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The Devil’s Sweetheart – Episode 13

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[ Love Wars -Part Three ]




✨✨Crystal’s POV:✨✨


Miguel placed his lips on mine,


I slapped him instantly and pushed him away.


WHAT!?” I heard in Kylie’s voice. I turned and saw her mesmerized and stunned at the door.


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Your girlfriend is here, why don’t you continue kissing her?” I said and Miguel’s eyes darted to the door to behold his girlfriend’s bewildered face.


Miguel…I hate you!” Kylie yelled and ran away from the doorpost.


Kylie!” Miguel called out but she didn’t look back, she ran out of the office.


I chuckled and said,


Next time don’t place your lips on any other girl’s exept from your girlfriend. Pimp!” I cursed then strutted out of his office.


On my way back to my office, I saw Kylie crying next to a pillar. I laughed briefly then continued walking.


Why do always love to take things away from me?” She whimpered and I paused in my tracks.


Maybe it’s because I’m real and you’re fake. Or maybe because the only thing you have to offer to the society is your body. Why don’t you think about it.” I replied and she stared at me with tears dripping from her eyes, I was stunned.


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Kylie cry over a boy?


Maybe she does actually LOVE Miguel and is not with him just for his money.


And seeing him kissing me was just an accident.


I should apologize on behalf of her pimping boyfriend.



Look, I’m sorry. It’s not my fault, it’s your boyfriend who kissed me. Left to me, I don’t have any business with him. You should be pissed at him and not me.” I said and not waiting for her reply, I walked to my office.


Miguel’s POV:




Damn, Damn, Damn!


” What sort of thing is this?” I asked myself hitting my fist hardly on my desk.


Why did Kylie have to walk in now!


Is it possible to love two people?




I love Kylie and I want Crystal’s body!


Two different things.


So why, why can’t I control myself when I’m around her.


Dear Lord, don’t tell me I have feelings for Crystal.


That would be jeopardy.


I heard a soft knock and the door creaked open and Beatrice’s head peered




Can I come in?” She asked softly and I nodded affirmatively and sat on my desk as she came in.


Boss, ACE companies just sent an email requesting for the partnership documents if we’re still interested.” Beatrice stated and I searched my drawers and brought out the partnership files and carried the one Crystal just brought and gave them to Beatrice. She collected them and glanced through the pages.


But boss, how am I supposed to give them the papers? They’ve been communicating to us through emails.” Beatrice asked and I picked up my phone and dialed Cosmos, the agent for ACE companies.



Hello Cosmos, this is Miguel Nicholas CEO of MN Businesses and I’m reaching you based on the partnership contract I have with your company, ACE companies.


Oh? Good Afternoon sir.



Yes, I’ll need you to come to my office and pick up the partnership papers and give them to your boss.


Will do sir, I’m on my way.” He said and I hung up the call.


I believe your questionhas been answered. Their representative will be here to pick up the documents soon.” I said to Beatrice and she smiled and left the office.


Okay, now she’s gone.


Let’s talk about my love triangle now.


The door opened and Kylie ran in bursting with tears. She sat down on the couch and bowed her head down covering her face with her palms and crying loudly.


Look, I’m sorry.” I said but she didn’t even look up. I sighed and got off my chair then went to the couch where she sat and sat beside her.


It was a mistake,” I added and touched her back but she snapped at me.


Don’t you dare lay your cheating hands on me!” She yelled and I kept my hands to myself and she raised her head up.


I’m sorry! She was just so tempting and I couldn’t resist. I’m just so sorry!” I tried to explain to her but she refused to listen.


It’ll never happen again, I swear. I’ll do anything to make it up to you.” I begged and she finally looked up and stared at me.


You’ll do anything?” She asked softly.


Yes, anything within my power.” I replied and she smiled.


I want you to fire Crystal!” She said.



✨✨Chealsea’s POV:✨✨


I was seated in the living room watching ‘Botched’ on E Entertainment and it was really interesting. It’s about people who go ‘under the knife’ and how it all goes wrong.


It’s really funny and entertaining besides, watching this makes me realize that plastic surgeries are just pure rubbish and I can never do such!


The door opened and


Kylie came in looking down cast and sad.


Hey.” She greeted and slumped into the couch.


Hi, why that face?” I asked and she sighed and dropped her bag on the table.


It’s Crystal.” She said in a melancholic tone and I knew something has gone wrong again.


What did she do this time?” I asked and Kylie began to sob.


After my shift today, I decided to go see Miguel in his office y’know, to surprise him. Lo and Behold I saw him kissing Crystal.” Kylie explained and my eyes nearly exploded after hearing this shocker news.


Crystal did what?” I heard Daniel ask and I turned back to see him right in front of the kitchen holding a glass of wine and looking at us like he just saw a ghost.


Nothing, she didn’t do anything.” I quickly covered up and he stared at me suspiciously then went upstairs.


Try to lower your voice around here okay? Even if my brothers don’t overhear us but we have pesky and nosy maids around here and they can blab whatever they



hear to Miguel or Daniel.” I explained to Kylie and she nodded and wiped her tears.


So Miguel kissed Crystal?” I asked in a low tone and Kylie nodded and the sobs began again.


Well, Miguel said it was an accident but I can’t help but think that he’s gradually falling for her and I may loose him at the end of the day.” Kylie said and started crying loudly and I beckoned on her to quiet down a bit.


He offered to do anything I want and I asked him to fire Crystal but he faked a call and left his office and didn’t come back inside till I got tired of waiting and left.” Kylie further narrated and I felt pity on her. I really want her to get married to my brother.


Are you guys dating? Like has he asked you out and you accepted? .”


Yes, two weeks ago.” Kylie whimpered and I had an idea.


Why can’t Miguel marry her?


Once a man makes commitments to one woman through marriage, it’ll be very hard for him to look at another woman.


Why don’t you ask him for marriage?” I suggested and Kylie starred at me surprised.


Chelsea, it’s not really ideal for a woman to propose to a man.” Kylie responded and I chuckled.


No my friend, I didn’t say you should propose to him silly! I meant you should hint him that you wanna get married to him.” I suggested and she smiled slyly.


I love that plan Chelsea,” She said and I chuckled.


And I can also talk to him today and suggest that he gets married to you.” I said to her and she squealed.



You’re the best!” She said and hugged me. Miguel’s POV:


I can’t believe Kylie asked me to fire Crystal?


Does she know that Crystal manages my businesses and funds very well?


Does she also know that ever since Crystal started working with me, my business has recorded triple the gains and profits?


Or does she also know that I now have more contracts than usual?


Isn’t it evident that Crystal is luck?


Is she not my good luck charm?


I can’t loose her in this business so I can’t fire her. Even though I may love Kylie but risking my business isn’t worth it at all.


I don’t think I can stay in this office for much longer. I need to go home, take a shower and rest my head because of this rollercoaster happening in my life.


But hold on a bit,


Kylie asked me to fire Crystal, and those were the exact demands of the ones who kidnapped Angelica.


Can it be that Kylie kidnapped…


No! I don’t want to think or assume that!


I like to give people the benefit of doubt and same I will do to Kylie.


But if I find out that she is the one responsible, I will tear her apart and make sure she rots in jail!


I picked up my phones and went out of my office and told Beatrice to cancel all my appointments for the day and when she sees Crystal, she should inform her that I have left and she can go home if she wants.


With that concluded,


I went out of the complex and signalled my driver then he drove me home.





I alighted from the car and went inside the house. I saw Chelsea watching a movie. Immediately she saw me, she ran to hug me.


You’re back.” She said as she embraced me.


Yeah, I’d like to be alone for the rest of the day.” I said and removed her arms from my body.


Why?” She asked and I sighed and walked upstairs.


Is it because you kissed Crystal and Kylie caught you?” She asked and wore a smirk and I was shocked on how she discovered.


How did you know?” I asked.


Have you forgotten Kylie and I are like 5 and 6? She just left here some minutes before you came in.” Chelsea said and I sighed again.


Look, to avoid all this temptations your P.A is bringing, why don’t you marry Kylie since you can’t fire Crystal?”


WHAT!? Marry Kylie?”


✨✨Crystal’s POV:✨✨


Yes Beatrice how may I help you?” I asked as I sensed her presence in my office despite my attention being on something else.


Well, Miguel said I should tell you that he’s going home early and if you wanna go home early then you can too.” Beatrice said and I was very happy.


Happy because I could get ready to meet Daniel later today but on the other hand, I was shocked on why Miguel decided to go home.


” Thanks Beatrice, you can leave now.” I said and she smiled then left.



I hurriedly packed up and left the office as fast as I could so I could get home in time.











At Home,


An Hour Later:


Angelica get me my necklace will ya?” I yelled from the living room as I zipped up my dress.


All Right, I’ll be there with it in a minute.” She shouted.






Hey, what a surprise!” I said to him as he came in with a faint smile.


Yeah, I wanted to meet you at home so we could talk.” Daniel said and I was shocked.


Talk about what?”


Well, about you and your life.” He said and paced round the room.


I don’t understand?”


Why did you kiss Miguel?” He asked and I was shocked. Just then Angelica came into the room.


I’ve got your necklace.” She said and gave me the necklace.


Thanks.” I said and she turned to leave but paused and turned back then looked at Daniel.


You’re the man who saved me that day.” She said and Daniel smiled.


Oh, it’s no big deal.” Daniel said and she laughed.


It is. Thanks anyways.” Mia said and left the room.


Just then Lolita came in holding the toilet plunger.


Crystal the toilet is clogged and I can’t fix it can we call a….” Lolita said but froze on sighting Daniel.


Crystal, who is that?” She asked pointing at Daniel.


Oh, this is Daniel my friend. The one I’ve been telling you about.” I said and the plunger dropped from her hand and her jaw dropped.











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