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Diamond In The Rough – Episode 25

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Episode 25



Romeo’s POV


“So what do you wanna do next”I asked Madison as we took the elevator down the mall


The elevator dinged and I held her hand as we walked


“Um mm…let’s go see a movie”she said and I nodded,I opened the door for her and she got into the car,I got to the driver’s seat and I drove out to the cinema We got to the cinema and we went to get tickets


“Okay..let’s see,we have tickets for After,Ghothica,Bad boys for life and a korean movie i don’t feel like watching”I said and she chuckled


“I think we’ll go with After,Ghothica sounds horror and I hate horror movies”

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“As you wish ma’lady”


We got tickets for After and we also got popcorn and juice We settled down the the fourth row and we sat down


Looks like we’re not the only couples here,but we are the only perfect couple-wow that felt good to say


“Shh the movie is starting”Abigail shushed


“I wasn’t even talking”




She stuck popcorn into my mouth,I chuckled and pulled her resting her head on my chest and our fingers intertwined



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Okay maybe watching that movie is a bad idea,its so erotic jeez,I and Abby kept glancing at each other awkwardly,it got to a point of a sex scene and I cursed for Abby for choosing this movie,I wouldn’t be bothered if it was only watching it but I was watching it with Abby,it was damn awkward


I wanna try one part of the movie with Abby-the bath together \sex in the bathroom It was hot



“Thank God that was over”Abby said with a huff and I smiled tightening my grip round her waist


“You chose the movie you know”


“Whatever”she rolled her eyes


“I have one more place for us to go”I said and she raised her brow


“Its late already Rommy,its 8pm”she whined


“You’re gonna love it I promise”I said and she nodded with a shrug




We drove to the special place i reserved for I and Abby for night picnic


I held her hand and we went into the elevator that leads to the rooftop of the restaurant


We got to the roof top and a wow escaped from her lips


“You planned all these?”she asked as she roamed round the place




“You can see the whole city from up here,its like I’m on top of the world,look at those lights”she squealed as she held the railings


“Come on”I drew her close and made her to sit down on the mat,the door opened


and the waitress brought our foods


Stake and Tequila


I poured the wine into our respective glasses


“What should we toast to”I asked


“Um mm…Toast to…


“Toast to true love?”


“Yeah I’ll go with that”she said raising her cup up and I clinked mine on hers



We took a sip out of it and we brought it down,we both ate in silence but I couldn’t stop staring at her,how perfect she is,I feel she’s too good for me,I feel more than happy with her,I still can’t believe she’s mine,its like a dream come true


“Why are you staring at me”she asked and I sighed standing up from the mat,I walked forward and I rested on the railings I felt her hug me from behind and I smiled


“What are you thinking about?”she asked and I turned her to face me resting her back on the railings


“You”I replied wrapping my hands round her waist and glueing my forehead to hers


“You’re thinking about me?”she asked playing with my hair


“Yeah,its just…I still can’t believe all these”


“All what”


“I can’t believe I’m with you right now,I can’t believe I’m holding you,its like a dream come true,its just..whenever I look at you I just feel insanely happy for no reason…crazy right?”


She chuckled and wrapped her hands round my neck


“Its not..I feel the same way too you know,its always like with you,there’s nothing to worry about..I feel really at ease”


“Awwwn I’m blushing”I said playfully and she knocked my head


“Romeo I have to go back to Texas”


“Why!”I whined as I nuzzled my face in her neck


“I have to go to school and I also miss my baby,B and Crystal”


“But I want you to stay with me here.”I said poutingly



“Please”I added in a whisper against her ear


“Romeo,you also have to go back,your mum misses you you know”she said and I hummed


“I’ll go maybe,Wednesday”


“But I’m going tomorrow”


“Sunday?”I whined and she laughed


“Stop being such a baby Rommy”


“I’m not”I said with a playful frown and she shook her head,she caressed my face down to my lips then she kissed me


“Look,I have to go to school okay,I don’t have any online teacher or something”


“I have one,she can teach you too”


“Romeo”she called warningly and I sighed in defeat…she’s not changing her mind


“Fine”I breath out and she squealed


“Let’s go home,its getting late and cold”she said with a shiver and I nodded



Madison’s POV


I yawned loudly as I entered the house with Romeo,truth be told,I had a great and fun time with Romeo,He’s the best boyfriend ever


“You’re this tired?”he asked and I nodded tiredly


“So tired,I can’t wait to slump on the bed and sleep off”I said and he chuckled,he swept me off my feet and carried me up the stairs to the room,he placed me gently on the bed and I hummed in comfort


“Aren’t you gonna take your clothes off?”he asked and I groaned


“I’m too tired to take em off”


He tsked and came to me taking a seat beside me on the bed,he took my legs on his laps and he helped me take my shoes off,is he trying to undress me?I don’t even care,I’m tired


He pulled my gown over my head and I removed my hands His eyes roamed round my half na.ked body and he swallowed


“Did she have to be tired?”he mumbled but I heard it anyways


“You’re such a horse”I said and he laughed


He walked to his wardrobe and he picked a sweater-his sweater He unclasped my bra and he kissed my boobs


“If you touch those two again,I’ll give you a knock”I said and he groaned with a playful frown


He wore me the sweater and he placed me well on the bed


He proceeded to take off his clothes leaving him in only his boxers


He climbed on the bed and laid down with a sigh,I snuggled up to him and he pulled me closer sniffing my hair


I trailed my hands down his abs and I smiled lightly with his eyes closed


“If you keep doing that,I won’t mind if you’re tired or not”


“You’re crazy”I said swatting his arms


“I know,good night pumpkin”he said giving me a forehead peck and I hummed


“Good night”




I was enjoying my beauty sleep before I felt something trailing up from my waist to my stomach,I groaned and pushed the thing aside and I turned to lay on my side,the thing came back again and this time,it came from my ass up to my waist,what the hell is this



It trailed up to my back and to the front under my boobs,it went further up and it held my boob in a light squeeze


My eyes snapped open and I saw Romeo’s face,my eyes went to my chest and..


“Romeo”I screamed pushing him off the bed,he landed with a loud thud and he groaned


“Good morning to you to”he said and I sat upright in Indian style


“Are you that boob hungry?”I said and he chuckled standing up from the floor,he came to the bed and laid on top of me,I wrapped my legs round his waist and he kissed me


“Yeah,since yesterday”he replied


“You’re unbelievable”I said and he laughed as he got off me


“You slept well”I asked wrapping my hands round his neck from the back


“No”he said with a frown and I smiled




He turned his head sideways to face me and he pouted


“I was horny throughout last night,I almost died”


I bursted into laughter falling on the bed


“Its not funny”he whined


“Sorry sorry” I cleared my throat and I stood up from the bed putting on my flip flops


“And where are you going?”he asked and I pulled the sweater off my head making my boobs to bounce out



“The shower”I wrapped the towel round my chest,pulling my pantie off,I deliberately threw it to Romeo and he caught it,I chuckled and went into the bathroom


I pulled out the towel and went under the shower,I don’t feel like using the bathtub today


I switched in the shower and I shivered as the cold water met my skin


I applied the strawberry perfumed soap to the sponge and I started scrubbing my body


The door opened and Romeo walked in with a towel round his waist-well,its about time

I’ve been waiting for this moron


“You’re 5mins late”I said and he smirked as he came under the shower with me,he held my waist and rubbed my soap filled ass pulling me closer to him


“Was getting ready”



he lowered his lips to mine and he kissed me softly,I reciprocated the kiss and he pushed me to the wall,my back resting on it


He raised my right to his waist rubbing it softly and squeezing my butt cheek as we kissed


We ate into each other’s tongue hungrily and passionately,his hands left my leg but i kept it hanging on his waist,his hands went to my boobs giving them squeezes at the same time,I moaned in his mouth and he smiled


He kissed my neck to my collar bone down to the top of my breasts


The water pouring on our bodies made it more tantalizing and more pleasurable He ate on my right boob while squeezing the left one,my hands went to his wet hair and I buried my fingers in them,I trailed my hands down his abs further to his waist and I loosened the towel from his waist,I stroked his d*ck slowly and a groaned escaped from his mouth


I stroked it faster and his groan became louder I’ve never done this before,but I’ll try


I grabbed his neck and kissed him still stroking him,I broke out of the kiss and stared at him intensely before going on my knees


I grabbed his c*ck with the two hands gently and he widened his eyes giving me a “what are you doing “look



I ignored him and brought my mouth close to his shaft and gave it a brief kiss,he shook and I smiled


I dipped his c*ck into my mouth giving it a slow and long suck before I went faster


“Holy fu.ck”he moaned and I ran my tongue down his length giving his balls a light squeeze


I went back to sucking and the word “Abby”didn’t cease to leave his mouth


He cumed into my mouth and I spit it out-one thing I can’t do is to swallow cum I stood up and he pushed me to the wall turning me to face the wall,he held my thighs and pulled me closer making me to bend a little,in no time,he pushed himself into me and I gasped


I moaned as he banged me from behind


“Oh..gosh yes”I screamed out as he banged me,he spanked my ass as he thrusted harder and faster


“Mmm..oh my..fu.ck”


His thrusts slowed down and he turned me to face me giving me a breath taking kiss,glueing our foreheads together


I smiled and wrapped my hands round his neck


“Now that was amazing”he said and I chuckled


“Yeah…yeah it was”I said and he pecked my lips




“Do you really have to go”Romeo asked for the millionth time today,he doesn’t want me to go back then fine come with me he said no..what the hell I’m I supposed to do


“Rommy”I whined and he pouted


“Stay”he said swaying my hands from left to right and I rolled my eyes


“We are already at the airport Romeo,there’s no going back”I said as we walked to his jet



“Fine..you can go”he said with a frown and I shook my head,my boyfriend is too childish


“I’ll call you okay and I’ll be waiting”I said with my hands wrapped round his neck and he nodded


“I’ll be there by Wednesday”he said and I pulled him by the collar taking his lips in mine


“I love you okay”I said and he nodded


I left him and went to the stairs of the jet,I turned and winked at him before going in,I can’t wait to see Mitch and those two crazy folks,I miss them so much










Diamond In The Rough




BY:Authoress Timi




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