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In Love With The Hijabite – Episode 12

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I wake up when the rays of the sun was getting into my eyes. I checked my phone and I’m alarmed to see that it is already 11:20am.


I didn’t get to sleep last night as I was busy thinking about everything that has been happening in my life lately. I just got to sleep in the morning after the morning prayer. I thought I was only going to sleep for two hours but nature can’t be cheated so here I am, just getting out of bed.


Thank God I’ve already taken my bath before praying so all I have to do is to fix my breakfast.

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I made my way to the kitchen and I was surprised to see Khaleed frying plantain and eggs.



Wow, this guy really made himself feel at home.


“Salam alaykum” he said jolting me out of my thoughts.


” Walaykum salam” I replied.


I don’t know what to say anymore, although there was a time back in Nigeria when we used to be very close. He usually protect me like an elder brother.


I didn’t know you’ve not had your breakfast also” he said to me.


I didn’t sleep yesterday night that’s why I’m just waking up” I explained.


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Same here. Just go to the sitting room, I’d bring your food soon” he said.


I think I should be the one telling him that since he’s a guest here but I can’t complain because we might be getting married soon and moreover he’s a restaurateur so his meals will be very delicious.


I walked out of the kitchen and went into the sitting room. I met Jamal watching a cartoon movie.


Salam alaykum sis” he said, sparing me a glance before facing his movie again. “Walaykum salam dear. How was your night? ” I asked him.


“It was fine” he said.


How is your new school?” I asked.


Jamal and I are very close but I’ve been keeping to myself recently due to the things happening in my life.


“It’s cool but I miss my old friends. Almost everyone in my class does not want to talk to me” Jamal said.


” Why are they not talking with you?” I enquired.



” A boy in my class told them all not to talk to a black boy like me” he said.


What? Racism is also been practised by kids my brother’s age? Wonders shall never cease.

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Don’t mind any of them, just continue to be who you are. You didn’t choose your country of birth, it is God who destined you to be an African so don’t let anyone make you feel bad about yourself” I said to him.


It’s so sad that Jamal has to experience this kind of thing just few weeks after we arrived.


Khaleed came into the room with a tray in his hands.


He dropped the tray on the centre table.


” Salam alaykum, Jamal” he greeted my brother.


I watched in amusement as they both shared a complicated handshakes with each other.


My brother must have been watching too much movies cos I don’t know where he learned that secret handshakes from.


“Jamal, do you care for some?” I asked pointing at my food.


“Yes, let me go get a fork” he said.


I trust my brother, he loves food like no man’s business. I wait for him till he came back before we both start to eat.


Khaleed sat on a chair opposite mine and he was devouring his food also.


Written by Authoress Adesewa


“In case you still want more, I left some in the blue cooler” Khaleed said.



Okay, thanks” I said to him though I have no intention of eating again because I don’t eat much.


We finished eating and Jamal packed the dishes to the kitchen. He said he wants to wash it.


He doesn’t wash the dishes on a normal day, but I guess he knows Khaleed wants to talk with me that’s why he left us to wash the dishes. That boy is just so smart.


When Jamal left the room, I was suddenly nervous cos I don’t know what Khaleed intend to say. I played with my fingernails until Khaleed spoke.


” It’s been a while, Zakiyah ” he started.


I noticed he call me Zakiyah instead of Kiyah. He only call my full name when he is serious or has an important thing to say.


“Yeah. It’s been like forever since we last saw each other” I said.


The last time we met, I was still in high school. He came for a vacation in Nigeria.


I’m sorry about that, you know it is not easy doing my masters degree and at the same time trying to grow my business” he said.


No qualms, how is everything now?” I asked.


Alhamdulilah (Glory be to God)” he said.


How is college? ” he asked me.


It’d have been fine if not for an insufferable jerk I met on my first day” I told him.


Hmm, watch your language young lady” he said sounding like Abu (my dad).


Okay sir ” I said throwing him a mock salute.


We both smiled and I found myself actually relaxing. Apart from Zainab and Teemah, Khaleed is also one of my childhood friends so it’s no big deal that I can open up to him. When we were kids, I used to tell him everything going on in my life cos we were really close to each other.



“How about you tell me about this interesting guy” he said in an amused tone.


I took time to narrate how I met Xavier, our fight and lastly how he interrupted my call with mom which brings me to the current situation I’m in right now.


“Wow, so that’s why our parents are trying to marry us off to each other” he said chuckling a bit.


I didn’t find the situation funny so I kept an expressionless face.


So, what are we going to do now” I asked him.


I love you like a sister, Zakiyah. I wouldn’t want to burden you by marrying you because I won’t be able to love you like my wife since I only see you as my sister. I’d talk with my mom and your parents this evening. They can’t just enforce a man on you without considering your feelings” Khaleed said.


I can’t explain how I feel right now. This is exactly what I intend to hear. I feel so happy that I won’t be married against my wish.


Wow, I’m so happy right now. Just so you know, I’ve always loved you like an elder brother so it’s good to know you see me as your sister also” I said to him.


now that we’ve settled that matter, will you now tell me who you’d want as a life partner or you’ve not meet the person yet” I asked curiously.


I have someone I like but I don’t know if she feels the same way about me and I don’t know if she’s my missing rib so I’d pray about it very soon” he confessed.



” Yeah, pray about it and be fast. I can’t wait to eat wedding jollof rice ” I said.


You are not serious” he said while laughing.


Ehn ehn, before I forget. The lady you like, is it someone I know?” I asked him.


Yeah” he said ducking his head shyly.


Hmm, this one that Khaleed is suddenly shy. Wait, who is the person?


Does the person know me also? ” I asked getting more curious.


Sure, you guys are best friends” he said.


Wow, is it Teemah? ” I asked though I can’t imagine Teemah getting married to Khaleed.


They just don’t fit each other.


“Nope, it’s Zainab I like” he finally answered.


No wonder” I said realising some things as they fall in place. “No wonder what? ” he asked me.


Never mind” I said to him.


Kiyah, please don’t ever mention it to her. When next I see her, I’d try to tell her about my feelings” Khaleed said while begging me.



” No problem bro, my mouth is sealed ” I said.





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IN LOVE WITH THE HIJABITE (She is a Muslimah…. He is a playboy )




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