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In The Billionaire’s Bed – Episode 35

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Emeliano’s POV


⏩Week 2


“A ring?”


Diego’s voice was laced with surprise, he also sounded shocked too. Of course he was shocked. What I was saying right now, was enough to make anyone who ever knew me… Shocked.


“Yeah man, I know Rebecca wouldn’t want to go out of the house, and I need to know the kind of ring she likes… Last night, I measured her finger, while she was sleeping… All I need to know now is what kind she’d prefer… You were- are, like her best friend so… You should know.”


Diego’s brows were raised high as he continued to stare at me.

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“Let me get this straight… You, Emeliano… Wants to go… Buy a ring… For Rebecca… Because…”


“I love her, and I want to marry her.” I said it with a tone that screamed. Obviously!


“Whoa… Whoa, whoa… How did this happen? Did she cast a spell on you or something?”


“Diego, be serious.” I said in a bored tone, relaxing back on my office chair… I had completed all the work for today, so as to leave early to get the ring for the proposal.


“I’m being serious. It’s just… What? I mean…


What? ”


“Why are you acting like it was never bound to happen?” I asked.



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“Cause it was never bound to happen. You said it yourself. You wouldn’t be attached with that family… Rebecca is a Lewis…


I know Rebecca isn’t like any of them… Same goes for April… But- she’s still a Lewis, and as long as there’s a Rebecca in your life, there’s bound to be a Rafael, coupled with some Camilla, extra seasoned with a little bit of Marcos.”


I rolled my eyes. “I’m marrying Rebecca, not her family.”


“Marry the girl, marry the family… Ever heard of that?”


“No.” I said, giving him a blank look. “Cause you just made it up.”


“Exactly.” Diego said. “Are you sure you wanna do this? This is like a big step in your life.”


“I want to do it… I want to marry Rebecca. As soon as possible.”


“Why so sudden?”


“I feel like it’s the right thing to do… It is the right thing to do. I love Rebecca, she loves me… We adore each other. She’s the kind of girl who loves to have it all, a family… Kids, happiness… I want to be the guy to give her that.”


Diego smiled. “Nothing too flashy.”


furrowed my brows. “What?”


“She wouldn’t like a ring that’s too flashy, something simple and Sweet. Just like her.” Diego said.


“Thanks man, you’re the best.”






“I’m the best man, like- I’m going to be your best man.” Diego grinned.


“Of course.”


“So, you heard from Marcos lately?” Diego asked.


“Why are you trying to ruin my mood?”


“I’m not… I’m just asking, don’t you feel like it’s weird, they all just went silent… Marcos, Camilla.”


“Can we not talk about my enemies right now. I’m trying to think of my future not my past.”


“Okay okay.” Diego muttered, raising his hands up in surrender.


I was about to speak again but the door to my office pulled open, revealing Piper.


“There was an invitation for you… It’s pretty important.” Piper said, handing me the invitation card before moving to seat beside Diego.


“Invitation for what?”


“Some party? It’s like a business party thing, organized by a very wealthy lawyer… I think his name was Mason Black. check the card.” Piper replied.


Mason Black? Here in Orlando?


I opened the invitation, allowing my eyes to scan through the content.. it looked like a pretty big deal. But I was pretty sure I knew who this Mason was- I’m pretty sure he was the same Mason from Rebecca’s past.. he was a lawyer too… His last name was Black.


But what could he be doing here?


“The party’s today.” I stated.


“Yes… I arranged a suit for you so you wouldn’t have to go back home.”



I sighed. “I have plans already.”


“It’s important Emeliano… So many business men are going to be there… And they’d also look forward to seeing you there. And don’t forget, you were specifically invited. You can’t dishonour that.”


“Great. Let me give Rebecca a call… I want her to know that I’d be home late.”


“Sure, we’ll be outside.” Diego said, pulling Piper to her feet as they made their way out of my office.


I dialed Rebecca’s number, it rang on and on, but she didn’t pick up… I tried it


three more times… The same thing.


That’s odd, she always answers.


I tried again. same result.


Sighing, I dropped in a text, telling her that I’d be home late, but skipped the part about Mason Black.






The hall was the definition of wealth… The designs and table wears were extraordinary… It was filled with well sophisticated men and women from all around the world, talking business and making deals.


I had talked to some partners too… Made new allies and even closed off a few deals, Piper was right… It was a really important party.


“Mr Alfredo.” I turned to the sound of the voice. Revealing to myself, the one and only Ex boyfriend to Rebecca Lewis.


“Mr Black. Wonderful party.”


“Thank you. I’m highly honored to have you here, you’re like one of the best business man in the world.”



“One of, or only?”


Mason laughed, but all I did was stare, when he noticed I wasn’t laughing along with him, he stopped, clearing his throat and smiling. “Enjoy the party.”


“Will do.” I simply said, watching him walk off to bother someone else.


“I never thought I’d see you here, boy.”


Closing my eyes for a bit, my jaw clenched and unclenched with hatred. “Stop calling me that.” I seethed lowly at Rafael.


“No need to make a scene now, boy… I taught you more than that.”


“You didn’t teach me anything, you a—–e.”


Rafael gave a crook chuckle. “Oh boy, you have no idea what’s about to befall you. But I presume you’ll come to know of it soon-”


The sound of an iron hitting a bottle repeatedly, to gain the attention of everyone, was heard.


“Good evening, fine ladies and gentlemen.” Mason’s voice was audible enough because it resounded around the speakers in the hall, the spot light was mainly on him as he spoke into the microphone.


“Just in time.” Rafael whispered beside me.


Just in time for what?


“I want to appreciate everyone for coming today, it has been a pleasure meeting each and every successful millionaires and billionaires today. I also want to use this medium to introduce my fiancee to you all. She was the start of all this, my success and my life… My everything.”


There was this cold silence in the air.


“Rebecca Lewis, can you please come join me on stage honey?”


My heart dropped, my world stopped. Every f—–g thing stopped the applauds and


cheers of appreciation were like echoes as the spot light landed on her.


On Rebecca.


She looked different, she looked sophisticated, the beautiful red Lacey gown she wore, showcased a full amount of skin, her hair was shorter, but curled stylishly and beautifully, it added much more glamour to her face. Her face was blessed with make up too, she looked different…


Her beauty was more enhanced. Her bright red lips was wide with the most realest smile I’ve ever seen on her, as she mounted the stage into the arms of her ex boyfriend. Mason Black. They shared a quick kiss before hugging.


Her smile landed on the crowd. “Thank you all so much for coming… Like my love said… It’s a great pleasure having you all here with us. Let’s all wine and dine and while we’re at it, make more deals and increase our heels.”


The crowd cheered as the light was brought back on and the party continued.


My mind was glued on a spot, unable to comprehend what was going on.


“I told you boy, in this game… You’re on the bleachers and I, I’m on the field… Winning.” Rafael gave a sinister smirk as I watched him make his way to her. To Rebecca.






It can’t be.


Rebecca wouldn’t do this to me. What am I even thinking… Something was surely wrong, there has to be a good reason for this.


Whatever this is.



I watched her converse freely with some business men and women, with Mason’s arm around her waist… I was boiling with not just anger, but fear and a little bit of confusion. Not a little bit. A lot of confusion.


She had hugged Rafael, kissed him on both of his cheeks like they were best of


buddies or something… She had no hatred in her eyes for him, all I could see was


love and admiration.




Did Rafael perhaps tell her? Did he?


Even if he did, she wouldn’t do this- she’d come to me… She’d question me… That was Rebecca… But this- this was not how she usually- d–n, it was almost like I never knew her. She was different… She was everything she proved to me that she wasn’t.


What the hell is going on?


Staring at her was a continuous tight and painful slap to my face… Not knowing what was going on, was killing me.


Her eyes suddenly met mine. All I saw was- was pure- pure hate, her eyes darkened but she tried her best to put up a smile to the couple she was talking to.


My heart hammered against my chest when Marcos and Camilla approached her. Her eyes brightened as she gave Marcos a tight brotherly hug and same went for Camilla, they were all discussing like the family they were.


And just like that… My mind was going back to that moment years ago…The moment I found out about the Lewis’s betrayal.


That awful moment.


But no…This was Rebecca, she was nothing like them.


There has to be an explanation to all this.


They were all complete… But April wasn’t here… Maybe April would be able to tell me what the hell was going on.


I took note of Rebecca dismissing the couples, making her way to my direction.



My heart was hammering. somebody tell me why my heart was hammering?! Oh wait, I knew why, it was because I was scared, scared of what her reason might be… I choose to be positive, because that was what Rebecca would do.


She finally reached me. “Emeliano. I never thought I’d see you here.” She said, loathe lacing her voice as she seemed to be trying hard not to glare.


“I can say the same. What the hell is going on Rebecca? Why are you here-”


“Isn’t it obvious?”


“No it’s not… I’m confused. What the hell is all this? I need an explanation. What’s going on.”


A smirk fell on her red lips. “Hmm, let me see… I’ll start from the part where they say… Gotcha.”


I scrunched my brows. “What?”


“I fooled you… You thought I was actually in love with you. Tsk tsk. My father was right… You were indeed easy to manipulate. You just fell for it… From the beginning. You were so easy.”


I paused. Trying to settle with what she just told me. “What are you talking about?”


“You still don’t get it? How do I make you understand? My father and I have been planning this since the beginning. Didn’t you find it weird from the start? Me coming to you on the streets… You of all people, the odd?”


Deep breaths.


“I still don’t understand.”


“I never loved you Emeliano. We tricked you… Camilla’s plan scheme didn’t work out, so- Rafael phoned me… And I, as the corny money lover that I was, saw an opportunity to get enough money… So, I took it.”


“You’re joking aren’t you?” I said, my voice below whispers.



“I’m not, as you heard the love of my life… Mason, we’re getting married soon by the way- I’m his fiancee… The one who got him a big deal. From your company. Remember last week, the file?


The one I asked you to sign?”






“What’s it about?” I asked Rebecca, cocking a brow, as she played with locks from my hair.


“Oh, just for a restaurant business I’m planning… I need a next of kin or something… All you just gotta do is sign here.”


“Restaurant business? Does that mean you’re ready to break out of your shell now?”


She smiled. “I guess so… I’ll have to come out one day right?”


I returned the smile, placing the ink on the paper right away, glad about the fact that she was indeed, ready to break out of her shell.


By the way, why would I read through, it was Rebecca… I trusted her with my life.





Stay positive Emeliano… Something is wrong… She wouldn’t do this… No, she was just lying to me.


“Shocked? That was exactly the expression i was aiming for.” She gave that sweet smile, but there was something sinister about this one.


“Why don’t I believe you.”


“I don’t expect you to believe me.” She said almost too immediately. “But trust me, why would I lie about something like this? I’m one step away from ridding you of everything you’ve worked for…


One step.” She finally let her glare obvious. “You have no idea how agonizing it was, to pretend to love someone like you…



Someone as utterly pathetic as you… No f—–g idea. How hard to pretend like I


was this stupid church brat…


How hard it was to not curse! F–k… It was really agonizing. My poor Mason had to play along as well… But I had to make it as believable as possible.”


Shock was an understatement, broken could not even compare, brain dead would not even suffice. She said those words with meaning… There was no emotions except for loathe… Pure f—–g loathe.


“I couldn’t take it anymore… I couldn’t live with you for one more second. You’re just so pathetic… Love seeking… Emotionally starved, I couldn’t help but feel like you were pulling me down along with you.


And I also couldn’t wait to get married. So… Sorry you had to find out like this. I’m really sorry.”


I couldn’t utter a word. Not a single word.


This can’t be happening. No.


“In just a matter of time… Everything you have will be mine… I’ll finally do right by my father.” She smiled. “You know what? You were right… I’m my father’s daughter… All I care about afterwards was money…


Your money, I never loved you… I just used you… Just like everyone else. But you gotta admit… I was pretty good at acting right? You fell right into my trap. Right into it. ”


She straightened her dress. “Well, it was nice having this very conversational conversation with you. See you in court Mr Alfredo.” She bowed slightly, walking back to her family.


Every positivity I had, slipped away.


With only one thought on my mind.



I was fooled again, by the same family.


By Rebecca Lewis.


Why the hell did I ever- how could I be so-


Was this real? Did she really mean everything she said?


Okay, it wasn’t one thought… Hundreds!


I watched Mason pull her to his body as she leaned completely into him, kissing


him like I was never ever in the picture.


She meant it all.


She was just fooling me all this time?


But why do I find all this difficult to believe? Why?













© ✏ Wunmi Ade ✅




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