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Diamond In The Rough – Episode 37

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Episode 37




“Romeo what’s happening..why did she show her video with so much confidence..where’s Crystal and Ken,I’m confused”I kept asking questions as Romeo led me out of the crowd,everyone and everywhere is now disoriented,every one not believing the fact that Tania,every one is confused and I’m more confused..what exactly is happening


“Romeo..where are you taking me?”i asked and he sighed but he didn’t say anything,he pulled me to the driveway and I just followed him like a lost sheep


“Mr.Max…take her home”


“Home?What about you?what about Mitch..where’s Jason,Romeo tell me what’s happening..”I was starting to panic..I turned sideways and my eyes met with the very eyes that I haven’t seen for the past two years..the very eyes that charmed me,the very eyes that I looked into when I was being defiled,the very eyes that makes hatred burst through my veins,the very eyes that made me remember everything I’ve been through for the past two years..my eyes widened at his sight,my eyes not leaving his,his eyes not leaving mine..what’s he doing here..is he here to take my son?I was starting to get scared and worried



“Ro.Romeo..he..his..”I shuttered pointing at Jackson,Romeo pulled me into a hug and he patted my back with assurance

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“Don’t think of anything..just let Mr.Max take you home..He’s not here to cause harm,I’ll explain everything to you once I get home,right now you have to leave,Mitch and the others will come meet you okay,you’ll be fine I promise” He pulled out the hug and placed his mouth on mine,I pulled him closer by the collar and wrapped my hands round him,I really need this now-an assuring kiss He broke the kiss and he smiled caressing my cheek before he opened the door for me,I gave him one last hug before I entered the car..the car reversed and Mr.Max drove out..I took one last glance at Jackson who was being pushed into a police van..why didn’t I notice that the other time


“Thank you”waved at Mr.Max as he drove away and I sighed before going into the house..I glanced at my wrist watch and its 12pm..so much for having a contest today and Tania just came to ruin it


I sighed and slumped on the bed as soon as I got in..I tried to call B and Crystal but they aren’t picking up..what could they be doing





I drove in high-speed as i kept crying..why would they do this to me?All I wanted to do was to humiliate Abigail but how did it end up backfiring at me..what and where did I go wrong?


I know what to do,I have the flash drive with me,I can still release the nu.des,I’m not gonna be humiliated alone


I checked my bag for the drive but I couldn’t find it,I checked my pocket but it wasn’t there


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“Where the fu.ck is it?”I screamed in frustration as I took my bag and placed it on


my laps searching for the drive,I didn’t notice my hands were off the


steering..when I eventually noticed,I’ve already crashed into an upcoming truck,I


felt liquid dripping down my face and I smiled bitterly..no one should save me,I


just wanna die





“Where the hell is she,I specifically told you good for nothing guards not to let her escape”I screamed at the fools and they bowed their heads



“Romeo you have to calm down,there’s only one place she can go..her house,we’ll just go there and search for her”Ken said


“What if she has left?…we can’t say whether..


“Sir,Miss Tania has been found on main land high way,she was involved in an accident”Stone chipped in


“Well,what are you waiting for?Go get her to the hospital”


“We’ve already done that”he said and I breathed out


“Make sure she doesn’t leave there…once she has been treated cuff her to the bed or something..just don’t let her leave”I instructed and he bowed before leaving with the other guards


“Finally”Crystal breathed out


“Thank God,Tania is surely gonna be captured,Madison is safe,Jackson is gonna be out to jail and everyone is happy”Bianca said and i nodded with a satisfactory smile


“I know right?Its so beautiful like this….and speaking of which,you’ve got a lot of


explanation to do to your girl”Ken said and I nodded,she has to provide me five bottles of Tequila if she wants me to say all the details


“If you would excuse me,I’ve got someone to go meet”Bianca said


“Let me guess,Franco?”I said with a smirked and she scoffed


“Fran..Franco?No way..why..why would I go see him..I just..wanted to say I um..I needed some fresh air”she said before she left with a nervous laugh..hmm Bianca Bianca Bianca..its cool if she dates Franco though..I just don’t want that dude to pry into my business or else he’s gonna be receiving the beatings of his life





I kept singing happily as I skipped to the back,and yeah,I’m going to see Franco,that guy is just like a magnet that attracts..maybe its because of he’s savageness and bad boy vibe..I like bad boys,especially rebel bad boys..they are the best


“Looking for who if I may ask”I heard his voice behind me and I turned sharply,his face is slightly bruised due to the way Romeo gave him beatings the other time


“For no one”i replied with my hands folded under my breast


“Why are you looking like me like that?”he asked and I scoffed


“Like what?”I asked


“Just come seat”he said tapping beside him on the bench swing and I huffed before going to seat beside him,he passed me a soda and I collected it with a small smile


“You know we used be like a thing back then”he said


“What thing”I asked giving him a quizzical look


“You know”..he took a sip from his soda”you can’t deny,we used to feel something for each other”


“Like you said..used to”I said emphasising on the “used” and he chuckled softly


“You can’t deny you still don’t feel anything for me”he asked turning to face me,trapping me in his enchanting eyes,with just one look in his eyes I began to feel all I thought I’ve lost,I remembered the time we used to be so close


I looked away and he had this smug smirk plastered on..he must be feeling so proud of himself now


“I don’t..even if I do which I don’t,its just a waste of time because I can’t be with a guy who finds competing and annoying my friend..look Franco you and I know that Romeo would always beat you at everything..well,most things actually and you’ve got to accept that,you can’t get all Romeo can get and I was really mad at you for what you did this morning..why the hell will you say you can satisfy



Romeo’s girlfriend more than he does,that’s stupid..you made Abigail feel awkward you know and you made Romeo mad…”I paused and sighed


“Look..”I continued”you’ve just got to stop all these..reconcile with Romeo and move on…get a girlfriend or something..you need one”


I patted his back and made to stand up but he held my hand


“If I do that..will your feelings come back?”he asked and I smiled


“Hard to tell”I winked at him and he smiled before letting me go..way to go Bianca..you just used your charm to solve a long time war-yeah I know its not a war


I’m so good mhen





I heard the doorbell and I proceeded to open the door..I hope its Romeo and others Opened the door and..


“You’re back”I squealed jumping on him and he laughed


“Yeah I am and with others”he turned back and I saw them..all of them






We both squealed running into each other’s arms..we glued into a hug and I didn’t know when tears started to fall


“Look at you..you’re all..big and..oh my God I hugged him again


“I missed you sis..so damn much..I really missed you”


“Missed you too little brat”I pinched his cheeks and he frowned



“Stop doing that..I’m not a kid anymore I’m seventeen..soon to be eighteen next week I’m almost officially an adult”he boasted and I laughed…I’ve missed this side of him


“Madison”I heard Mum call and I turned to look at her


“Well,looks like we’ll give you three some alone time..come on guys let’s leave the parents and daughter alone for now”Romeo said and they all walked out through the backdoor


I returned my gaze back to mum and dad and I sighed,I sat on the couch and they both came to sit on the two seater opposite me


“Madison”dad called and I looked up with a light smile


“Hey dad”


I’m not gonna lie,I’ve missed my parents,I’ve really missed them…I can’t believe I lived without them for two years


“My daughter”mum said and what she did next shocked me,she came to me and she went down on her knees


“Mum”I called with croaked voice trying to pull her up but she hesitated


“No Madison,let me be here…I deserve more punishment than this Madison..I know there’s nothing I could do to change the past two years of your life I’m sorry.I know its my fault you had to suffer,I know its my fault you had to go through a lot.Don’t be mad at your dad Madison,he did nothing..I’m the mastermind..do you know your dad tried to bring you back home the second day?But I said no,I opposed Madison and I’m sorry..I thought I was making you realize your mistake that I didn’t know I was putting you in danger,all I need is your forgiveness,if you wanna disown me as your mother then I’m fine with it but I just need your forgiveness..I beg of you,that’s all I ask for,I say again Madison..I’m really sorry,I’m very sorry,if there’s anything more than sorry I’ll surely say it..please forgive me..I beg you”she cried out holding my legs as she begged and I smiled out tears..as much as I hate to admit it,mum actually did me good..if I hadn’t left the house,I wouldn’t have fulfilled my dreams,I wouldn’t have met Alexa,I wouldn’t have gone to my dream school,I wouldn’t have met Romeo,I wouldn’t have met my



new two besties,I wouldn’t have met a crazy guy like Ken so I guess all these was to my advantage..no wonder they say all things happen for a reason I pulled her up and I hugged her


“I’m sorry”she cried out on my shoulders and I smiled


“Its okay mum..I forgive you”


Dad came to us and we all hugged all together


“I’m sorry too Madison”he said and I smiled


“Its fine guys..I can never stay mad at you forever…I’ve forgiven you and I can never thing if disowning you guys..you guys are my parents and my life,I can’t change that”I said


“Thank you daughter…I promise I’ll make up for all the time we’ve missed”mum said and I smiled


“Oooooh…I see hugging”I heard Jason say behind us and i laughed before breaking the hug


“So..we are all good right?”Romeo said and I nodded


“Yes…finally,all my work isn’t in vain”he screamed doing a victory dance


“Daddy”Mitch called stretching his hands and Romeo smiled before carrying


“Hey bug guy..do you know that man?”Romeo asked pointing to dad


“Yeah….Grandpa”he squealed and we all laughed,Romeo took him to dad and dad


carried him


“You’re really a big guy”Dad said


“And what about him”Romeo asked pointing to Jason


“I know him…ancle Jay..”he said with a babyish grin and I chuckled



“And do you know her”dad asked pointing to mum


“Hmm mm”he put his little index finger under his chin trying to figure out who she is


“I donno but..”he turned to look at me”she looks like mama”he said and I laughed


“Yeah…because she’s my mum and also your grandma”I said striding to Rommy’s side..he doesn’t look so good


“Grandma?..I have a granny?”he asked in surprise and I nodded He turned to mum and he smiled out his perfect dentition


“Hi grandma”


Mum squealed and took him from dad


“Gosh..you’re such a precious..I can’t believe I almost got rid of you..that’s it..I’m giving you a name-Precious”mum said


“Precious?Mum..that’s a girl’s name”I said and she shrugged


“No babe..boys also…


Romeo tried saying but he paused and his eyes started closing little by little and in no time,he slumped on the floor


“Romeo..Rommy Oh my God Romeo”I screamed in fright as I shook him vigorously


“Someone call an ambulance or something…Romeo”










Diamond In The Rough




BY:Authoress Timi








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