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Diamond In The Rough – Episode 22

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Episode 22



Madi’s POV


“Abby,Abby…Abbyyyy!”I heard Crystal scream my name




“What are you thinking about?”


“Well,Crystal said the Teddy is beautiful and you turned to look at it and boom!you zoned out”Bianca said


“Zoned out?”

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“Yeah,and then suddenly you started smiling out tears”Crystal added


I can’t believe all that was my imagination,and I was already happy,jeez I even cried for real,I wiped my tears and I sniffed


“Abby are you okay”Bianca asked and I nodded


“I’m fine”


“You sure?”Crystal asked worriedly and I nodded lying down on the bed with a sigh,they both laid beside me with me at the middle



“You know,sometimes I feel like killing Tiana”Bianca said and I chuckled,everybody does


“Everybody does B,everyone”I said


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“Abby”Crystal called and I turned my head to her




“How was Madison Campbell like”she asked and I smiled


“Well,she was a really crazy girl,she’s stubborn,sweet,kinda babyish,she’s a no nonsense kind of girl,she plays a lot,she likes food and a lot of things I can’t remember”I said


“Wow,she sounds like a very interesting person”Bianca said


“Very interesting”


“Please just show us your Madison’s side for a day”Crystal said


“Yeah,show it to Tiana”Bianca added


“Calm down mates,the time is coming,I’m very sure of that”I said with a smirk,I can’t wait for that day to come,Tiana is gonna get it hot




“Hey Ken”I greeted as he came to seat beside me


“Watsup,hey ugly”he said to Crystal and she gave him a nod,wow,she’s really getting a hang of this


“Just a nod?Aren’t you gonna insult me back”he asked and Crystal ignored him by asking for my note,I glanced at Bianca and she grinned



“I’m gonna go get a smoothie,I need a drink”Crystal said exiting the class and Ken’s mouth was agape


“Is Crystal sick or something,like..is she okay?”Ken asked and I shrugged


“Who knows,maybe she’s sick of your craziness”Bianca said and I chuckled


I looked around and I couldn’t find Romeo,its 12pm and he’s not in school,is he not coming to school today?I’m getting worried


“Worried?”ken asked


“About what?”


“About Romeo,you’ve been glancing at his seat since morning and your face says it all”He said and I sighed


“I don’t know what’s keeping him,its past twelve already”I said


“If you don’t care about him,you shouldn’t be worried you know”Bianca said with a smirk and I swallowed




“You uh…what?”Ken asked and I huffed


“I’m going to the cafeteria”I said standing up from my seat and they both laughed at me as I left the class


I walked to the cafeteria and I bought a burrito before going back to class


“You have to see something”Crystal screamed as soon as I entered the class pulling me to the lab


“Hey hey..you guys,what’s happening”


Bianca looked left and right before closing the lab door


“What’s up with you guys”I asked taking a bite out of my burrito


“Shut up and watch this”Crystal said shoving her phone to my face


She clicked on a video and I wasn’t surprised at what I’m seeing right now,its Tiana doing her stuff with her lesbian mate


“What the hell”Bianca screamed out


“I cannot believe this”Crystal said and I shrugged taking another bite from my burrito


“You aren’t shocked?”Bianca asked


“Nope,I’ve known this a long time ago”


“What?”Crystal screamed and I nodded


“You knew this and you allowed that bitch to spill shit to you?”Bianca said


“I didn’t have any evidence”I defended


“Okay…I need fresh air right now,this is a lot”Crystal said fanning her face with her hands


“Wow..so the almighty Tiana is a lesbian,wow..this is amazing”Crystal said


“I’m showing this to Romeo ASAP”Bianca said and I screamed a no


“What do you mean no”Crystal asked


“I mean if you wanna show this video it shouldn’t be only to Romeo,it should be to everybody but not now,let’s wait for the right moment”I said


“And that right moment would be?”Bianca asked


“Don’t worry,it’ll not be long before it comes”I said


“I’m so backing the video up to the cloud”Crystal said and I laughed


“How did you get this video”I asked


“Well,I wanted to go take a shower in the dormitory and unfortunately for them and fortunately for me,they left the window of their room open and I saw that as an opportunity so I recorded everything”Crystal explained


“You’re a sneaky genius”I said and she grinned



Romeo’s POV


“Romeo are you sure you wanna go live at your pent house?”Mum asked for the 100th time today and I sighed


“Yes mum,I’ve made up my mind,don’t worry I’ll call you often okay?”


“But..what about school”


“I’ll attend school online mum,you were the one that got the online teacher for me remember?”


“Yeah..but what about Abby”


I sighed and strapped my backpack behind my back


“Mum,that’s the number one reason I’m leaving,because of Abby,I’m afraid if I stay I’ll not be able to let her go for long,its like she’s using some kind of charm on me,I can’t do without her,so please let me go and clear my head,I need a break from Abby and the whole of Texas”


“But what about me”




I hugged her and she held me tight


“I’ll be okay okay?”




I pulled out of the hug and stroked her hair



“And mum,if Abby asks if me-its not even possible for that to happen-but if she asks if me,please tell her I’m out of the country”I said and she sighed




“That goes for any other person too okay..I don’t want anyone to look for me”I said and she nodded


She walked me to the driveway and I gave her one last hug before I entered my car


and drove out,I think this will help me,maybe town weeks or a month out of Texas


would help me forget about Abby


Well,LA,here I come



Madison’s POV


“Abby,you have to stop being broody and moody..get yourself together”Crystal said and I groaned spraying whip cream in my mouth


“I should stop being broody?…He’s been gone for a week and half Crystal,I can’t reach him on his phone,he doesn’t come online too,he doesn’t call me…he’s not in his house either,where exactly is he huh,what is he doing,I wanna know if he’s doing fine,I wanna see him”I whined stuffing my mouth with popcorn


“You’ll kill yourself with all these candy you’re stuffing in your tummy,you’ll get stomach upset”Bianca said and I stood up from my bed


“I don’t care,I wanna see Romeo”I whined stumping my foot on the ground


I just wanna see Romeo and tell him I love him,I don’t care about Tiana anymore I just want him,I wanna take back all I said to him I wanna tell him about me


Why can’t he just show himself wherever he is,where the Fuck are you Romeo,I’m dying here



Romeo’s POV


“you gotta come back dude..she’s dying emotionally



“why would she be,she doesn’t care about me you know



“she cares about you a lot,I’m afraid she’s gonna fall sick if you don’t come back soon


“are you sure this isn’t one of your schemes to make me come back?



“no,I’m saying the truth here



“Ken”I called warningly and he sighed



“just come back and get your girl,she needs you now more than ever


He cut the call and I slumped on my bed,is Ken saying the truth or he’s trying to get me to come back home?I don’t even know what to believe


The past two weeks here has been hell,when i say hell I mean hell I couldn’t get Abby out of my mind no matter how I tried,I tried drinking,partying,clubbing and fu.cking other girls but it didn’t work,I always end up moaning her name


I don’t know what that girl is doing to me,she’s a I see,she’s all I want,she’s all I wanna have and there’s no doubt I’m gonna run mad soon I huffed and closed my eyes,should I go back or not?


Madison’s POV


“I’m going to Alexa’s place Bianca,I can’t take it anymore”I said as I packed my hair roughly


“Are you gonna go there looking like this”she asked eyeing my dress..I looked down at myself and I groaned,I’m wearing two different flip flops,I have ice cream scoops on the purple baggy shirt I’m wearing,the red skirt I’m wearing is inside out,my hair is nothing to write home about


“Come on let me help you”she said


She helped me dress up making sure I didn’t look like a old widow like I looked the other time,I rushed out of my house and Bianca drove me to Alexa’s


I got down as I soon as we got there and I took quick steps into the building



“Madam is in the backyard”a maid said and I ran to the backyard,she was reading a novel as she sat on the grass,I walked to her and she looked up as soon as she felt my presence


“Good evening ma’am”I greeted


“Good evening my dear,come seat”she said tapping beside her and I sat down


“What brings you here”she asked taking off her glasses


“Um…ma’am,please can you um..i just”i sighed and i breathed in “please ma’am I need to see Romeo,I’ve been calling him for the past one week and he’s number has not been going,he doesn’t come online too,he doesn’t come to school too and I need to tell him something,I just need to talk to him,please can you tell me where he is?”I pleaded with tears dropping from my eyes and she smiled pulling me into a hug


“There there,don’t cry,I’ll surely tell you where he is”she said and I raised my head up with my face filled with delight


“Really ma’am?”




She took her phone and she put a call through to someone


“Yeah Maximus,I need you to take Abby to the airport…yeah…take my private jet”she said


“Airport?”I asked


“Yes,Romeo is in LA”she said and I nodded



Alexa’s POV


“Thank you so much ma’am,I really appreciate”she said bowing every now and then as she entered the car



I can’t believe Romeo expects me not to tell Abby where he is,Abby of all people,that girl really loves Romeo,she looks like a pile of mess right now,she really misses him


I can’t wait for them to make up,start dating and give me grand children I’m really in need of those


Romeo’s POV


yeah you got the yummy yum the yummy yum the yummy yummy



“yeah babe yeah babe yeah babe



“any night any day..say the word on my way



“yeah babe yeah…



I kept singing Justin Bieber’s yummy as I made pancakes,I glanced at the wall clock and wow,its 7.30pm already?


I switched off the gas and I carried my pancake filled plate and syrup to the living room


I placed the plate on the table and I took the TV remote reducing the volume


*Ding dong*


I heard the door bell ring and I huffed,just as j was about to shove a pancake down my throat


I hissed and stood up to check who was at the door,I opened the door and the most beautiful face I’ve been yearning to sew for the past two weeks smiled at me


“A..a..Abby?”I called with shock written over my face,how did she get here..oh MUM,that woman,I specifically told her not to tell anyone where I was


“Romeo”she called and she stepped in




She wrapped her hands round my torso burying her face in my chest



“I missed you”she said with cracked voice and I felt something ripped down my chest,is she crying?I don’t care,I’m so happy right now


I wrapped my hands round her and held her tightly not wanting to let go


“I missed you too”








And boom!


It should be a dream or imagination again(yee who stone me)




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Diamond In The Rough




BY:Authoress Timi



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