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Married Twice – Episode 37

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Chapter Thirty Seven







HE was so ebullient, flabbergasted and stupefied that he even forgot he was still on the phone with the doctor



Then he realized himself



“Hey doc, you there?”, he asked

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“Yes”, the doctor replied and sighed



“Sorry for keeping you waiting”


“I understand”



“Er…..doc? Please I need you to help me with someone who would take


him to the airport and put him in the plane. I’m gonna book a flight straight away”, he said



“That’s no problem”

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“Thanks doctor. You did well”, he commended



“No problem Mr Priceley”



“Take care”



“You too”, and I call ended





What a happy news!



He immediately called Petros


He picked at the second ringing







“Hey Petros”



“Afternoon Mr Priceley”, he greeted



“Yeah, you very busy? I need you to do something for me”



“I’m always at your beck and call sir”



“I need you to book the next available flight for Marudai, India. Hope you are at Mexico presently?”



“Yes sir. I will do that straight away”



“Good. For Mr Kesmanee Bennett”



“Ok sir. Consider it done”



“Thanks”, and he ended the call



Now, what he gonna do?


His best friend is on his way



Then it struck him



He walked up to the kitchen and met Prisha doing the dishes



“Hey Prisha”, he called



“Mr Priceley?”



“I need you to call in the chief chef immediately, prepare something fantabulous, we’re hosting a party soonest”



“Okay sir”



“Get down to work”, he said and walked to the guestroom, where he met Amaya, he was dusting the sofas



“Amaya?”, he called


“Sir?”, he replied with a start



“We’re hosting a welcome party soon, I need you to do the invite straight away. Invite the extended family members and very close friends, you get me?”



“Yes sir”



And he rushed downstairs


Sharuna was sitting on the couch



“Hey babe”, he called



She looked at him


“Hi? What’s going on?”



He sighed


“Sorry I haven’t told you yet. Remember my best friend I told you about?”



She nodded



“Well, the doctor just told me he’s fit to come home now, so we’re organizing a welcome party for him”






“I’m going to the airport now to bring him, you coming with me?”



She shook her head


“Not in the mood. Anyways, thank God on the part of your best friend”




He smiled


“See ya”, and he left










Priceley got to the airport just in time, a plane was about landing



He hoped it was that of Kesmanee



Fortunately, it was it


As the plane landed, the passengers began alighting and then he spotted him, walking down the stairs slowly



Though he was unrecognizable, because his hairs, beards and moustache were all overgrown



But Priceley recognized his best friend



Ohh God!


He couldn’t curtail his joy



He ran and locked him in a tight embrace



“Hey bro”, he shouted


“Is this you?”, he slapped his shoulders



“Mannie, welcome”, he greeted



“Thanks Ley”, he smiled


“I…… I’m so happy to see you”, they hugged again




“Come on man. God! I really missed you”



“I did too. I did in coma”



They laughed



“Let’s get outta here, I can’t wait for you to get home. There’s really news”



Kesmanee laughed, as they walked towards his car



He wanted to open the door and Priceley stopped him



“Let me do that”, and he opened it



Kesmanee entered laughing


“Thank you”



Priceley closed the door and walked around to the driver’s side



Soon, they hit the road



“Mannie, I missed you”, Priceley said



“You have said that countless times”, they laughed



“And you have also missed a lot”



He sighed


“How is everyone? Men, I can’t believe it’s over a year and some months”



“Everybody is okay. Your companies had been running smoothly even better than before, business has been booming”


Kesmanee nodded, he was too exhausted to talk



“Guess what? My marriage had been planned to hold in two weeks time, you really came at the right time”



He nodded again, smiling


“Congrats”, he managed



“Men, I need to get you home as soon as possible, get you shaved and refreshed. We’re holding a welcome party for you”






“Yes”, he replied smiling








As soon as they got to the house, people were already responding to the invites



The house was gradually becoming full and the preparation was still ongoing



“I’m not gonna let anyone see you, not now”, Priceley said as they halted



Then he led Kesmanee through the back balcony and to a room



In there, he called in Amaya to help him shave his overgrown hair, beards and moustache and to also prepare him for the party



“Hey, you are back”, Sharuna exclaimed on seeing Priceley



“Yeah, hope you are fine?”, he walked up to her “Hope nobody touched ya while I was away?”



She was forced to laugh



“No”, she shook her head



Priceley pecked her on the forehead



“You should get dressed, my best friend is here. My long lost best friend”



“Really? I should get dressed?”, she asked surprised



“Yes, I will be taking you to see him soon”, and he went into the shower for a light bath






As soon as Kesmanee was done prepared, Amaya led him to the sitting room where the party was going on





The people were amazed to see him



Good fifteen months!



It wasn’t easy



They all walked up to him, touching and greeting



They were obviously happy to see him


He felt like a celebrity and at the same time, he felt uncomfortable






“Come on dear. Let’s go see him”, Priceley said to Sharuna as soon as they were done



They walked down the stairs and up to the couch where Kesmanee sat



“Hey bro”, Priceley called as soon as they got to him



They hugged



“Bro, this is my fiancee”, he introduced



“Princess?”, he called Sharuna, “this is my best friend whom I told you about”



Then his phone rang and he left to answer it



Perfect distraction!



But hold on





What the hell!!



Kesmanee recognized Sharuna immediately he saw her His mouth fell wide open



A tear escaped his eyes


He felt heartbroken




He couldn’t hold himself anymore as he got up and walked out of the sitting room



Sharuna on her own part felt struck at the instant he saw Priceley’s best friend



That happiness whenever she was with Kesmanee, enveloped her immediately



Memories of him all came flooding back in full force



As soon as Kesmanee got up and walked away, she followed



Just in time, Priceley got off the phone and he saw them going out



He also followed.



Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued



I’m speechless


I’m heartbroken


I feel like crying







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