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Bargain – Episode 16

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Episode 16



It was none of his business. She was here for his baby, and nothing else.



Abena danced in the kitchen as she stirred the sauce that was cooking. Tobi walked in, wearing sweatpants and a white shirt. “What are you doing?” He asked with a surprised look.


“Cooking. I was hungry.” She smiled him. He opened his mouth to say something but she stopped him by shoving a chopping board in his hands. He gave her a quizzical look.


“Since you’re here, I hate chopping onions. So since you’re going to eat the food, you should participate in cooking it.” She smiled broadly.


“And you think I would chop onions for you?”

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He asked, fighting the smile that threatened to appear on his lips.


“Well yes. I can’t cry. It’s bad for the baby,



remember?” She handed him the knife. “You won’t be crying because you’re sad, you’ll be crying because of the onions.” He pointed out.


“And onions make me sad.” She handed him a bowl of onions. “Get chopping. I don’t want to eat late tonight.”


He smiled and obeyed her order, and she looked away from him, trying not to check him out. He looked really good in everything he wore, and the fact that he was chopping onions made him look hot.


It was getting domestic.


“Oh my God, Tobi! Are you crying?” She joked when she saw tears on his cheek. “Shut up Abena.” He laughed and wiped the tears.


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“You have nice eyes. And eyelashes.” She blurted out and looked away immediately, totally embarrassed.


He burst out laughing and came closer to her, and she scooted away, trying to get away from him.


“You think I have nice eyes?” He asked




“Thats not what I said. Stop coming too


close to me, you’re holding an onion.” She warned.


“Then what did you say?” He asked, trapping her in a corner


“I said, ‘look at the nice skies, and rainbow dashes’.” She blurted out again and gave her face a palm slap.


“What is wrong with me?” She muttered while he laughed, clutching his stomach. “No food for you, for embarrassing me.” She pointed a finger at him and walked back to the sink to wash the rice.


“Aw, I’m sorry, don’t be angry, my baby


mama.” He teased, standing behind her and snaking his arms around her waist.


“Don’t call me that!” She snapped and pulled away from him.


“Abena. Chill, it was joke.” He said, his


smile disappearing.


“I’m not your baby mama. And stop touching me dammit! I’m not one of those girls that get pregnant for celebrities and sU-Ck all the money out of them!” She hissed.


“Well you’re here, pregnant for me, and


getting paid for it.” He spat back, arms


folded against his chest, and a scowl on his face.


The next thing he felt was her palm against his cheek.


“You’re a terrible person!” She screamed before walking up the stairs, sobbing loudly.


He touched his cheek and sighed. The slap hurt, but not as much as his words.



“Abena. Abena open up please. I made your Jollof rice, and chicken, and I even got fresh bananas.”


He heard her sniffling in her room, and felt a pang of guilt.


“I also got you cookies, chocolates, and


more bananas.” He said again.


He heard the door click open and she stood in front of him, blocking him from entering her room.


“I have to come in with the whole package Abena.” He said softly and she let him in, grabbing the bunch of bananas from him. He chuckled, but kept quiet when she glared at him.


“I’m sorry, I’m such a d–k. I have no filter, and I say a lot of mean things.” He




“Yes, you do.” She simply said.


“Let me make it up to you.” He offered.


“Sorry, I don’t hang out with my baby daddy.


I don’t want people to think I’m with him for money…” She gave a sarcastic pause. “Oh, yes! I am getting paid.”


“Abena, thats unfair. I’m trying to apologize.


I’m sorry I always say the wrong things. I’m such a bad person to you.” He sighed and she felt bad.


She looked at the worried look on his


beautiful face and immediately gave in.


He had no idea what he did to her.


“Fine. Apology accepted.” She said grabbing the box of cookies from him.


A smile lit up his face and the butterflies returned to her stomach, playing around. “So, Abena.” He started, attempting to make small talk. “Why don’t you go out?” Tobi asked after a while.


“Go out? To where?” She lifted an eyebrow. “Go out, like to have fun. You always stay at home, even after I told you that you’re allowed to leave the house.” He explained.


“People stare.” She said quietly, thinking of Dr. Karo’s scrutinizing gaze.


“Stare? At what?” He asked confused.


“At me. People stare at me.” She tried to





“I don’t understand.”


“What have you been doing all your life?






“You have no knowledge of how life works do you?” She asked.


“Just talk Abena.” He said impatiently.


“People stare, when you’re pregnant and not married, or at least engaged.” She explained sadly.






“Why don’t I take you out. Shopping and


stuff. Anything you want.” He offered.


“Really?” Her eyes lit up.




“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She


squealed, hugging him tightly. He released himself from her grip and gave her a smile.


“No problem.”


I’ll do anything to see that smile on your face again.


But of course, he didn’t tell her that.


















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