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Married At Last – Episode 10

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Chapter 10


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Written by Tory



Few minutes after he hubged up his friends came and I had to run up to my room


. I changed my dress and went back down stairs to prepare snacks for them all . I always thought being married was fun but its really stressful. Especially when you have crazy in was like nine. And Annoying husband. They left after spending some hours , and the unexpected happened .


Sofy, mom wants us to come over. Kelvin said .


At that moment I could already imagine why she needed to see us . We got into our car and zoomed off to her place .

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I’m glad you guys finally cane how yeas your ride? , she asked .


It was fine mom. Kelvin replied .


Sofia. , how are you , I hope you’re preparing to be a mom soon.?



I couldn’t say yes , cause that would be a lie so I laughed. We actually enjoyed ourselves, she treated us like some VIP guests.


We are ready to go mom , kelvin said . we both said our goodbyes as we left . We got home late at night , we were so tired we didn’t even have our bath .


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I kept thinking of what mom said about me being a mom. I think its gonna be a great thing . but I’m not ready yet .


What wrong ? What are you thinking about ? Kevin asked


Nothing, I was just trying to picture myself as mother . .


That’s funny . I know you’ll be a great mom.


He’s words, comforted me and now I think I’m ready to be a mom. I said to him


aright no problem.






Good morning my love . I greeted planting a,kiss,on his cheeks .


Morning you’re up so early .


“yeah have you forgotten you’re meant to go to work today . that’s true , I still felt like sleeping. Those who said morning sleep is the best , now I understand. It took me up to 10 minutes to finally get up and got ready for work .


I packed his lunch. And dished His breakfast.


I wish there was another holiday after Sunday. Why do we have to work Monday to Friday and rest only on Saturday and Sundays. I could pensive a nice haroma coming from the kitchen.


Your meal’s ready , here’s your,lunch . I said passing him the lunch.


I don’t feel like eating breakfast. I’ll take my leave now . see later at night. I took my lunch , phones and car key .




The house feels empty and boring without kelvin . I trued watching TV but nothing seems to interest me . I washed the dirty clothes trying to kill time. Bit the time seems slow. I took a nap expecting to wake up at night. But when I woke up it was just an hour past since Kelvin had left.


later on I started feeling dizzy. There was no one at home. The maids were discharged from duty . before we went on our honeymoon.


I took my phone, trying to contact kelvin but he wasn’t picking up . before I knew it I’d last out .






After the meeting was over , I went back to my office . Sofia had called, an hour ago . I called back several times but there was no response. I think she’s probably upset as usual . I stopped calling for awhile, and later tried calling again . bit still no response, I became scared having all kinds of thoughts.


I called my mom , to help me check on her , since her house was just a 45 minutes rude to my place .






I got to the house only to see Sofia lying down lifelessly. I ran to her . sofy ! Sofy !! I called but no response. I called an ambulance immediately. And also informed Kelvin.


What could have happened to sofy?


To be continued





Married at last

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