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Water Just Won’t Do – Episode 6

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WATER JUST WON’T DO (episode six)


Pastor: Sister Stacy, please come forward.


Stacy: Thank you, Sir. Good morning lovelies. It’s a mixed feeling of happiness and sadness. Happy because I was able to summon the courage to speak to you, and sad because it is going to be the last time I’ll be standing in front of all of you to speak


The group: ughhh!!!!!


Stacy: I know, I know. Without wasting much of your time, I’d like to go straight to it. About a month ago, I found myself in a situation I shouldn’t be in. Much as I would like to blame it on the devil, it wasn’t him.


It was a moment of carelessness on my path.


Some of you may have heard or even seen that clip. I just want to tell you all that I was the one in that clip. I do not deny it.


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I was tempted, and I failed woefully. I sincerely apologise and hope each and everyone of you finds a place in your heart to forgive me.


More importantly , keep me in your prayers.


I love you all, I genuinely do and I am confident that you all will grow up to become wonderful role models to the next generation, something I was unable to do…


Stella: can I say something?


Stacy: make it brief please.



Stella: I just wanted to let you know that you are and will always be someone I look up to. Whatever happened in that short clip can’t wipe away the positive impacts you’ve made in our lives.


I pray to have a marriage like yours one day but that won’t be possible if you leave us. Remember, your sins are never too much for the blood of Jesus.


We want you to stay with us. That clip changes nothing about how we see you. Please don’t leave us

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Others: Please don’t leave, auntie Stacy!



Stacy: Stella, I appreciate your kind words and encouragement from all of you, but you see, the church has rules. I believe sister Peace will do a great job


Stella: But those rules are man made! Why can’t we….


Pastor: Stella, I understand how you feel but we have to abide by the rules of the church.


Can you all come around here let’s pray for our dear Stacy


(The group prayed for Stacy amidst tears and more tears. She hugged them individually, and left


When she got home, the van she had hired to move her stuff was already waiting. Mr and Mrs Davis, her parents in-law and Chika, her brother in law were also in the house.)


Stacy: wow! Mum! Dad! I wasn’t expecting you. Is everything okay?


Mrs Davis: Of course not!


Mr Davis: How are you, Stacy?


Stacy: very well, dad. Thanks.



Mrs Davis: (in her pure American accent) Stacy, what is going on? What is that van for?


Stephen, what is happening!


Don’t you both keep mum on me! I asked a question!


Stephen: Mum…


Mrs Davis: Yes, son! I’m listening.


Stephen: I and Stacy are divorced


Mrs Davis: Arrant nonsense! What for???


Stephen: irreconcilable differences, mum.


Mrs Davis: who decided the differences were irreconcilable? Do you even know the meaning of that word or you are just throwing it around for the sake of it???


Shut up, Sit your butts down both of you, let me teach you a little lesson!


I saw the damn video, so what?? So flipping what! You’re not gonna tell me you didn’t get an erection watching it.


I was even angry Chika saw it because he might start fancying her, knowing what a Casanova he is!


Chika: Mum!


Mrs Davis: Oh shut up! Mummy is still speaking! That video is damn sexy and you should actually use it to spice up things in the bedroom, you dumbass!


You went as far as getting a divorce without talking to me first?


Stephen: only if she made the video for me! Mum that video is out there! What are you even talking about! The world has seen it all!



Mrs Davis: like I said earlier, you are a kid! Your problem is that the world has seen it. Is it?


Stephen: Yes mum.


Mrs Davis: let me tell you one secret I’ve kept from all of you. In 1985 when Julia your kid sister was born, your father right here cheated on!


Mr Davis: Oh sweetheart, I thought you’ve forgiven and forgotten about that!

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Mrs Davis: keep quiet! I forgave, I didn’t forget you, nasty bag of amazing awesomeness!



Mr Davis


Mr Davis: Back to the gist, he effing cheated on me with the house help!



Chika: hahahaha! dad, you are baaad!


Mrs Davis: Yes, now you know where your womanising stems from.


It just didn’t stop there, the maid got pregnant for your father. Everyone knew it, my fellow doctors, the nurses working under me and my parents!


My dad asked me to come back, I had men waiting for me to leave so they marry me immediately. Did I tell you I was hot cake in my time?


Chika: mama!


Mrs Davis: Yes, son! I was! I was the first female American trained doctor in my entire community!


Now, you can’t beat that!


But I chose to marry this man, I vowed to love him always. So I stood by him, took care of the maid until she gave birth. Sadly, she had a still birth.



It took about two years before our marriage stabilised again and we disappointed the world!


Today, I love him more with each passing day.


Mr Davis: I love you, more wifey!


Mrs Davis: I know you do, baby! (Kisses him)


Chika: wait! Mum, did you just call dad baby?


Mrs Davis: Oh yes! He is my baby. By the way, you are old enough to get married.


I and my husband are kicking you out of our house next year.


Chika: for real?


Mrs Davis: Stephen, take back your wife. I do not condone what she did at all, but people have done worse and still retained their home.


I know you feel you can’t love her again, but believe me, you will.


Time will do the magic.


Think of how amazing she’s been all these years.


That video is not worth losing your home over!


Please, son?



Stephen: No mum! I can’t! (Storms out)


Mr Davis: You are going to regret this very one, son! Mark my words!


Stacy: I apologise for bringing this on your family, mum and dad. I hope i can still run to you when I need the love of parents


Mr Davis: Our home will always be open for you.


Mrs Davis: It breaks my heart to see you leave, Stacy! But your dumbass husband doesn’t listen to anyone. I’m always here when you need me, baby!



Stacy: (starts crying)



Mrs Davis: Come here, baby! (Hugs her tightly while whispering comforting words to her)


(Chika, assisted the van driver to get Stacy’s properties into the van, He also followed them to know her new home.


After offloading and putting everything in order in her new home, Chika hugged her and promised to always be in her life and that of Stephanie before






It was sad seeing such a lovely family break up up. I cried my heart out. But I really want to find out exactly what that video was all about.


So I summoned the courage to ask Stacy for an exclusive interview; luckily, she granted it.


So, Join me in the next episode to find out everything you need to know about the video.




My name is Rossy.



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