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Separated – Season 1 Episode 5

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Elvin my son.


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Am sorry for everything.


This is never what I planned for you and I know this is never what your father wanted but nature must have it way in it own time.


I just plead for your forgiveness” I cried the more.


The little boy has suffered a lot.


Right from when he was brought by Dereck.


I can’t live and watch him suffer the more.


I don’t even know where I sent him.


My time is up and I don’t want the little boy to see me die in his own hands.


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I just pray the God should direct his part for me” I said as more tears flow down I brought my head down and I close my eyes him tears.













Gosh! Today’s schooling was like mad.


My uncle called when I was in school and my heart nearly jump out from it seal.


He talked bla bla bla ……


That he will returning to Luxembourg with my step mom anytime soon.



Teacher came to the class and didn’t their best I recommend them.


I really thank Miss Kitty my new favorite teacher but i miss Ms herriatta my favoite teacher then.


She did her best to see that I wasn’t bored.


I have no friends in school because all of them are probably scared of me.


The school has really grown to be the talk of the whole Europe as the best high institution of science.


The school was occupied with students from many countries and from top rich


president’s and top business tycoons.


Well they are not my class.


100 times bigger than them because my dad is the second richest business tycoon in Europe.


After school I entered my car and drove to my house.


I came down and my cousin call came in.


Her name is Mirabel.


She is very beautiful but not as beautiful as I am. She also has a school And our school is also competing well I always top her.


Her school is the second best science institution in Europe.


Hello Baby girl ”


Sweet Sis ”


She replied


How are you Sweetheart? ”


Am okay.


Are you at home now? ”


She asked


” Yeah any problem? ”


Not really


Just that there is something I would like us to discuss



Okay am at home ” You can come over


Okay see you then ” She said


Don’t keep me waiting for long


” I won’t ”


She replied and hung up the phone.


She better have something cool or else she will forget her self here. By the way where is Angela?.she did come out collect my bag


What nonsense! She will so be in a hot soup if I should meet her inside.


I walk majestically into our massive huge house.


I gaped at the person I saw sitting comfortably in our sitting room!


Of my God I forget tell Stephanie that her mom is coming back today.


She will so be surprised to see her.


Well am Mr. Barlon


Stephanie’s father


Am so much happy to welcome my wife and my kid brother.




One of my boys called me to inform that the flight hour time.



will be landing in an



I took my phone and some other thing.




Tell the secretary that am not in my office.


She should take care of my visitors till I comes back


I said over the phone to my Manage.


” Okay Sir ”


The line went dead.


I walk out of my Office and dialed my boys number.


Hello Sir ”


He said.


Hope is the security is tight?


I asked


Yes Sir


Everything is under control


And all the check point is cover


He assured me.


I came down through the elevator and walk into my car and zoom off to the airport.








A young boy is seen in a black jeep.


With his expensive clothes and Phone


His name is Alvin THOMSON


The only know son of THOMSON


The richest business tycoon in the world of Europe.


His father is know as the E.G.E meaning




He is on his way to school


Many convey follows him from all angles.







I thinks is really a big deal to become so rich and famous.


Could you believe that everything I do is in social media even a little misunderstanding.


Well that’s the own problem.


My dad is the richest business tycoon in the world of Europe


He is respected and fears by all apart from his other business rivals.


Well am heading to school.


In a good outfit.


Am fair in complexion


Not too tall


Am very handsome and sexy.


No girl will see me and will not fall cheaply at the sight of me.


Am not as huge as my dad.


I was sitting in my car thinking about nothing in particular.


Hot tears came rushing down my handsome chests.


Very strange right?


Yeah it strange but I have been like this for the past twelve years.


And trust me I learn to live with it


I know you must be thinking that am a weird person but that is just me.


It has become a usual thing.


I cry’s occasionally even when am not angry or sad.


I just took my handkerchief to clean it of.


I wonder the kind of life is that.


I have tried taking my dad for us to go see a specialist but anytime I bring up such idea he will always find a way to decline it. He said it from his blood lineage.


I wonder what type of nature is that.


I nature that makes you cry when you are not angry or upset.


Sometimes I feel so empty inside of me sometimes I feel so weak and tired even when am very much healthy.


Some part of my tells me that am not complete as if some part is missing but I can’t actually place my hand on it and I felt like killing myself when ever I think my dad is not doing anything about it.


I arrived at the school and as usual girl pop out to watch me while some bitches take pictures of me and my only friend Leo.


We walk into our class with the help of my bodyguard I really thank them.


I went to my seat to sit down but my leg felt very weak and I found my self falling in the ground.


Thanks to Jacky my personal bodyguard.


He caught me by my waist and soon my eyes become so cloudy.


Young Master ” he called out


Are you okay? ” He asked


I opened my mouth to talk but I couldn’t


My eyes slowly went blank and I fainted in his arms.


To be continued


Guys how was it


Hope you find this interesting



By the way


What do you think about this episode


Who did Stephannie saw?


What is wrong with Alvin













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