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Inseparable Lovers – Episode 17

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Chapter 17



Author’s POV





“I’ll choose the second option!”, Candy said and Miss. Han nodded.



“And you, Lisa?”.


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Grumbling, she replied; “Second option too!”.



“Then, it’s settled. But remember this, your friends can’t help you. I’ll be watching you! And you’ll find the buckets by the garden entrance!”.



Candy nodded, then walked out of the office.



She met Lina and others outside.



Lina rushed to her; “How was it?”.



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“We were given a difficult punishment! Thanks to your crazy friend!”, Lisa replied, walking out of the principal’s office.



They both glared at her and she walked away.



“What was the punishment?”, Lina asked.



“We’re to gather 2000 stones into a bucket!”, Candy replied and they all gasped in shock.



“What the hell?!”, ChanSoo shouted.



He rushed forward to open the door into the principal’s office but Candy held his hand to stop him.



Surprised, he turned back to look at Candy and then shifted his gaze to her hand holding his.



Realizing what is happening, she shoved his hand away and yelled at him; “What do you think you’re doing?!”.



“I just want to plead to my sister on your behalf!”, He said In a low tone and she scoffed.



“I didn’t asked you to!”, She mumbled.



“And that reminds me! I wonder when you’ll get tired of sending night messages to me! And I’m still wondering how you got my new number!”, She said to him in a low tone before walking away.



She glared at Jennie when she walked pass her.




ChanSoo stood on the same spot, watching her walk away until she was out of his sight.



Imitating Bon, J.G whispered to him; “Oops! Buddy got dumped again!”.



He glared at J.G who was chuckling.



“I’m sorry ChanSoo!”, Lina apologized with guilt and he smiled at her.



“It’s nothing!”.







Lina’s POV





It was all my fault.



If I didn’t gave ChanSoo my phone number without Candy’s permission, this wouldn’t have happened.



Since Candy was using my phone for the main time, I gave ChanSoo my phone number to the phone with her.



Actually, he asked me why her phone number was not available.


I told him what happened to her phone and gave him the number.







Author’s POV





Since Jennie’s sport wear was wet, thanks to Lisa, Lina borrowed her her other sport wear during sport class.



After the third period, the bell rang for recess time.



Some students trooped out of the class and few were left.



Among the few were Lina, Jennie, Jason and his friends.



“Huh, is Candy okay?”, Lina mumbled with worry.



ChanSoo placed his cheek on his desk, drawing invisible circles on the desk.



“Her hands must have swollen! I can’t imagine those petite hands getting swollen. How hurt it will be!”, He whispered pitifully.



“Un, it’s not like she is dead!”, Bon replied and Lina turned to him with a displeased look.



“You’re unbelievable!”, She yelled and he flinched in shock.



“Seriously? Your loud voice makes me shiver!”, He mumbled, cuddling himself.




“Really?!”, She snorted.



Suddenly, someone flung the classroom door open and screamed; “Ta-da!”.



Everyone looked up to see Bella smiling sheepishly.



“Oh girl! You are something! Jason is really trying! Managing you since your day one!”, Lina grumbled as Bella sat on Candy’s desk.



“Bella! You’re really crazy!”, Bon shouted at her and she pouted.



“Oh cutie!”, She cooed.



“She is always crazy!”, Jason whispered to himself.



“I heard that Jas!”, Bella shouted and winked at him.



“Ugh! Little devil!”, Bon mumbled.



“Hey J.G! Little J.G! Cute J.G! Handsome J.G!”, She sang with her crooked voice.



J.G smirked, then waved at her.



“Awwn!”, She cooed.



“Shh… Pain in the ass! I give up!”, Lina said, raising her hands up in surrender.



Bella giggled; “Jas and Mom are bearing the pain! But maybe I’ll change if J.G marries me!”.



They all looked at her unbelievably.




“If that will change you, I won’t mind, my princess!”, J.G replied and winked at her.






“Dumbass!”, Jason rolled his eyes.



“Hahaha! I really enjoyed the fight earlier! Haha, you saw the look on the witch’s face! It was hilarious! If my stupid brother hadn’t interrupted, Candy would have won!”, Bella said and laughed.



The witch she referred to was Lisa.



“Talking about Candy, where is she?”, She asked.



“At the garden?”, Lina replied.



“Doing what?”.



“Gathering stones!”.



“For what?”.



“As punishment by the principal”.



“Hun? How many?”.






“What the f***ing hell?!”, Bella exclaimed.


“Aww, my poor Candy!”, She added pitifully.



“And that witch?”, She asked again.









Leaning closer to Lina, she whispered into her ear; “I brought the gift I promised you and Candy!”.



She gave Lina a medium size shopping bag.



“You don’t have to!”, Lina whispered back.



“Of course I have to. You guys often give me gifts too!”.



“Thanks cutie!”.



“Ya welcome big sis!”.



“What are you both whispering about?”, Bon asked and Bella snorted at him.



“Pheew! Little devil!”.



Bella looked at ChanSoo whose mind was out of reality.



“What’s up with little ChanSoo?”, She asked no one in particular.



“Heartbroken!”, Lina whispered to her and she nodded, chuckling.



“Oh Bel! Please get out of this class!”, Jason groaned and she rolled her eyes at him.



Bella turned to Jennie, who was reading a novel.



“Hey girlfriend!”, She whispered to her which made Jennie look up at her.



“Hi!”, She replied calmly.



“I didn’t introduced myself the last time we met. Op! That was yesterday!”, Bella said, giggling and Jennie smiled.



“I’m Bella Tan! Jason’s kid sister!”.



“More like Jason’s elder sister!”, Bon mumbled and she glared at him.



“Oh, nice to meet you! I’m Kim Jennie!”.


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“My brother’s secret girlfriend. Of course, I know you!”, She whispered into her ear, giggling.



Jennie look up at her in disbelief.



Is this girl crazy?


She is definitely not!



“So, sis! What’s up with prom coming up this Friday?”, Bella asked Lina.



Lina placed her phone on her desk, then replied; “We’ll talk about it tomorrow. Candy is not here”.



“Hm, right! Okay I’ll take my leave! Satisfied, ‘Jerk’son?!”, She stood up, glaring at Jason, and said with great stress on the ‘jerk’.



Imitating Bon, she added; “more like Jas’ass’!”.



Bon looked up at her and scoffed.



“Bye Lina! Bye cutie J.G! Bye Jennie!”, She waved at them, one after the other.



“Joblessness!”, Jason grumbled as Bella walked out of the classroom.



“Seriously guys? Recess hour is almost over!”, Bon groaned and Lina turned to him.



“You’ll not eat anything if Candy is not here!”, Lina snorted at him as he kept mumbling.







~In The Tan Mansion…



Mrs. Min Hara, Lisa’s mother, sat on the couch with her legs crossed, sipping the hot tea, in Lady Heisha’s study room.



Lady Heisha sat on the couch opposite, staring at her and waiting impatiently.



*What an attitude?! How rude and arrogant!* __she thought, glaring at Mrs.






Mrs. Min smiled and placed the tea cup on the glass table beside the couch, then looked up at the angry Lady Heisha.



“Ohh, you must be angry! I’m sorry and thanks for letting me into the Tan Mansion! It’s a rare luck!”, Mrs. Min said calmly.



Gritting her teeth, Lady Heisha kept staring at her.



“Ha! Lemme stop beating around the bush! I came here today, to talk about my daughter!”.



With fake calmness, Lady Heisha replied; “Your daughter? You mean Lisa? What about her?”.



Mrs. Min sighed, smiling, she said; “What an honor! You still remember that little girl of mine!”.



“Of course, I can clearly remember her! The little girl who bumped into me at Emperor Tan High School and rained insult on me. Unknown to her that I was Jason Tan’s step mother. And after she found out, she came back to beg me when I was leaving the school. That was five years ago! What an ill-mannered child she was back then! I hope she has changed?”, Lady Heisha said with a mischievous smile on her face and Mrs. Min’s eyes darkened immediately.



She covered it up with a bitter smile and replied; “I apologise! She was still little back then!”.



With a scoff, Lady Heisha asked; “You said you are here because of her? What about her?”.



After a little sip from her tea, Mrs. Min replied; “Nothing much! I just want my daughter, Lisa, to marry Jason!”.



Lady Heisha’s eyes widened in shock and surprise.



*Is she crazy? How rude! She dares to sit in my study room! In the Tan Mansion! With great confidence and even dared to talk garbage! Her arrogant and uncultured daughter should marry Jason Tan? She even said it with no fear! Even family of higher status than hers can’t dare! Is it a declare or request?!* ___she thought, looking at Mrs. Min with hatred, who was also staring at her with confidence.














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Inseparable Lovers


( Our High School Love Story )



By: Sulaiman M. Zainab





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