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Married Twice – Episode 13

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Chapter Thirteen




Kesmanee happily entered his Cadillac and drove out of the compound.





At last, he can now sleep with his two eyes closed.



He had to go to work fully today, he hasn’t been there for a while now.


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He first drove to the hospital to see Sharuna.



Vida wasn’t around at the time he came.



He went inside and walked up to the bed.



She was awake, but her eyes were closed.



“Morning Sharuna”, he greeted as he took her free hand and kissed.



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Sharuna opened her eyes and looked towards the direction of the voice.


“Good morning Kesmanee, you are here?”



“Yeah, I’m supposed to come check on you before going to work”



She nodded.



“So how are you doing dear?”



“I’m fine. The pains are reducing at least”, she said.



Kesmanee smiled.



“Don’t let that bother you, you will surely be fine ok?”



She nodded.



“Where’s mom?”, he asked.



“She left minutes before you came in”



“Okay. I brought things for you”, from the bag he was holding, he brought out a bouquet of flowers and handed the other bag containing fruits to her.



“Here”, he said.


“I got you some fruits and…….”, he paused. “I think you should guess the


other yourself”, he said grinning.



She grinned.



Kesmanee kept the bag containing fruits on the bedside table and handed the flowers to her.


She held it with her free hand and knew instantly.



Then she took it close to her nose and inhaled the fragrance.



“Hmm……so sweet”, she said.



Kesmanee smiled


“What’s that?”



“It’s flowers”, she replied much to his astonishment.



“Wow, you are a genius babe”, he said.



“Thank you”, she smiled.



“You are always welcome dear. My best friend is out of the country, I would have loved to take you go see him once you’re out of here”, he said sighing.



Sharuna sighed.


On other occasions, she would have asked what’s so special about this his best friend that he’s always talking about, but no. Not now, she needed rest.



Then silence crept in as he looked her over, checking out the blood catether.



He checked his wrist watch and sighed.



“Dear? I gotta leave. I hate to, but I have to”




“I will be fine sweet. Don’t worry about me”




“Sharuna”, he called, “I love you, please get well soon”, his voice was emotional.



She smiled.


“I love you too”, she squeezed his hands in hers.



“Okay, take care”



“You too”, and he left.






Cindy walked into her office cheerful, her face full of smiles.


Her perfume filled the office as soon as she entered.



Sissy was was seated already on her chair as usual, surfing the net.


Cindy walked up to her desk.



“Hey Sissy”, she called grinning.



“Hi, morning”, Sissy looked up smiling.



“Morning. You know it’s almost two to three days since CEO hasn’t come to work fully?”



“Yeah”, she nodded



“I can’t wait to see him……oh my!”, she placed her hands on her chest.



Sissy laughed.


“Naughty you. You know what?”






“I will advise you not to go see him as soon as he resumes. Don’t go to him too early, otherwise he would see you as cheap. Give him sometime, he would be the one come looking for you”



Cindy nodded.



“I see truth in what you say. I just hope he sends for me today….this





They laughed.



“Whatever”, Sissy replied as Cindy walked to the window.



“He’s here”, she said smiling.



“Don’t push yourself to him o, I’ve told you”, Sissy replied laughing.



“Oh my, I’ve really missed him. His kiss, his hot body, his manly chest…..oh


my God. Look what I would have missed”, her face still glued outside staring at Kesmanee.



Sissy laughed.


“Keep drooling”



“Oh yeah, it’s allowed”





Kesmanee got to work just in time.



His employees were all happy to see him.



He walked to his office and found Jennifer seated as usual.



“Hey Jenny”, he called.



Jennifer looked up, obviously happy to see him.



“Good morning sir”



“Morning, how was night?”



“It was fine. Umm….I heard miss Sharuna is…..”



He interrupted.



“She’s very okay. Nothing happened”, he replied.



“Ahhh! Thank God”, Jennifer exclaimed.



“Sir please, can I join you to visit her after work today?”



“Yeah, sure”, he turned to leave.



“Mr Kesmanee”, he called and he turned back.






“Do you know the perpetrator?”


The question took him off balance.



“No, why?”



“Well, I think I know”, she said confidently.



Kesmanee laughed.


What business does she have with Sharuna’s uncle.



“I don’t think so”, he turned to leave.



“I’m absolutely serious sir”, he turned abruptly.



He noticed the seriousness in her eyes, there wasn’t any harm in finding out anyway.



“Who’s the perpetrator?”, he asked.



She hesitated for a moment, and then she dropped the bombshell.



“It’s Cindy”






Ndozi Nuellitta



To Be Continued







Love y’all








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