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Siren – Season 1 Episode 24

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#Chapter 24✓



Zeemah writes






I held my stomach as i laughed heartily to Nath’s joke.


We were seated in the compound after having lunch.


Darrel is busy in his office trying to capture the assassin he can never capture.

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It’s been a week and i can say Nath and i had gotten closer.


“You’re so funny you know?” I asked.


He shrugged and then smiled.


“Okay,you said you’re gonna show me Caroline’s pictures” I said and his smile grew wider.


He truly loves her.


He brought out his phone and scrolled through it before handing it to me shyly.


Is that how love feels like?


Does love make a man act like a teen?

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I collected his phone and stared at the lady’s picture on the screen.




She’s beautiful with short red hair,blue eyes,tiny nose and perfect lips.


She wore a pretty smile, flashing her perfect dentition.


“Wow! Nath,she’s beautiful” I said.


“Thank you” He grinned.


“ did you meet her?” I asked glancing at the picture once again.


“Well…she’s the daughter of Fenmore Walker,one of the wealthiest business man in this City..”


“Really?” I asked in surprise.


Fenmore’s daughter is dating Nath!


Then why’s he a gatekeeper?


They are damn wealthy!


“I know you’re surprised,i don’t deserve her right?” He asked.


“No! You do Nathan,you deserve her. I’m just surprised you’re dating Caroline Walker whom has allegedly turned down a lot of wealthy suitors”


“I worked for her dad for three years and I’ve been in love with Caroline the first day i resumed”


“You were in love with her for three years?” I asked and i shifted on the chair when he nodded.


“I didn’t profess my feelings to cause i don’t want a death wish but it got to a stage where i couldn’t hold it anymore,i confessed my feelings to her and was waiting for a slap to come next and also a sack letter from her dad but…” He paused to smile and then continued “She hugged me and told me how much she likes me too. Mia,she had also been crushing on me since day one”


“Wow!” I exclaimed and found myself smiling.


“We clicked up from there and we kept our relationship secret, my love for her got deeper and she did love me too. I always feel threatened by the suitors that come for her but she will always reassure me that I’m the only one she’ll marry,she turned down countless suitors just because of me” He said proudly and i smiled.



“She always want to tell her dad about us but i always stop her cause her dad obviously wants a wealthy man for his daughter and it wasn’t funny the day he found out…”


“He threw you out?” I asked and he laughed.


“Nah! That would have been better, He made me walk out of the building with nothing and he sent message across most of the companies in this city not to employ me,due to his influence i was denied employment everywhere i applied. Carol tried all she could to make me secure a good job but her dad found out again and made me lose the job. She gave me huge amount of money severally but..”


“You don’t accept it?” I asked and he nodded.


“Yeah, and she’ll get pissed at times. Believe me,i would have built mansions and set up my own business if i had accepted the money Carol offers me” “Of course,they are freaking wealthy” I said.


“Yeah…So,i came across this job,i applied for it and i was employed” He smiled.


“Woah, you and Carol are still dating right?” I asked.


“Of course and i plan to propose soon” He said.


“Really? ”




“But her father is yet to consent to it”


“It doesn’t matter, he’ll get used to it as time goes on. I would never allow anything or anyone destroy my feelings for Carol,i don’t have a family,she’s the only one i have” He said sadly.


“You don’t have a family?” I asked and he nodded.


Me too!


I was about asking him more but it’s obvious he doesn’t want to talk about it.


“Is that how love is?” I asked.


“I think so, once one is truly in love, nothing else matter. I’ve learned not to allow anything affect our relationship. Her dad is just being dramatic,he’s gonna give in soon” He smiled.


“How do you know when you’re in love and how do you feel?” I asked.


“You’ve never been in love?” He asked in surprise and I was embarrassed as i






“Yeah, most of the guys just wanna get in my pants,I’ve never seen anyone shown genuine love and i don’t love the one who loves me” I said.


“You might be in love,you might not just know” He said.




“Yeah, you’ll feel so drawn to the person and your heart beats so fast when you’re with the person, you’ll always try to avoid eye contact cause it’ll make you blush like a rabbit” He said and i laughed.


“You’ll feel it deep in your heart and know…” Nath continued and I stared on.


I wiped sweat off my forehead and sighed.


“Mia” I heard Darrel’s voice and my heart almost bursted.


I turned and saw him standing by the door, motioning for me to come.


I stood up slowly and started walking to him with our gazes fixed on each other.


It’s been a week now and I’m trying hard not to be too close to Darrel but i feel myself getting more drawn to him every moment. It’s because he’s been nice to me right?


I will try not to be so close to him cause i will be killing him soon.


“Yes Darrel” I snapped out of my thoughts as i got to him.


“What are you both discussing?” He asked,not smiling.


“Lots of stuff” I said.


“Ohh kay…come in” He said.


“Do you want me to do anything for you?” I asked.


“No…Yes,in my office” He said and walked in.


I walked in behind him and shut the door.


We got to his office and i saw everything was neatly arranged.


‘What else did he need me for?’ i wondered as i watched him sit on his chair.



“Should i make you some coffee?” I asked. “No, i want you to sit here with me” He said. “Huh?”


“I mean…i want you to help me arrange these files” he pointed to the well arranged files on his desk.


“The files are well arranged” I said almost giving him a ‘are-you-okay-look’ and why did he have to look incredibly cute that i feel like remaining in his office and just stare at him all day.


“Yeah,i want you to help me arrange it alphabetically” He said and brushed his hair with his palm.


“Okay” I said and sat on the chair opposite him.


His laptop kinda blocked us from seeing each other.


There was an awkward silence as i started arranging the files alphabetically.


My breath was faster than normal and i tried to stretch my neck to steal a glance at him only to catch him staring at me.


My cheeks grew hot as i tried to figure that look in his eyes.


His eyes were filled with passion and i wondered why.


He smiled at me making my breath catch in my throat.


I fought not to smile back but it seems impossible as i was starting to smile back at him.


Just like a magic force,we both bursted out laughing…






I returned to my room immediately after dinner to start preparing for my mission tonight.


Usually,we do sit and gist or watch movies after dinner but not tonight.


I gotta prepare.


I walked into my room and bolted the door behind me.


I rushed to the window and peered out. It’s dark already.


I walked into the bathroom and opened the cabinet, i picked the key and walked back to my room.


I was about unlocking the drawer when i think i heard the gate open.


I was forced to go check but had a second thought. Nath might just want to go get something.


I bent and unlocked the drawer..


I brought out my pistol and loaded it with bullets before bringing out the rest of my mission outfit.


I started getting dressed.






I got ready and tucked my pistol in my ninja wear.


This ninja wear is not feeling like my former one.


That one do give me new burst of energy but I’m feeling nothing with this.


I guess it’s because it’s the first time I’m putting it on.


I walked to the window and got ready to connect my rope.




“The mail says 9pm and she isn’t here yet” Luke said.


“Just chill, she’ll be here soon” Edwin said while Steve remained mute,with his pistol sitting on his legs.


We were seated in the car waiting for the assassin to appear.


I got another mail today, giving me the necessary information about the assassin’s mission tonight.


I had to quickly call Luke and Edwin for back up,i don’t know why they brought Steve along with them.


I don’t want to involve more cops for the fear of losing more lives,i should do this alone but the CIA leader ordered me to always ask for backup.



Why did she have to always send messages, informing me of her mission. Is she that powerful to think she can defeat anyone?


I really need to capture her tonight to tell her otherwise.


I don’t want to return home hurt cause i left the house without informing Mia.


I don’t want her to get hurt.


She might be worried about me all night.


I couldn’t stop my smile as her face kept appearing in my front.


Why so beautiful?


“Is your plan that great to make you smile?” Edwin asked and i almost cursed at myself.


I can’t believe I’m smiling when I’m supposed to be planning on how to capture that daring assassin tonight.


I ignored him and tapped my finger on the steering wheel.


We were parked at the end of the Street , we already got the residents out of the building,we made sure there was no one remaining.


We’ve planned on how to capture her tonight and i can’t wait for us to formalise the plan.


A car suddenly drove past ours and we all cocked our guns, watching closely.


“I don’t think she’s the one,this car is totally different from the one she drove in the last time” Luke said.


The car parked just a house to the main building.


No one came out of the car for some minutes and i was starting to get impatient when the car door opened.


I bit my lips when my heart started beating fast as the assassin stepped out of her car in her normal ninja outfit.


Geez” Steve exclaimed and i could sense the fear in his voice.


“Luke capture the car plate number” I said and he quickly did.


She turned and we quickly bent our heads, peeping.


She surveyed the area swiftly,her gaze rested on our car for a while.


“Oh..Lord” Edwin closed his eyes and i shook my head.


I watched as she started walking to the building.


“Get down guys! Time to formalise our plan!”




I was at the gate of the building when i sensed some movement behind me.


I turned and surprisingly there was no one.


I pushed the gate open and was about stepping in when i heard gunshots.


I knew it!


I turned and pointed my pistol to the direction of the gunshots.


They were hiding and shooting.


This is what pisses me off the most!


They should just come out and face me.


Is Darrel among?


I allowed them waste their bullets on me knowing well it can’t penetrate my ninja outfit.


I stood there,my left arm receiving the bullets.


I was about raising my pistol when i felt a sharp pain in my arm.


Did i hurt my arm before leaving home?


More bullets sped across me landing on the same arm and it was then i realised what was happening.


The bullets are penetrating my ninja outfit!


I couldn’t think for a while as the pain was almost unbearable.


I felt weak almost immediately and tried to raise my hand but couldn’t.


I glanced at my arm and watched blood seeped out of the tiny hole in it.


I groaned in pain and started moving to my car.


More bullets hit me and i fell on my knees before i could get to my car.


I felt paralysed and for the first time in years,i was blinded with unshed tears.


“Your hands up!” I heard the deep voice of Darrel said and in seconds,he was standing in front of me pointing his pistol at my forehead.


I saw Luke, Edwin and Steve surround me too.


“Remove your mask!” Darrel ordered.!








The beautiful killer


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