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Accidentally In Love – Episode 11

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Episode 11










The next day…


Mirabel fluttered her eyes opened..


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“It’s morning already? That’s pretty fast.” She said and stared at her baby.


“Good morning Lord. Good morning my baby boy. Today is your naming ceremony. You should be grateful for Samuel..” she said and placed a kiss on her baby’s cheek.


She knelt by her bed and said a few prayers to Lord. Thanking Him for His mercy and Grace upon her. And asking God to bless her, her baby and Samuel,her helper…..


She stood up, went to the bathroom and picked up a toothbrush with paste and started brushing up her teeth.


“I can’t remember the last time I comfortably did all these I’m doing. Lord, really you are worthy of all my praises.” She said and continue brushing.


After brushing, she left the bathroom. Spared a glance at her baby, he’s still sleeping.


“He’s too cute to be mine alone. Thanks for giving me such a sweet baby boy. ” She smiled widely.


She left the room and closed the door gently to avoid waking up others.


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She quietly descended the stairs and headed to the kitchen.


She boiled some water for early morning tea and toasted bread in accordance with the daily meal time table pasted in the kitchen.


She left the kitchen to tidy up the living room and other places.



By the time she’s done, the water has hot. She poured it into a flask and took it to the dining and placed other things needed on the dining table.


She was clearing the kitchen when Samuel woke up from his beautiful sleep.


He opened his bathroom door and quickly brushed his teeth. Remembering today’s schedule,he smiled. Rinse his mouth and left the room.


He opened Mirabel’s door to check on her and found her not in bed.


“She’s probably up cleaning the house.” He thought and was about closing the door when he noticed the baby stirring, giving signs of waking up.


He opened the door again and entered. He walked to his side and watched him.


“He’s so cute…I mean too cute. When he grows up a little later, girls will be dieing to have him. ” Samuel thought and smiled then remembered his friend’s handsomeness too.


“Looks like there are some similarities between them…but how is that possible? The story she told me yesternight….? No… she’s not the one. Emmanuel said a


Prostitute. And Mirabel here doesn’t look like a Prostitute. I doubt the fact that Mirabel might be the Prostitute he slept with. That’s even a long time ago…both would have forgotten about it and moved on. Truth be told, Mirabel really tried.. she’s really a rare gem shining despite all storms. I praise her tolerance and endurance. I pray she get to know her baby father soon.” Samuel said softly and the baby finally opened his tiny eyes.


Samuel smiled and carried him in his arm.


“Let’s go see what mummy is doing downstairs.” With that he left the room with the baby.


He descended the stairs quietly and looked around but no sign of Mirabel. Then his eyes saw what’s on the dining then he concluded she’s in the kitchen.



“Wow! Everywhere looks dazzling and super clean. She did a great work here! So fast? This lady is something!” Samuel thought and smiled.


He stayed at the kitchen door and watched Mirabel cleaned the mess he caused.


Moving around…


“This lady will make a good wife! If only I didn’t have a girlfriend, I would have proposed to her and marry her with this little cute angel..” Samuel thought and smiled.


Samuel has a girlfriend, her name’s Loveth. She’s also a caring, loving and sweet type but Mirabel’s perfect in everything. God took His time when creating her.


They are getting married soon. Loveth is also an understanding type. But she isn’t in the country. She’s in New York studying…that was what is delaying their wedding. She’ll be through very soon.


Samuel called her yesternight when he entered his room to inform her of Mirabel. He only told her he’s keeping her because she has no family , he didn’t told her Mirabel’s story.



In as much as you won’t develop any feelings for her and leave me, then keep her. I understand you.


Was what she said to Samuel.


Samuel smiled again at the thought of his girlfriend, Loveth.


“Only if I had met Mirabel before Loveth, I would have marry her next week. She’s too beautiful and well cultured. And has a killer body.. infact God is wonderful.” Samuel thought staring at Mirabel.


Suddenly, Mirabel noticed a presence behind her, she turned around scared.




You scared the hell out of me! You’re dangerous!” Mirabel said smiling a little holding her racing heart.



“I’m sorry gem. I was carried away by some thoughts.” Samuel said and walked to her leaving only a little space between them.


Mirabel closed the space as she leaned on his chest for support.


Samuel carried the baby on his shoulder.


“Are you okay?” He asked.


“Yes… I’m now okay.” Mirabel said and then noticed her baby.


“Baby boo? You’re awake?” Mirabel asked and went to Samuel’s back to check her baby’s face.


“Morning sunshine. Mummy loves you.” She said sadly.


Samuel noticed the sadness in her voice…


“Don’t be sad darling. All is well when I’m here with you.” He said.


Mirabel smiled and hugged his back resting her head on his back..


“Good morning angel! And I’m grateful for your support and help. My baby and I says a big thank you.” Mirabel said and Samuel turned around to face him.


He saw a few drop of tears on her face..


“Beautiful lady like you don’t have to cry. Don’t spoil that smiling face. And, stop thanking me.. I’m not God. All praises are His.” Samuel said and dried her tears.


Mirabel nodded smiling.


“Now, morning rare shining gem. I hope you slept well?” He asked.


“Yes, I did,you?” She asked.


“I did too. Thank you.” He said and placed a lingering kiss on her forehead.



“I saw the wonders you did in this house. Well done sweetie.” He said.


“Don’t thank me as well. I’m not God. All praises are His.” Mirabel said laughing.


“Now…. using my words against me right? Don’t let me catch you…” Samuel said


and Mirabel ran away…


Samuel dropped the baby and ran after her…they kept on with the game till Samuel caught Mirabel in the guest room downstairs.


“Ohh… no… please! Sorry now..” Mirabel said with a baby face.


“I can’t resist that baby face of yours, you know?” Samuel said as he was closed to her.


“Awwn…, please.” Mirabel said smiling sweetly.


“A hug will do..” Samuel said and Mirabel rolled her eyes.


“A hug?” She asked.


He nodded staring into her lovely eyes.


Mirabel trusted him not to do anything stupid with her so, she hugged him tightly.


“Aww….best hug ever! I promise you till you are finally happy, I will always be


your comforter and your happiness. That’s another name for you to call me with. I love you… Mirabel.” Samuel said still hugging her.


“And I promise to be a good lady to you. I will trust you and love you. My angel and my happiness.” Mirabel said and closed her eyes to stop her tears.


Samuel broke the hug and stared deeply into her eyes…both staring at each other.


The air was tensed and romantic.


Their lips was about to meet when they heard the cry of the baby.



“Ohh …baby boo is crying..” Mirabel said and left rejoicing the baby cried at the right time.


“That was closed! What was I thinking? I prayed I don’t fall into temptations. This lady is too tempting. That baby was an angel sent to got us back to our senses. He cried at the right time.” Samuel said and left the room too. .






“He sucks breast too much…” Mirabel said to herself.


Samuel entered the living room and saw her breastfeeding the baby. He sat at the dining to take his breakfast.



What the Lord has done for me, I cannot tell it all…/2x


What the Lord has done for me, I can never tell it all..


God moved me from grass to glory..


So I can shout hallelujah


She sang softly and slowly.








After some minutes, she joined Samuel on the dining.


“Sorry, I don’t mean to take advantage of you. I am sorry. Don’t think of me as a bad guy. ” Samuel said.


“It’s alright dear. Don’t blame yourself. It’s not like you forced me to… besides, it didn’t happen.” Mirabel said trying not to let Samuel feel bad.


“Thanks sweetie..” Samuel said and held her hand till they finished eating.


She cleared the plates and cups used to the kitchen. Samuel came to help but Mirabel asked him to leave. He didn’t so Mirabel left him to rinse it.



“We should bath and go out early to shop for some things for you and the baby.


The party is 12noon.” Samuel said.


“What should I prepare?” Mirabel asked.


“I don’t wanna stress you. Let’s order from a restaurant. That will save you from any sort of stress.” Samuel said smiling.


“Cooking isn’t stressful now. I can do it.” Mirabel said.


“I know you can do it but you just gave birth… don’t stress your weak self. You still need to regain your lost energy and blood. Understand?” Samuel said.


Mirabel nodded wondering what kind of guy he is. He is just too over caring. Is


this still a dream?








After some minutes….both came down after bathing. The baby too was taken care


of. Mirabel backed her baby and they left the house to the car.


Samuel opened the car door for Mirabel before getting to the driver’s seat. The gate keeper opened the gate and they drove out. .






They’re still shopping when Samuel’s phone rang. It’s Emmanuel.



Hey buddy! You’re home? Are you with your own key ? Then open the door and enter. Make yourself comfortable. We will soon be home. Yeah bye!


Samuel said on the phone and ended up the call.


They continue shopping…










Guys… sorry I couldn’t post yesterday. I was tired.


But….do you think they will recognize each other?


In my own view….they might not, it’s been long..and they didn’t have any formal


description of themselves!


Baby Favour, your dad is around!


Dear Mirabel, your baby father is at home!


What is your own opinion? Let’s hear…











⭐⭐ Accidentally In Love ⭐⭐



[She’s Not A Prostitute]

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