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Love Me Again – Episode 11

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Chapter 11


Nicole’s pov


“You’ve got a nice house” carl said, walking in and looking around.


“Thanks” I replied, looking around for Brian but he was nowhere to be found.


Disappointment hit me as I took Carl upstairs to my bedroom.


“I’ll like to meet your dad,can I?” He asked as I rolled my eyes. Carl’s a nice guy but sometimes he’s clingy which is annoying for a guy.


He’s really nice, charming and handsome but…..i don’t think being in the same


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house as Brian will work.


And I don’t plan on telling Carl that Brian’s my ex,gosh what should I do,what do I tell him.


“Uhmm Carl,this is my friends house, he’ll be back very soon” i said as he nodded.


“Cool we could even play snooker,am glad he’s a dude” he said as I frowned.


Any normal boyfriend would be mad…… me but here he is smiling like an insane fellow.


“Alright, just relax I’ll bring your lunch upstairs” I said before walking out.


I bumped into a solid chest as an artist wrapped around me. It was Brian and he looked hagard,his temperature was high from the contact we were making.


“Brian let go of me” I said between gritted teeth. “My boyfriend is inside and he can come out anytime” I half yelled as he let go of me and staggered into his bedroom.


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All through the lunch with Carl,my mind kept on going back to Brian,I knew he was hurt,but so was I,he looked so unkempt and sad.



“Nicole I’ve been calling you” Carl said as I chuckled. “Am sorry, you were saying?” I asked.


“Let’s get married” he said as I choked on my food.


“Sorry baby, come on have it” he said handing a glass of water to me.


“Thanks” I drank the whole glass and decided to wash the dishes.


“I’ll be upstairs,when you’re done just let me know” he said before going upstairs.



Mary’s POV


“You knew about it right?” I asked Bella.


“Yeah but I couldn’t tell you since he didn’t want to” she replied and I shook my head.


“Maria came to the house yesterday,and when I asked who she was he said it’s no one,then I asked about Lucas he got angry” I complained.


“Look Mary, don’t open his old wounds, he’ll unfold the truth when he’s ready” she said as……I saw Royal’s car driving in.


We were sitted on the veranda so……I knew it was royal.


I rolled my eyes as he smiled and began to walk towards us with Monica.


“Mummy” Monica screamed and jumped into my arms while Royal stood in…….a navy blue shirt with the two up buttons plucked out.


I tried to avert my gaze but it didn’t work.


“Bella,how’s the baby?” He asked as Bella smiled and said the baby was fine.


“Hunny it’s time to go home, you’ve been neglecting your duties” he said as my face reddened with embarrassment. How could he say such a thing in front of Bella and Monica.



“Royal!” I lamented as Bella’s smile increased.


“Alright bye, Bella I’ll come over when next I have time” I said and carried Monica to the car.


“Are you still going to avoid me?” He asked as I got into the back seat.


“Just drive” I ordered, hearing his loud sigh.


As soon as we got home, Monica ran to her bedroom complaining that she was sleepy while Royal pulled me into his arms.


“Baby, what’s wrong?” He asked as I scoffed.


“Don’t even think about it…… not having sex with you,am on my period” I


lied, walking into the bedroom.


“Really,but I know it’s a lie,Mary am sorry” he said pulling me into his lap as our breathing became rapid.


“Stop taking the pills,I want you to carry my baby” he said before kissing the daylight outta me.


Nicole’s pov


Carl was already sleeping but I couldn’t sleep, I walked down the stairs but turned around and went to Brian’s room.


I pushed the door and went in. His room was in a mess,so I arranged it, trying hard not to wake him but his voice stopped me.


“Nicky” he called as I turned to face him. He sat up, looking into my eyes as I tried to pull the short and exposing nightie.


“Get some rest, I’ll just take these out” I said, referring to the broken bottles.


“Don’t….. Don’t go”he stuttered.



“Why ?” I asked as he came down and started moving closer to me.


“Because I love you,am really sorry Nicole” he said with tears stained cheeks.


“Come on” he hurled me up and deposited me on the bed. “Please for just tonight,I really need your warmth” he said as tears rolled out of my eyes.


“Brian….we” he shunned me…… he laid next to me and pulled me into his










Love me again


By: Donna



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