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Separated – Season 1 Episode 27

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Life is just the way you understand it.


It just the way you thinks of it.


It just the way you imagine it to be.


it just the way you look at it like.



It is only those questions you ask about life that life it self will answer.



Only life can provide all the answers to all the questions you ask because I think only life knows himself well enough.



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But sometimes seem life Is partial.


It seems to be cheating some and be friendly with others.



Life to me can’t be counted among the complete creates of world because to me it seems so incomplete and uncomfortable with something’s in side of life.



And that’s what happens in my own world.


Life has become so scared without her around. I have really missed my mother so much.



How I wish she never died in the first place. How I wish death never took her way from me and my family.



How I wish death was merciful enough to spear her life for my sake.



Would life ever become as beautiful and as fun as they say????



No!!! I don’t really think so that life can ever be pure and innocent without death in it.



But why would death even took the only thing that matters to me the most???



Why would death have to make my own life a different and difficult one from others own view????



Why can’t i be able to live a life of peace and fulfilment like every other person???


Why can life allow me to be happy like others.






Why is everyone afraid of me?


Why everyone scared to stay with me.


Why is everyone runs away from me?.


Why can’t I be happy and make friends like before.



I think life would have been more better, beautiful, Amazing and Perfect if only it will learn how to listen and follow peoples instructions but life doesn’t care..



Life doesn’t give a ducking damn….It acts on his own accord.


It acts on its own principles.



I wonder if life can be any better for me??.


If life could be sweet as they say why not be now??.



Why will the so called life decide only to bring sorrows and pains to me.





Aren’t people like me meant to live and enjoy life like others or maybe not????




Why would life be so difficult in my own case?? Was life designed look this miserable or is life just unkind to my type of person??.



I keep on asking regardless of no answers.



A knock landed on my door but I never bothered to check who the person is.


Is might be my grandma or my dad.



The door open and the image of my Niece Mirabel appeared.


She came closer to me and sat on the bed but still my face was face down.



” Stephannie!!!!


What’s the matter with you sister??? ” She asked but I didn’t give her any reply.



” Stephannie !!! …..”


She called again and this time I answered her.






I came to school today to look for you but I didn’t see you Why?? …” She asked.



If you didn’t see me then that should tell you that I wasn’t in school…..” I said with anger but my voice was normal.



Yes I know and that is Why? am here to find out why you weren’t in school today…”


She said.


You are here to find out why I wasn’t in school today as my what?????



Look Mirabel I don’t have time for questions and answers here.. If you must know the reason I wasn’t in school is because am not feeling fine.



” You are not feeling fine right


Stephanie why are you doing this to your self??? …….”



Why??? Huh !!!…


Do you really enjoy living this way ?????…”


She asked and I kept mute… I don’t really know if what to tell her.



This is not the you I know…


Why are you doing this???


Why have you choose to destroy what someone have labour to build in you




She added.



The urge to shout the hell out from her was too much in me… I feel so anger.



What is even your business in what I do with my own life… ” I asked her.



You are right… the way you live shouldn’t be my business..


she said in a low tune…



But know it that the way you are living your so called life is affecting the way someone so dear to me lives and that is my business ”


She said this time her voice was high.



And what do you mean the way I lives my life is affecting someone so dear to you???….”


I asked still in a normal voice…



The problem with me is that I finds it difficult to shout at neither her or my grandma… Yeah I should at my dad anytime I finds it difficult to control my anger even at my uncle Mirabel’s dad.



Your dad came to our house yesterday


He complained so bitterly about you… He complained about the way you lock yourself in your room day in day out….”


She said and I am feeling the anger building inside if her.



My way of living shouldn’t concern anybody.. this is my life I chooses the way I wants to live it.. ”



What?!!!!! Look Stephannie


He might be your dad and you been the boss of your own life but don’t forget he is my uncle… And let me sound this as a note of warning.. ” She said and I just keep calm looking at her.



Don’t even in this your life ever make my uncle sad again.


His life is still precious to me… I values his life more than mine.



” I don’t care the way you live your life.


I don’t the way you to….. but my concern is that you don’t get my uncle


involve in it… let nothing happen to him….”


She said and left in so much anger…



I was just still looking at her.


I didn’t even talk or said anything to her.


the truth is that anger has died instantly.



I haven’t see my sister Mirabel this angry in all her life.



Whatever that have triggered this anger is not just a thing…


My dad most have complained so bitterly to them.



I felt sorry for my dad.


I felt ashamed of myself…


Making my own dad pass through hell.


Making him pass through pain just because of me.



I have to make things right..



I walk out from my room outside thinking I might still met Mirabel but she has already gone the time I came out..



I took my phone and I called her immediately but she didn’t pick up at the first ringing.. I know she is very angry with me..



I texted her pleading for her forgiveness.


I kept on calling her till she picked up my call.



” Am very sorry Mirabel ”


I said immediately she picked up the call but she just kept mute not saying anything at all.



Please I know I must have hurt my Dad so much for him to come to your house to tell my Uncle but please am sorry….”


I said with a pleading tune.



She still kept mute


Please come back to the house


I said and the only thing she said is just said okay and the line went dead..



Few minutes later she drove into the house. She came out from her car looking so weak and tired.



She looks so downcast and hurt I have never seen her this angry before



” Am sorry Sister….”


I said as she approached me.


She just smiled for me



” Is okay dear…. I understand ”


She said and we hugged each other.



” Let go inside ”


I said and we walk in hand in hand








” I have never seen you this angry before.. I even got scared thinking you might hit me ”


I said as we sat on my massive bed chatting together.



Yeah I was really angry at you … hearing my dad and uncle discuss about you pains me a lot….”



At a time I got scared that you might one day end up killing yourself…..”



That was the reason I came today


I couldn’t imagine living without you…”


She said and I smiled.. what a caring sister.



Look if not that I and mum were with my dad and my Uncle when they were discussing about you they might end up crying because of the thought of you harming yourself ….”


She said.



Are you serious..”


I asked.



Yeah they would have cried like a little baby in front of Me and mum….


you needed to see their faces that night….” She said.



That’s ridiculous ”



Maybe…. is because you didn’t know how they care about your welfare..” She said.



But I have never made my dad know that am angry ”


I said.



You might have not but don’t forget thatvtye old man has eyes for the fact that he sees you everyday with an uneasy face…



He even complained of you locking yourself up everyday.. that if not for your grandma you won’t be going to school…”


She said and that’s the truth..



Or what were you thinking when you locks yourself up



Look I know it might not be easy but you have to chill yourself up… Even if for the sake of your Dad and Me please…”


She pleaded.



I got that but never get me this scared again… Don’t ever shouts at me…


Gosh …Don’t forget am your elder sister..” I said and she laughed.



Senior sister???


Don’t forget it just a matter of two weeks ”


She said.



” And you think two weeks is too small Huh!!!


Weather two weeks or two days am still your elder sister final…”



Okay I have heard but you have to work on yourself ” She said.



Fine I will try ”



No you won’t….Rather you must ”


She said and we laughed.



I will me coming to take you to my house after school… at least that’s will make you feel less alone ”


She said and I nod I think that will help a lot.



Thanks Mirabel


You are such a loving and caring sister


I wonder what I would do without you.


I really appreciate ”


” You are welcome ”


She said and we smiled together.



I would have beaten the hell out of you for shouting at your elder sister ” I said and we both laughed.



Is time for gist ”


She said.



So what do you have for me ” I asked.



A lot but before that.. I will like to tell you that all the necessary arrangements has been made.. I have all the signatures required except yours… I already have our dad’s own signature.



You are the last to sign


She said…



” What’s that….”


I asked confusedly



Doom head…. for the competition we agreed to host ” She reminds me



Oh I forgot..


Okay get the paper let me sign ”



So when is the competition holding???



Next Tomorrow… Information has been distributed Already….” She said.




That’s very close Don’t you think so??? ”



Yeah I know but I want that students to be taken by surprise that’s the only way to know the intelligent ones”


She said.



” That was very fast….. anyway let get it done so that I can win my price ”



You are not too sure about that ” She said.



Am very sure girl I have already made search on the best school World wide or do you also wanna put a bet like my dad??? ”


I asked and she just nod No.



She opened her bag and brought out a file..


I went through it and I signed the space provided.



We chatted for the lest of the day and she even slept in our house just to make sure I don’t feel bad or lonely



What a caring sister…..





Guys how was it


Hope you find this interesting



By the way


What do you think about this episode


Nice one Mirabel.
















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