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The Smile That Left My Eyes – Episode 55

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“William don’t you think it a little too late to go look for Veronica right now .. i mean it is almost midnight.


“No it not too late Cat , she has nowhere to go . I wonder how she is doing now ,I do not think she is fine. I do not think she has anywhere to go to ”

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“But William you can’t..” Catherine was interrupted when she received a call on her cellphone . “Oh hello Bella ……” She greeted with a smile on her face but that


smile soon disappeared and turned into something like a mixture of fear and shock as she stared at me


“What is wrong ?” I asked her


“William turn on the TV right now ”


“Why should i ?” I asked with a puzzled look , cause her sudden change in character is beginning to bother me


“My gosh William,just switch on the darn TV would ya ?” Catherine yelled as she rubbed her temple in fraustration. I switched on the TV


“Okay it on ,so now what ?” I asked


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“Put it on one of those news channel” she said and I shrugged and did exactly as she told me to . The first thing the reporter said actually shocked me . Veronica was the headline


Reporter: Wanted criminal Veronica Hathaway known for the muderer of Beatrice Alfred and Loren Alfred has finally been arrested after six months of hiding. And all the credit goes to the sister of famous business Man William Morgan.


“Beatrice..why did she ?” Catherine asked


“As if revealing her secret wasn’t enough she went ahead and got her arrested for what she did not do ”


“So you saying Veronica wasn’t the one responsible for the muderer of Beatrice and Loren Alfred”


“No Catherine ,she isn’t their muderer ”


“And how did you know this ?” She asked



“Well I know this because before Beatrice died ,she burrowed a huge sum of money from Lord Pablo”


“Lord Pablo , billionaire drug dealer and loan shark Pablo ,that man is very dangerous and sly ,the police would have arrested him long ago but he has his way of getting out of Every situation. He is as slippery as an eel ”


“You think I don’t know that ,he made sure to cover his tracks properly but one thing he forgot to hide was the eye witness Mrs Alfred P.a who was there that day she wanted to borrow the money ”


“But isn’t Beatrice Alfred suppose to be a super rich business woman ,how come she borrowed money from Pablo?”


“She was a rich business woman till she got duped and invested all she had on a business. They took her money and ran away with it . She wanted to re-establish herself before anyone finds out she is nobody again ,then that was when she borrowed 50 million dollars from Pablo and then invested it in another business but she could not afford to pay Pablo back his money at the given time and you know what happens when you can’t pay Pablo his money ”


“That right Pablo is a very dangerous man ,so he probably killed Loren and her daughter and somehow found a way to pin it on Veronica inorder to clear his track’s. Must have done a background check on them”


“He is actually very smart… But the problem is I don’t have enough prove yet… Just an eye witness and that is Beatrice Alfred’s P.A… She was the only one who witnessed Alfred borrowing the money and also Pablo threatening her… But she was not actually there when the muderer happened”


“So how we going to get Nica out of jail”


“I am just going to bail her out for now ”


“But this is a muderer case”


“But I am William Morgan ..leave this to me ,I will get her out of jail in no time _



“Okay ,that great go get Nica out of jail ..I need to teach my sister a little lesson”




I buried my head in my knee as I heard a light knock on my prison gate . I slowly raised my head to look at the policeman


“Someone wants to see you ” he said as he walked away . I immediately jumped on my feet and ran towards the gate when I saw William


“You , you what are you doing here ?” I asked as tears ran down my cheeks


William used his hand to wipe my tears while I held his hand


“I didn’t do it William,I swear I did not kill her,I can never kill anyone .. all my life she has been mean to me but I never wanted her to die ..I never wished ill on her ”


“Veronica I know ,I know you were not the one who did this…. I know you aren’t


capable of doing such so please trust me I will get you out of here …I just need few more hours and you will be out of here ”


“William I….” I suddenly remembered William and I are not on good terms . For a


moment or two there,I almost forgot that I hate William for lying to me about my past .I just can’t forgive him for that ” what are you doing here ,leave now ”


“What, Veronica I am here to help ”


“I prefer to rot in jail than accept any kind of help whatsoever from you William..leave right now cause I do not want to see you ”


“Veronica why are you…..”


“William leave ,get lost .. I do not want to see you so just leave ” I said as I turned my back on him





“LEAVE WILLIAM ..GO ,I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOU SO JUST GO ” I yelled and I slowly turned to face him . William stared at me for awhile before he turned his back to leave looking completely shattered. I do not really care about him right now .. I do not care if he is hurt ..he hurt me so deeply I wonder if I can actually forgive William Morgan . I just can’t .




I stormed into Beatrice house looking extremely pissed off. I need to deal with her tonight.


“Hey Catherine..why are you ….?” I did not let Beatrice complete what she was


about to say before I landed a big slap on her face . She placed her hand on her cheek as she glared at me while I held her by the arm really tight


“You claim to love your brother when the truth is you care about no one else but yourself are a terrible woman and a horrible sister ”


“It doesn’t matter how much you hit me ..or whatever you say to me .. It won’t change anything,I won’t stop till I get my revenge on whoever hurt me ”


“What exactly did Veronica do to you ”


“Well for starters she looks just like my sworn enemy Chelsea and she stole my brother from me .. that I cannot forgive ”


“And you think what you doing now will get you your brother back …you are such a clown … Whatever you are doing now is only drifting you further away from him and he you create nothing but hatred for you in his heart ”


“That will not happen ..William loves me ,I am his sister he cares about me ”


“Just how dumb are you?… Yes William loves you but do you think he can handle not having Veronica by his side… I feel like Veronica is the reason the old Williams came back.. if she should leave, then hire will be completely shattered… He will be miserable… But you don’t seem to care about that do you”


“My brother will do just fine without her”


“Oh you foolish girl… he won’t do Just fine without her …m why are you causing William pain .. You teamed up with your mortal enemy just to exact revenge on someone who didn’t even offend you Just how dumb are you ?…do you even have anything up here ?” I asked as I used my finger to push her on the forehead.”I just want to tell you one thing ,if you do things to hurt my brother again …I won’t hesitate to break every living bone in your body … That not a threat ,it a warning ” I said as I walked out of her house











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