Damn. I was trying to make something for you. I actually did. Got a call and I forgot I was actually making pancakes.” He says and frowns.


I laugh. That was hilarious.


I’ll try better. You’ll be surprised , i promise you.”


Oh yeah. Can’t wait for that day then.” I run my fingers down his hair and trail it down his nape and to the side of his neck.


Thanks.” I whisper and look down at his lips.




I smile and rub my thumb pad on his cheek. His hand secure my hips as he slowly caresses my waist.


Everything.” I whisper. Our lips are already a inch apart.


And thanks too.” He says back. ” For loving me and looking out for me.” He whispers and i chuckle. I cup his cheek and claim his lips same time he was about to claim mine. We smile in between the kiss as he takes over the kiss.




I stare at the full length mirror and brush my hair. I curl my hair carefully till I’m through. I drop the curling wand and run my fingers through the curls. We’re traveling to Canada today and as always I’m still nervous. Gray walks in almost dressed. His white dress shirt fits his well built body as he stands behind me.


Need help?” He kisses my hair and wraps his arms around my waist.


Yeah. Zipper.”



He chuckles and nods. He looks down at my back and move my hair to the side so my back is bare before him. He kisses my shoulder and hold the zipper. He slowly zips the dress and wraps his arms around my waist again.


You look pretty.” He mutters against my neck and bites my shoulder blade gently.


Wish I can take this dress off you right now.” He whispers and kisses my neck. His right hand caress my thighs up to my panties. I bite my bottom lip and breathe out.


Don’t tell me you’re wearing a thong.”


I chuckle and nod.


Fuck. I’ll be removing this soon , in my jet.” He kisses my earlobe and trail his finger down my panties right in between my legs.


Fuck, you’re wet and we’re gonna be late if I don’t stop.” He smirks at me through the mirror.


I feel his hand slip inside my panties as he kisses my neck again. I shut my ears and shudder to his assualt.


He snaps my panties against my skin and slip his hand out of my dress.


Shoes ?” He asks and looks down at me.


Yeah..” i stutter and catch my breath. How could he seduce me and turn me on just like that.


Save it for the birthday.” He whispers and kisses my temple before helping me with my shoes. He squats a little as I hold his shoulder for comfort. I step inside my shoes and smile at him for his gesture. He stands up and holds my arms to walk with him. He picks up his suit jacket from the bed as we walk out.





The jet slows down as it finally stops. Gray wraps his arms around my waist and walks me out of the jet. I gently climb down the steps as I look around. As always two cars were already waiting for us. How did he manage to set this up each time we travel. Gray didn’t drive this time. His guard or whatever opens the backseat of the car and we enter. He shut the door once we’re settled. I take a deep breath and the driver ignite the engine.


Where are we going?” I ask.


To the dock. She wants a yacht party. I can’t even imagine what she looks like. It’s almost two years since i last saw her.”


No way. You didn’t attend her birthday last year?”


No. Just sent her gifts.” He says and shrugs.


I sigh and look out the window.


That was a little unfair.” I mutter.


I know. I’m a bad kid. You’re of the reasons I choose to come.”


If not you wouldn’t have? Gray she lost Damon. You’re the only kid she’s got.”


And hopefully , Damon might be back. She’s gonna be happy if it’s true.” He says and scoffs.


We drive in silence till we arrive the dock. The driver gets out of the car and open the door for us. Gray get out of the car and I step out too. I tuck my hair behind my ear as I look up at the ship. It’s beautiful, fancy and obviously expensive. This looks like Gray’s but Gray’s looks quite bigger.


” You’re ready?”


I smile and nod and hold his arm. This will be fun hopefully. That’s if i don’t puke. I’m allergic to wealthy people and their parties. It’s always filled with people



of their class dressed in expensive dresses and loumboutin shoes. Once we arrive inside the ship , it is beautiful and decorated. This looks like a hall but covered with people holding champagne glasses and chattering amongst themselves.


Oh my God , Gray.” A girl says as she flings her arms around Gray almost knocking me off. She hug him. Gray hold tight to my hand when i try to slip it away from him. Okay , she’s taking forever to disengage from her hug. Gray pulls away as she smiles widely at him. She wears a really short dress that barely covers her thighs. Her blonde hair fits her pale cream skin and she’s pretty. Clearly she’s older than me. 23 or even 24. Most times I wonder how Gray end up dating a twenty year old when his girls and flings are twenty four , five , some even older than him. I feel like i don’t belong.


Wow , I can’t believe you’d showed up.” The Blondie says.


It’s my mom’s birthday. I’m supposed to be here.” Gray tells her. Her eyes land on me and her smile drops to a smug look.


Your girlfriend?”


Yes. Ariel meet Samara , she’s Antonio’s daughter.”


Nice to meet you.” I tell her without stretching my hand to shake hers. She nods and plaster a fake smile on her face. I’m pretty sure she had something for Gray.


Where’s my mom?”


Right there.” Samara motions behind her as she begins walking. A woman walks into the gathering. Her red burgundy dress has a split to her thigh. Her long black hair is finely maintened and in waves. Okay , she looks thirty. Is that Gray’s mother.


Hey mom.” Gray hugs her with one arm and kisses her temple.


Alright I lost my voice. Mia Carter looks like Kim Kardashian. They disengage from the hug as she looks at me. Her bright smile makes me envious of her.


” You must be the girlfriend.”


I nod and stretch out my hand for a handshake.


I’m Ariel…” I didn’t say the last name. Her perfectly carved brows raise up and she pulls me into a big hug. Alrighty I didn’t expect that. My eyes land on Samara behind Mia and she looks displeased. We pull away from the hug as she shakes my hand.


I’m Mia…”













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