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The Smile That Left My Eyes – Episode 62

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She wants me to forgive her” i said as she clenched my fist in anger “she couldn’t forgive me and because of that my grandmother is dead. Now she wants me to forgive her, how ridiculous is that”


I stopped walking when I heard a big splash, it was like something fell into the river below .


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What was that ? I asked my self .



There was no one on the bridge beside Veronica and I, so what could have made that big splash.


I turned to my back and Veronica was no where to be found, where could she have gone ? How did she suddenly disappear


Or did she? I immediately panicked as I rushed towards the edge of the bridge and looked down. I saw Veronica struggling to swim in the river and I was immediately scared .


Why the hell will she jump inside a river?


Is she perhaps crazy or something,?


I quickly removed my Coat and shoes as I jumped into the river. I was able to rescue her as brought to the shore.


“Veronica wake up ” I said as I patted her cheeks lightly but she wasn’t responding ” Veronica wake up”

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I started doing CPR when I figured patting her cheeks lightly is not going to work. I do not want anyone to die because of me . I am very angry with Veronica right now doesn’t mean I want her to die .


I might despise her right now that doesn’t mean I will be comfortable with her dying.


When it seems CPR wasn’t working. I inhaled deeply and then decided to do mouth to mouth resuscitation


Veronica please wake up ” I pleaded just before my mouth met hers to breathe air into it. I pressed down her chest again and after few seconds of repeating this actions, she immediately regained consciousness while coughing out the water in her.



“Thank God ” I said as i hugged her really tight ” why did you have to do that Veronica, I already lost my grandmother do you think I can bare loosing you too? ” I asked as i tightened my hug


“William I am …..” I immediately remembered the fact that we are currently not in


good terms as I pushed her away.




Are you crazy what is your problem..all your life you only care about yourself and that is the problem I have with you ”


“William please ”


“Just stop it do not care about anyone else ,just yourself and that is the main problem I have with you … And do no think this will change anything between you and I ,infact my hatred for you grew stronger after this ” he said as he stood on his feet and walked away ”


“If you really hate me like you said you do right now, why didn’t you just let me die? ” I asked as I stood on my feet. William stopped walking as he turned to his back to look at me


” Unlike you I wouldn’t like it if someone died because of me”


“Okay I admit, the first time I wanted to die because I couldn’t bare the fact that you hate me right now . But this time around I want to die because I hate my life” I said as I walked towards the river.


William held my hand and dragged me away from the river ” if you want to die, do it when I am not there. I won’t be bothered by your death then”


“For how long are you going to do this to me… Don’t you get the fact that you are all I have. I made a mistake William and that is because I thought everyone was a lier just like my aunt”



“Did I ever do anything to make you doubt my love for you back then?” William asked while tears rolled down my eyes


“No you didn’t ”


“Do you know why I didn’t tell you the truth about your past?”


“You said because you didn’t want to loose me”


“Yes, that is true. I did that because I did not want you to die. I had to hide it from you just because the doctor said telling you anything about your past can affect your mental stability especially when you try too hard to remember. You could have ended up in Coma, a psychiatric hospital or maybe even six feet under the ground if I had told you . He said with time you will remember your past, he told me not to tell you anything” I couldn’t help the tears that rolled down my eyes ” if you truly love me like you said you did back then, such minor thing couldn’t have separated us”


“William I am”


“You are what? Sorry? You know I actually feel it unfair ,you know you blaming your aunt for your behavior and inability to forgive. Your aunt has nothing to do with that because I know what it feels like to grow up among people that doesn’t love you, your aunt hated you but my own father hates me so much back then, but despite that fact ,I still didn’t let my past affect me” he sighed before saying “You are just naturally a bitter person Veronica, do not blame anyone for that ” he looked at me one more time before walking away.


His words kept on repeating itself in my head, I just couldn’t control it . He thinks I am naturally bitter. He is right ,my aunt was never the problem, she didn’t make me who I am today. I made me who I am , I just couldn’t love William as much as he loves me . I might have lost my parents, but I will never loose the one person on Earth that truly loves me. I will never loose you no matter what William.







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