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Isabella – Episode 24

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I awoke to feeling a chill run over my body. I slowly sat up, noticing the sun rays streaking into the room from the curtains….that seemed to be just pulled back.



I gulped as I slowly sat up. More cold hair hit me….I looked down realizing


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that I was na.ked. I quickly wrapped the sheet around half my body….looking around nervously… Looking for him.



The events from yesterday and early this morning bombarded my mind. An odd sexual urge that fell upon me…that had me begging for Raymond touch. My body was incredibly sore as I recalled those certain activites…I understood why.



A warmth spread over me as vivid pages began to play in mind, I shuddered. I could not think of him in such I way. I just can’t!




“How are you feeling Isabella?”



I jumped as I saw him in the corner of the room….polishing a sword. He


had no shirt on….just a pair of loose trouser. My mouth became dry….why

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was I acting liking this?



“What happened to me?” I asked him, my eyes not able to look him in his eyes.



I felt ashamed. I was despised this man,he took me away from my family, forced me to marry him, took my dignity and here I was calling onto him last night as if he was my lover. Oh Isabella, you are a woman with no shame!



“I attempted to explain that to you last night. It is called, heat. It was what all were woman, half-breeds and some human mate of wolves go through. It is a sexual craving that get your body mate with your partner. It usually lasts from three days up to a week but since you are a human it only lasted for a day”



“Oh…” I said while clearing my throat.



What was I supposed to say? I was at a lost for words. A complete loss!



“What…..could have happened if you didn’t help me?”



“Well…a regular were woman would have passed out due to the pain. I think that would have happened to you”



I shuddered. That pain was awful. It felt like I was being punish to death…..but when he touched me it was magnificent.



I cleared my throat.




“Thank you. I did not know how I would have survived without your assistance last night”



His eyes widened,complete and utter shock was on his face… Before it was replaced with nothingness.



“This does not happen often…does it?”



“Only twice in a year. Sometimes three”



I nodded mutely as I tried to figure out a way to get out of bed without him seeing my body.



“Can you turn around? I just want to get to the bathroom”



“I have already seen everything, Isabella”



I glared at him. Was it too much to ask him not to look at me? I already felt enough shame about what he did to my body last night. He should not make this more embarrassing.



He eventually turned around…which I was thankful for.



“How is your back?” He asked as I began to walk to the washroom na.ked.



I was not going to ruin the bedspread.



“Fine…” I said quickly before shutting the door.



I took a deep breath ,I was going mad. I splashed the lukewarm water on my face. He had already asked the maids to draw me a bath, I submerged myself into it.



I was bruising again. Bruises covered my inner thighs…my wrists…my hips….my neck. My body went through another chilling recount of what we


did. Why is it too hard to get those event out of my head? I needed to be cleanse from all these.



I quickly washed up….which was a bit hard to do….due to how tender sore


my body was. My stomach felt sore, my legs were on fire due to the activity of last night. I did not want to begin to tell you how sore my nether regions felt.



I sighed as I noticed that ray was still in the room,usually he would have left the room by now. I pulled on my dress and huffed as I glanced at him again. He was polishing his sword. Dont he have anything to do today?



I was in the mirror combing through my hair trying to cover the large bruises his lip left on my neck.



“Don’t you have duties to take care of today?” I asked as he got up walking over to me.



He took the two laces in the back and began to tie up my dress.



“I cleared my schedule yesterday. I don’t know how long your heat will last” he announced as he finished up my dress and placed his hands on my hips.



“You looked like a true Queen”



I looked at us in the mirror. We looked… Very regal. Like what a king and queen should look like. It amazed me.



“Thank you” I said tight lipped as I pulled away from him.



“When are we visiting my Home?”



He stared at me while shaking his head.



“This is your home, Isabella”



At that point he walked away from me, going back to his sword and seat.



“This is not” I claimed



“You promise to be good to the humans remember? You told me before we get married that if I behaved on our wedding night you will let me see my parent. I did as you said. I let you took my dignity and ravished me even when I didn’t loved you”



I sighed,trying my best not to let my anger get the best of me.



“I don’t understand you. You told me you will let me visit the human land to talk to them. Why are you acting this way?”



“I want your word that if I allow you visit the human kingdom that you will fully submit to me, no secretive talks with Kelly. No fire in your tone with me! You will become my Queen, my wife in any possible way Isabella. That is the only way we will visit the human land. I want your obedience and submission.”



What have I been doing all this while? Have I not been obedient? Have I not tried my best?



“I do not want you touching me unless that awful heat arises again. I cannot willingly let you partake in you enjoying my body” I said not looking at him.



I can’t let him do that to me. Someone who forced me to marry him. I just can’t!



“Isabella, I know you enjoy our times together. I…”



“No I don’t! This heat made me delusional. It made me think I would enjoy it. Of course I preferred it than being in pain”



He stood, throwing the sword down with a loud clank. He approached me so quickly, I found myself going backward. He was scaring me…more than usual.



“I have let you think you have your say in everything, which you do not! If you the human to be fairly treated and really want to see your adopted parent…you will act like one and mind the way you talk to me. ” he growled out ,his hand gently stroking my throat.



“I have already agreed to that” I whispered out trying to bring my tone down tremendously.



“Good, be on your best behavior and act like my queen in front of your humans. Is that understood?”



“Okay. What more do you want from me, Raymond?



keep it that way Isabella. I can’t have everyone obeying me except you!” His eyes were Bright with anger.






“I said I will obey you!” My hand shook.



I was so angered by him. I have been trying to obey him!



I have to get an hold of myself. I have to think like a ‘beast’. I have to make him think I will submit to him…



Then I did something that Sophia had thought me. I dropped down on my knees and stretched out my neck.



A growl escaped his lips, as his eyes brightened to a dangerously eerie color. I gulped as he brought out his tongue, licking his lips.



Before he had a chance to respond to my beast like action,there was a knock on the door. Ray snarled as he stomped over to the door and swung it open. It sounded like he had almost tipped it from his tingles.



It was a nervous looking guard.



“Speak” ray growled, watching the man flinch at his harsh tone.



“Sor…sorry your highness…we.. Um…I just wanted to inform you that…the dragon…king and queen had arrived. Lord Kelly is stalling them in the foyer. The dinning hall is been set as we speak, your highness”



I slowly got up from my kneeling position,as I overhead their conversation.


“Fine. We will be down soon”






“If he is a dragon shifter,that means he is stronger than you?” I asked ray as he glared at me.



I thought it was quite a valid question. It made complete sense to me…probably not to him though. If he breathed fire or so as the legends say he could just burn everyone alive and win every war…



“He is young and I’m older. I have more skills than him” he said in a definite tone.


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I thought a dragon will be stronger than a wolf? They are large and they can fly!



I was intrigued. I had never seen a dragon or Fae before. I hope today will be interesting. I wish the woman will be a lively person because I have to spend half of the day with her and let ray and the dragon plan their strategy against the vampires.



“Your highness, king Arden and Queen Elsa are here”



I got up from my sitting position,and stood up next to ray. I would try my best to be good. It is not going to be complicated. I did not dislike these people. In fact I don’t even know who they are!



The door opened. The first thing I noticed was the man. He was tall, a few


inches taller than ray which was unnerving. He had a short brown hair, He


was muscular too. Certainly a great foe for ray. He would probably beat Ray



in a fight. The man had no facial expressions as his eyes sweeped over me before looking over to ray.



“King Arden. This is my Queen, Isabella” Ray said while holding out his hand.



The man inspected his hand with his eyes. His eyes began to glow


and…and change form. It transformed into a reptilian like eyes. A gasp left my lips as he shook Ray’s hand.



“Yes….the honor is mine.” He did not sound enthusiastic at all and I


wondered where his queen was.



I could hear Kelly’s voice in the distance.



“That was so horrible of me. I do hope none of the maids get in trouble.” A sweet feminine voice announced



“It will be fine Queen Elsa. I assure you” instrolled Kelly with a smile on his face, along with a young woman.



A peculiar beauty. The first thing I noticed was that her eyes were not of the same color. One was a bright green and the other was a springy orange.her hair color was gold and it reach all the way to her abdomen . fair fresh skin and a beautiful smile had me unconsciously smilingly as she smiled at me.



“This is my Queen… Elsa” the man said while she was approached me.



She threw her hands around me. I was shocked…to say the least….as she


squeezed me tightly.



“It is so nice to meet you. You are so beautiful” she complimented me as I hug her back and pulled away quickly.



Not use to much human contact in a while. Ray didn’t let people close to me except Sophia and she was not touchy at all.



“Nice to meet you too Queen Elsa” I said while I watched her smile and then go to hug ray.



I watched as the king of dragons gently spun her around into


him….intercepting the would to be hug to Ray. It was comical and graceful


how he easily turned her away from hugging ray to grabbing him. He did that all with a straight face.



“Um…Nice to meet you King Ray. This castle is beautiful. Tell me do Lilies often grow here” she questioned Ray as I watched ray try to think of an answer.



Of course he wouldn’t know….I mean I have an idea still but….



“I am not sure, Queen Elsa” he replied warily as I watched her eyes begin to brighten.



She wavered in her footing in a bit,leaning to her husband.



“Is there any food that you have prepared for us? My wife needs anything you can offer” King Arden said as she smiled sleepily.



“I’m sorry” she apologized to us as her husband looked down at her.



“I just…”



“You do not have to explain anything to them” king Arden said sharply as I watched her tug on his hand and he just continued to follow us, with her jointed to his hip it seemed.



“No….um…meat please”



They were an odd couple.



We walked them over to a sitting area which had an assortment of desert and small finger foods.



She began to pile on normal foods but every time her husband looked away she would put sweets into her mouth.



“Elsa” he snapped while she smiled at him and brought a chocolate sweet to his lips.



I watched his cheeks redden. He ate it. He was blushing? I have never seen a man blushed before. Not a strong one.



“Isn’t it delightful?”



Again he shrugged,wrapping an arm around her….while I stared at the


two. She looked so happy but he seemed like a dark raincloud. Surprisingly it did nothing to dim the sunshine of her personality.



“My condolences to your father” I told king Arden as he looked up at me.



Ray had filled me a bit about the king while we walked up to them.



His eyes shifting to that reptile state.



“It must have been difficult to lose a love one. I understand that pain” I told him as I felt Ray stiffen beside me.





“I took joy in killing my father, Queen Isabella” he announced as I stared at him with my eyes widened.



How could he say such a thing? He killed the man that gave him life?



“Ex…excuse me?” I said as I glanced at him.



He did not seem surprise at all.



“You murdered the man who gave you everything?”



“He had given me nothing and in return I gave him peace in the depths of hell where he belongs”

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“Look at this one” Queen Elsa gave him a powdery sweet



His eyes was still crazed as he looked at her. An ungodly noise coming from his chest. I felt myself fearing for his wife’s life as he ripped the poor sweet with his razor like teeth. He devoured it before licking the tips of queen Elsa finger,which made her blush crimson.



“Arden, let me show you round the castle. While the women gets to know each other better” ray said while standing.



It sounded suggestive…but I know it was anything but suggestive.



I watched, king Arden bring his wife closer to him, whispering in her ear.


“Okay…I promise” she said while frowning.



He then got up and followed Ray. I looked at the Queen stuffing her mouth with pastries.



“I promised Arden that I won’t take too much sweets but I can’t help it. Those dragons all they do is eat meat and rice. ” she announced as I find myself laughing a bit.



“How long have you two been married?”



There were too many questions I wanted to ask.



She blushed looking around before leaning closer to me.



“Oh…um…a few weeks or maybe a few months” she answered even though it sounded more of a question to herself.



I then watched her stop eating and sighed before she continued to eat.



“Are you okay?” I asked as she nodded her head.



Good. I had more questions.



“How did you two meet? How long did he court you?”



She giggled.



“Arden didn’t court me. He had a choice to choose between I and my two sisters. He was supposed to choose my older sister. She was perfect for him but he choosed me”. She frowned.


That must have been interesting.



so you were thrust into this queen position?” “Well..I suppose so” she said as she began to think.


“Are you with child yet?” I asked as I watched her cheek redden Incredibly. I wondered if he forced her….it seemed he can overpower her easily. “”


“So…did he force himself on you? Did you enjoyed it?” Her eyes widened.


“…I don’t normally talk about such things” she blushed “But we haven’t done anything as of yet”.


why?” I questioned



“I do not have my wings. My father was furious when he choosed me. He said I was still young. All he asked is that he keeps my virtue until my wings comes out. That signifies that I am a woman” she explained as I nodded slowly.



Wings…so she needed wings.



“That… Is interesting. When do you think you will get them?”



“Any day from now. My back aches constantly so it is a good sign. I think Arden wants to come out on time. He despises sleeping on the bed with me and not able to touch me. Yet he always holds me while he sleep. I don’t understand. Dargon men are odd”



She was so innocent. I secretly loathed it.



“Elsa, he means to have…intercourse with him. That is all men love to do with their women” I explained to her as she nodded slowly.



“Oh…my sister Cynthia tells me that it alright to kiss him. I do not think he enjoys my kissing though. He his gets very bright and his hand bawl into fists. I have no idea what I am doing in my marriage” she admitted while giggling nervously.



I wanted to hug her and tell I that I completely agree with her but I had to keep my poise.



“I understand completely… Especially when your husband is another creature. ”



“Yes me too. They are very fierce people. My own people are gentle and whimiscal. Getting Arden to calm down is a very hard Job. I try to distract him as much as possible”



I had no idea on how to calm Ray down. Frankly speaking I don’t want to.


Even though I felt like I owe him for what he did to me last night.



“We should to each other” I suggested.



She was a nice friend. An outsider. She would understand my woes.


Sophia did to….to some extent but I felt her bias with certain issues.




“Yes! I am very lonely in the kingdom. Arden is always busy. But when anytime he is with me he is always touchy” she giggled



“I am surrounded by men so it will be nice to have letters from you aside my sisters” she yawned.



At least she recieves letters.



“Well….letter do solve lonesomeness. ” I said while my fork fell on the floor



I quickly looked down to pick it up. When I sat back up….my eyes





Elsa….had her eyes closed slumped against the chair.



“Elsa? Queen Elsa?” I gulped as I quickly got up and shook her delicate frame.



“Queen Elsa? Somebody help! Someone help me!” I shouted as the door swung open.



Two guards rushed in.



“Get king Ray and Arden please”



I cradled her head in my arms, as the guards rushed in, just looking at us.



None of them knowing what to do.



“Why are you all standing there? I gave you an order!”



“Yes your…highness.. The two kings are on their way” one guards chirped up as I heard quick footsteps.



It was the two Kings.



King Arden’s eyes were like snakes again. He quickly came over to us, grabbing Elsa’s lump body in his hands.



“What happened?” Ray questioned



His eyes were trailing over me, as if I did something to her!



“We are speaking and my fork dropped. I pick it up and looked away for a moment and she was unconscious.” I explained while Arden had his cheek to her forehead.



He said something in a foreign language.



“Do you have a spare bedroom? She needs to rest” He said while glancing at Ray.



“Yes. I will show you where you can lay her”


















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