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Return Of The Devil’s Son – Episode 6

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Return Of The Devils Son.


Chapter 6


I lay curled on the cold ground, hungry and scared. Pierre had only told me about the rats in the dungeon, but here I was, surrounded by c.o.c.kroaches and spiders as well. I didn’t know how many days I spent in this dark place where I could barely know if it was day or night. I so longed to get out of here, to see the light again and breath in the scent of fresh air. To be able to walk under the sun and feel the taste of delicious food, but all that would come with a price. Pierre would not let me out of this place until I agreed to become his and I felt like I was getting sick staying here. Not only physically but mentally as well.


Could I atleast get a blanket for now? I was so cold my teeth were chattering.


The sound of footsteps nearing filled the quiet room and soon the door to the cellar opened. Two guards entered and without a word grabbed my arms and began to drag me out of there.


“Wait! Where are you taking me?” I asked.

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“Be quiet!” One of them ordered.


Should I be relieved that I was leaving this place or afraid that they would take me somewhere else worse, I didn’t know.


One of the guards yanked my arm then pushed me forward. “Faster!” He ordered.


As we existed the dungeon my eyes got suddenly hit by the sunlight and I quickly shut them tightly. I hadn’t seen light for days so my eyes needed time to adjust. I tried to blink a few times and look again but I couldn’t. It was painful so I just peekend now and then to see where I was going until the sun was out of sight and we were inside the castle.


As they led the way I realized they were taking me to Pierre. Oh no! What did he plan this time? He must be angry that I hadn’t given up yet.


The guards opened the door to his room then pushed me inside. I stumbled then fell flat on my stomach before I heard the door closed behind me.


“Tsk, tsk. You look awful.”


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It has been a long time since I heard this annoying voice and I didn’t miss it the least. I pushed myself up from the floor and adjusted my dirty dress before looking Pierre in the eyes. He was sitting in a chair with legs crossed.


“What do you want?”


He stood up from his seat then walked up to me. “I have been thinking…” He began thoughtfully, ” If I want you to like me, I have to treat you well, right?”


Was he delusional?


I scoffed. “I will never like you. You killed my husband.”



“Because he would kill me otherwise. It’s nothing personal. That’s just how war is and everyone does what they have to do to protect themselves. You should also do what’s best to protect yourself and it’s not being on my bad side.”




“You speak of liking while threatening me.” He was unbelievable.


“Look princess…”


“Hazel,” I cut him off, “you made sure I wasn’t a princess anymore.”


He walked even closer then grabbed my chin before looking into my eyes. “You can be more than a princess, if you stand by my side. By a very powerful kings side. Think about it.” He said in a low voice.


“There is nothing to think about.”


Ignoring my remark “I’ll give you some time to think.” He said before leaving without further discussion.


I let out a sigh of before I carefully sat down to stop my shaking legs. I wasn’t tough. All this was an act and I really didn’t know where I got this much courage from. I was raised to be quiet, shy and afraid. I was raised to be obedient, to know my place which was always beneath everyone else’s in my family. My worth was nothing until Lucian came into my life. He was the first one to actually treat me like a person and not like a property. He made me feel alive, important and cared for. He made me feel loved, but where was he right now?


“Where are you?” I said hoping he would appear out of nowhere like he always did when I thought of him instead I found Ylva standing at the door.




“My Lady.” She said looking worried or angry, I wasn’t sure. “Are you alright?” She asked approaching me slowly. She let her gaze sweep over me and her expression turned more angry than before.



She took a deep breath as if collecting herself before speaking. “I should bring you something to eat first then you need a bath and new clothes and…or maybe I should take you to your room first.”


I had never seen her this emotional before.


“Ylva relax.” I said standing up and putting my hands on her shoulders. “I am fine.”


“How can you be fine? Look what they did to you.” She said almost bursting into tears.


“Why don’t you take me to my room.” I said calmly.


She nodded and helped me to my room. More correctly our room, Lucian and I. I almost cried as I walked inside. This place held so many good memories.


“I’ll bring some food, You must eat first then you can take a bath.”


“Is Lydia alright?” I asked.


“Yes. She is fine My Lady. Do you want me to send her?”


“No. Let’s keep her out of this.” Endangering Ylva was enough. I didn’t want them both to be in danger.


Ylva left to bring me something to eat meanwhile I decided to take a bath myself. Once I came out of the bathroom the food was already served and the delicious smell made my stomach growl. I sat at the table and devoured everything quickly then I felt sleepy and before I knew I was already asleep.


When I woke up I groaned with frustration. I didn’t want to wake up, I wanted to sleep forever so I shut my eyes tightly and tried to go back to sleep. Unfortunately I couldn’t. I had to wake up and endure the pain of living. When did living become painful?



I swung my legs down and looked out the window. It was still night and the stars shone brighter than ever, or maybe it was just because I hadn’t seen the sky for along time. Sliding into my night robe I went out to the garden. My favorite place, the place where I and Lucian spent our last happy time together. Now it just felt empty looking at it. My whole life felt empty.


I tear fell down my cheek and I wiped it away quickly. Lucian would come back. He had too otherwise…otherwise…


“Hazel.” A familiar voice came from behind me.


I froze in place. What was he doing here?


I turned around slowly and looked into the cold dark eyes that belonged to no one else than the devil himself.




He stood there melting perfectly with the darkness as if he was shadow himself.


“Lothaire? How…what are you doing here?”


“I came to take you with me.” His voice was as cold as I remembered.


The devil. Lucians father. Right, he came to take me to Lucian.


“Where is Lucian?”


He narrowed his gaze. “You know where he is.”


“No, I don’t.” I said confused.


“Yes, you do. You just don’t want to admit it.” He said calmly.


How could he be so calm?


“Lucian is not dead.” I said slowly.



He just looked at me, his face void of any emotion.


“If he is dead then why are you not doing anything?”




“Why would I do anything?” He asked raising a brow.


“Because you are his father.”


His face hardened, making him look more frightening than he already did.


“Listen! Lucian is dead. You can either come with me or stay here.”


I couldn’t believe him. How could he say that his son was dead with a straight face? What kind of father was he?


“Lucian is not dead.” I repeated shaking my head.


He sighed then adopted a softer voice. “Hazel. Why don’t you come with me and think about that later.”


I shook my head, tears filling my eyes. “There is nothing to think about. Lucian is not dead!”


Lothaires shoulders fell and he looked at me with what seemed like defeat. “Let me take you from here. You will only be tortured here.”


“Are you not listening to what I am saying?” I yelled as tears fell down my cheek. “Lucian is not dead! He is not, right? Tell me he is not dead! Tell me you did something to save him. Tell me!” I demanded crossing the distance between us and grabbing his arms. I tried to shake him but he didn’t move a bit. Instead he grabbed my arms and pulled me closer.


“I don’t have to tell you anything.” He said with a lethal voice.”But I will tell you this. Lucian is dead and you can either come with me or stay here to get tortured. Your choice.”



It took a moment for his words to sink in and when they did I was fuming with anger. I pushed him away.


“You really must be the devil. How can you not care for your own son? He suffered so much because of you and what did you do for him? Nothing!” I cried yelling.


“You are right. I did nothing when I should have killed him myself. All this would not have happened then.”


Killed? He would have killed his own son?


“Go away!” I yelled. “Just go away! I don’t want to see your face!”


“My Lady!” I looked to my left where the voice came from. Lydia looked at me with confusion. “Who are you talking to?”


What? I turned back to Lothaire but he wasn’t there. He was gone.







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