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Pop Love – Season 1 Episode 23

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By Authoress Juliana


Episode 23


Alex POV


After a while, her mum left and Amelia dragged me out of the bed angrily.


“Please!!” I yelled when she almost slammed my head against a wall, she stopped and glared at me.


“What was those irritating acts yoyh were performing?” She asked obviously still annoyed and I pouted.


“I was just bored” I replied and she chuckled before frowning almost immediately.


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“So doing that killed boredom right?” She asked.


“Didn’t you like it?” I asked peering into her face and she sat on the bed


“Well….” She started with a smile. “I didn’t like it” she frowned and I frowned.


“Whatever, you promised to tell me what dad said to you so I am listening” I said and her expression changed.


“Alex,can’t you just forget about it, forget about us, let’s just be friends” She replied but it was evident she was not sure of what she was saying.



I shook my head indicating no even when I knew I had given up when I signed those papers.


“No, I am not giving up on us, not until you tell me what Dad said” I replied.


“Okay then if you insist” she replied and took her gaze to the floor.

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“Dad said what?” I asked after she kept quiet for a while.


“Your Dad made me promise to stay away from you” she replied.


“How?” I asked not really getting it.


“When you were being held hostage by your dad, I just couldn’t sit and do nothing, that’s why I went to your dad and he promised to release you if I was going to stay away from you” Amelia explained and I groaned inwardly.


Why does she have to take decisions on her own,she shouldn’t have done that and now I already signed those papers out of anger.


“Are you angry at me Alex? I know you have every right to be mad at me but Alex, I also don’t want to give up on us so soon but everyone is against us” She said.


I walked to her and sat beside her. “Then it’s going to work out but anther problem is that this morning I signed some documents stating that I am going to get married to Violet” I said and she nodded sadly.


“Alex, you know what? Let’s have fun, let’s not so serious, let’s fight while having fun but I don’t want to hurt Violet…..”


“Violet again,I don’t believe you still believe her, she hates you. Last night I heard her making q call to someone she is suspicious” I said.


“Alex,I know better than to argue with you and that Violet I am going to kill her, when we were in your mansion in smokes land she was the only one who knew where we were” Amelia said.



“Amelia! Like seriously? You piss me off sometimes, how could you tell Violet, well that’s gone” I said angrily.


“Calm down, remember we are going to be having fun” Amelia said with a silly smirk and at that moment I knew Violet was in for it.


Violet POV


It’s great now, Alex has agreed to marrying me and Amelia has agreed not to ever get close to Alex anymore.


This is really great, my plan really worked out and Amelia even had an accident, this is good but I am not yet done with you, Amelia Hills.


I won’t allow any of your relationship to work out,not even with Adrian, I am going to ruin it all.


My phone rang, it wasAmelia, oh my dear friend, I picked up the call.


“Hello Amelia,I heard you are in the hospital I am coming over right now” I said with a hint of worry in my voice.


“Ohh thanks but can you please get me two bottles of wine,non alcoholic wine please” she said and I smiled as an idea popped up in my brain.


“Okay sure, I will come with Adrian too” I said and ended the call.


I took a quick bath and dressed up then headed for a bar, I got the non alcoholic wine and called Adrian.


To make Alex trust me and hate Amelia, I have to do this also. Previously I only wanted revenge but now I want Alex to be mine too.


“Hello Violet” Adrian said happily in picking the call.


“Hello, did you hear that Amelia got into an accident?” I asked and he gasped over the phone.


“I didn’t hear about that,she is in the city hospital right?” He asked


“Yeah but don’t panic, she is okay I just talked to her but if you want Amelia to be yours, I have a plan” I replied and heard him chuckled over the phone.


“Violet, you won’t believe that I kissed Amy yesterday and she even broke up with Alex right in front of me, but that’s all thanks to you so I am going to do anything to make her completely mine” he said and I bet he was grinning right now.


“Great, now you come over to the hospital Alex isn’t going to give up on Amela so easily,we have to do something” I replied.


“Something like what?” He asked.


“We drug Amy, then we take pictures of her with you, then send it to Alex” I replied.


“Hmm…but won’t she hate us when she wakes up?” Adrian asked.


“Amelia trusts me, I will take care f that” I replied.


“Okay but there’s no way she won’t know I am involved” he said making me begin to feel irritated.


“Amelia and Alex broke up so they can’t communicate with each other” I explained.


“Wow, you are incredible” Adrian said and I smiled before ending the call.



Amelia POV


I poured a little quantity of the powder into a glass cup, I smiled.


Violet wants to bring me down but I am going to do that first. Let’s see if Alex’s Dad will allow his son to get married to a girl whose nu.des go viral.




Look at the two of them, they want to drug each other but whose plan will work





Pop love


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