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Until I Met You – Episode 37

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No way !


” What are you talking about ?”


He smirks and chuckles.” You should ask him if you want. We talked and he said a lot of shit. I’d be careful around Gray if I were you.”


I swallow an unknown lump and pull my chair backwards.

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I’m gonna leave Freddie.”


Why ?”


I sigh and shake my head.” Nothing.”


” Alright. I’m gonna give you a call.”


I give him a faint smile and stand up. ” See ya around , Freddie.” I shove my hands into my pocket and walk out of the restaurant.


Nick leans against the car smoking his cigarette. His eyes light up as he sees me.


He throw the cigarette on the floor and step on it , squeezing it with his shoes.


” I’ll ride princess.” He smiles and slide in the driver’s seat.

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I chuckle and get in the passenger seat and fasten my seatbelt. Nick drive out of the lot in his own terrible speed. I lean against the seat and thought about what Freddie said. ‘ we’re family.’ what type of family ? Are they cousins ? I can’t believe my ears.


You’re okay Hermosa ?” Nick asks.


Yeah , thanks. So you speak Spanish ?”



” Yeah. Dad’s Spanish though.”


I nod and stare out of the window. The rest of the ride was terrible for me cause I won’t stop thinking about what Freddie said. It’s like he was speaking in parables. It’s evening and I’m sure Gray would be angry at me. Nick drive into the garage and halts the car as we step out. I throw my bag on my shoulders and walk into his house. His house is always guarded by this weird men with suits and frequent cold stares. Lucifer is the only normal one and Manny too.


I stop by at the kitchen to drink water. Sarai is sitting across Kennedy on the kitchen island scribbling on a notebook. I stay beside the door and watch the blonde haired. She’s sort of weird and double weird. She’s got this cold vibe just like Reid. I look down her body and eye her outfit. She wears a rip Jean high waist shorts with a crop top hoodie. Her tanned back is in display because of her choice of outfit. Kennedy glares at her as she look up at me. Her mood changes and her lips won’t stop curling into a smile.


Ariel..” she hop out of the stool and rush to me.


Woah.” I squat to her height and hug her.


You look pretty..” I say to her and caress her hair. She giggles and drag me to the stool. Blonde haired won’t stop eyeing me.


Your eyes are gonna fall out if you don’t stop looking at me like that.” I tell her and lean against the counter as Kennedy sits down.


Whatever.” She rolls her eyes and look down at the book. It looks like Kennedy’s.


Don’t worry Sarai , Ariel is here , she will help me with my homework.”


I thought you wanted me to.” Sarai retorts.


Yeah ,Thanks. My best friend is here.”



Sarai takes a deep breath and turn to look at me. She looks mad or something worse. She scoffs and get off the counter.


Suit yourself dickhead.” Sarai mutters.


Yeah. That’s why you can’t solve my elementary school math problems , dummy.” Kennedy mutters.


I throw my head backwards and laugh my ribs out. I think Sarai heard it but couldn’t intervene. Kennedy’s gonna kill her with her mouth.


Kenny , that wasn’t cool. You made fun of her.”


I don’t like her. Always like to cross boundaries with Gray. She’s not intelligent. She’s been battling with my math problems for ages.” Kennedy scoffs and push her notebook to me.


I get off the stool and go to sit on the opposite stool. I open her books and chuckle at the solution Sarai wrote out. Most were terrible while others are better. I pick up a pencil and tutor Kennedy.


I need to change my dress.”


Sure. You need to make an apple pie for me. The maid who usually cooks for Gray won’t come today.”


I nod and help Kennedy with her books before leaving the kitchen. I climb upstairs and open Gray’s bedroom door. I step in and shut the door looking everywhere for Gray. A music is playing through his stereo in a normal volume. I keep my bag and walk to the bathroom hoping to see Gray. I perceive the faint smell of a cigar as i step on the bathroom. Gray lays inside his bathtub with steam coming out of the water. He butts his cigar on an ashtray close to the tube. He didn’t see me and obviously he looks deep in thoughts.


I contemplate on what to do , so I watch him.


” You won’t just stand there all day Tinkerbell.” Great , he saw me.



He turns his head to the side and smirk at me. He drops the butt of the cigar on the ashtray and smiles at me.


” Get in. You owe me a lot of explanations.” He says.


I nod and smile before stepping out of my clothes. Standing bare before him feels weird and it’s crazy I want him already. I walk to the bathtub with Gray watching my every move. He studies my figure as I step inside the bathtub opposite him.


” Closer , Ariel.”


How can I be nervous around him. I thought I was beginning to blend into his usual way. He smirks and watch me carefully as I move to his side. I sit in between his legs with my back pressed against his. Gray wrapped his hands around my waist and nuzzles his nose against my neck as he smiles.


” I missed you.” He coo’s and caress my ankle.


I shiver against his touch and shut my eyes. He plant soft kisses on my neck as he slowly trail his fingers on my ankles up to my hips.


” Did you miss me ?”


I smile at his question and open my eyes. ” You know I do.”


Sure.” He serves the soapy water from the bathtub and rinse it on my skin as he brush his hand past my breast to my stomach.


My stomach churns and the butterflies in my stomach dance in victory. He rubs the lather against my skin and slowly trail his index finger down my breast , grazing past my already hard nipples. I muffle my sudden moans and lean my head against his shoulder.


So what happened ?” He asks out of the blue. Why did he have to change the mood ? He continues to serve the soapy water and rinse my skin with it.



She’s always bitchy and called me a hoe. She said what did you see in me that other girls don’t have.”


His fingers grace my skin and that seems to soothe my body.


I feel his hot breath against my neck as he whispers.” So what did you tell her ? What was your reply ?”


I chuckle and look at him above my shoulders. My eyes meet with his Gray seductive ones and that sort of stole my breath away. His lips were extremely ruby and they are inviting me to kiss him. I move my head from his gaze and look at my front.


You want me to be sincere ?” I ask and rinse the lather on Gray’s ankle. He chuckles silently and trail his fingers on my laps.” Yeah.”


I told her I’ve got class and that also , I’ve got a tiny , little , pink pussy.” He halts his touching and I turn to look at him above my shoulders.


His lips tug at the end with his killer smirk.” Really ? You will never say the word pussy.”


” Maybe I did.” I smirk and look away from him.


He chuckles and continue trailing his fingers up my thighs to my stomach.” And what happened next ?”


We fought and I slam her head against our TV.” I sigh and play with his left hand on my waist. I trail my fingers on his sleeve tattoos as I listen to his heartbeat against my back.


Ariel , you what ?” He grab my waist and turn me around to look at him so I am straddling him. I feel his erection against my already wet core as I wrap my arms around his neck.


She got me angry.” I said.



I didn’t peg you to be hard on someone. What entered you to do that.”


You’ll blame me ? I’m hanging around Gray Carter , what did you expect ?” I pout and run my fingers through his hair.


Fuck, Tinkerbell , that was aggressive.” He mutters rubbing circles on my lower back.


I shrug and sigh. ” Are you mad at me ?”


You know I’ll never be mad at you.” He whispers and pull me to himself. I absently grind on his member as he groans. I chuckle and thread my fingers through his hair. His eyes watch my face as he shift his gaze to my lips.


Is she better ? Your sister ?”


She’s fine Gray.” I roll my eyes getting bored of Leslie’s bitchy attitude. I trail my fingers on his arms and grind on his erection again.


Fuck.” He groans and shut his eyes. I don’t know what I’m doing or how it got into my head but I like the reaction I’m getting from Gray. He’s extremely hard underneath me and I could feel it against my wet entrance.


His eyes slowly opens as they meet mine. I caress his arms slowly to his hair and take his lips on mine. I hold the back of his neck and pull him into the kiss. He grip my ass and kiss me back slowly and I increase the pace. I grind back and forth on him as he moans into my mouth. He pulls me closer so my hard nipples were kissing his chest and his fingers dig into my ass. The more I grind on him , he continues to groan and moan.


” Fuck , Ariel..” he breaks from the kiss and kiss down my neck.


He plants soft kisses on my neck and suck gently on my skin to leave a mark. I moan as he take in my nipple into his mouth. And now I already forgot I’m supposed to talk to him about a lot of things. I thread my fingers through his hair and watch him adore my nipples with his tongue.



His palm rubs down my slimy back with his left hand on my ass. He stop teasing my nipples as we go back to kissing. I cup both his cheek and continue to grind on him with our tongues gliding together. He groans in my mouth at each connection our lower region makes.


Damn…” He leans his forehead against mine with our eyes shut. I slowly part my lashes and meet eyes with his beautiful grey eyes. Without being told , Gray’s my new found addiction and I hope he’s not my downfall.


I missed you a lot.” He mutters and kiss my forehead.


Me too.” I smile and kiss his cheek.


We stay quiet for seconds just staring into each other’s souls.


The water is cold.” He says and carry me with him off the bathtub with my legs around his waist.


We step under the shower with me still on his body as the water rinse off our skins. We go back to kissing again and I’m not willing to stop. The water kisses our skin as our lips fought in dominance. He switched off the water after we break from the kiss and surprisingly I can’t feel my lips. He drops me on the floor and we step out of the bathroom. I clean my body and carry my clothes off the bathroom floor as I walk out of the bathroom leaving Gray behind. I look through his closet for something to wear. I opted for his sweatshirt underneath his black Calvin Klein briefs that fits perfectly to my petite form.


Gray walks out of the bathroom with his black sweatpants and I liked the fact that he couldn’t peel his eyes off me. I smile and blush.


You’re pretty.” He says and stare at his self in the mirror.


Thanks. Are you hungry ? I’ll make dinner.”


Don’t worry about dinner , I’ll ask Nick to order for food.” He turns to look at me and walk to my figure.



I don’t want you to stress yourself. You just fu.ckin fought with your sister and slammed her head against a TV. That’s a lot of work.” He smiles and wrap his hands around my waist.


I playfully swat his hands and escape from his grip to lay down on his bed. I watch the environment through his glass walls and avert my gaze to Gray who just dialed a number on his phone.


He pressed the phone against his ears and starts his conversation. It’s Nick and he told him to order for food and check if Kennedy’s okay.


You’re okay ?” He asks me after he ends the call. He sits on the bed and make me lay on his arms. His arm is around my waist and he soothes my skin with his touch.


So I wanna ask a lot of questions. Why did you buy me a car ?”


He sighs deeply and stay mute before answering.” You needed one Ariel.”


Yeah ? Thanks a lot.” I sigh and caress his chest. ” So are we dating ? I don’t even know what we’re..”


He chuckles and look down at my face on his chest. ” You should figure that out


Snow White. I can’t believe you never knew we are dating. I ask you to be my girl remember.” I roll my eyes and exhale.


Girl , Gray not girlfriend.”


What’s the difference ?” He asks.


I don’t know. I just…” I sigh and trail my fingertip on his chest.


So when did you graduate college ? What was your Major ?” I ask.


Econ and that’s like four years ago. You’re okay ?” I smile and nod. Damn , four years ago I was in highschool gawking over fu.cked up Freddie. I can’t believe I swear freely at Leslie when she called me a whore. Damn ! Gray.



So basically you were handling a company and also your education too ?” I ask him.


Yeah. It was easy. I have people who work for me.”


Oh. Yeah.” I nervously bite my lip waiting for my next question.


What about Freddie ?” I crawl out of his arms and sit up to watch him. He watches me carefully and sit up too.


You’re okay ?” He asks.


I nod.” Did you hurt Freddie ?”


I didn’t. Just punched him in the jaw. You didn’t like the idea of me hurting him.”


Gray say the truth ? Who’s Freddie to you ?”


His eyes widen as they are fixed to mine.” I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


Gray , tell me truth. Who’s Freddie to you ? What type of relationship do you have with him ?”


He sighs and scoffs annoyingly as he look away from me. He’s guilty over something and he’s not willing to say it.


” He’s my fu.ckin half brother…..”












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