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Water Just Won’t Do – Episode 4

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WATER JUST WON’T DO (episode four)


Chika: Good morning, bro. I’ll be leaving this afternoon.


Stephen: Morning. Take a seat.


Chika: where’s Steph, I can drop her to school if you want me to.


Stephen: No, don’t bother. She is not going to school today.


Chika: Why not?


Stephen: She’s running temperature. I’ll take get to the doctor today.


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Chika: Can I talk to you?


Stephen: You can…


Chika: I just want to apologise on behalf of Stacy. She’s very remorseful…these things happen to the best of us, you know.


Just a minute of carelessness. Please forgive and take her back.


Stacy is a strong woman but I don’t need a prophet to tell me she is dying inside, please bro.


Stephen: That’s the problem, everyone thinks about Stacy and nobody gives a damn about me. Do you know what it means to have such video of your wife out there?


Chika: I understand, bro but…


Stephen: No, you don’t! I go to work and notice my colleagues making side comments and all that. Apparently, they’ve all seen it.


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I had to take a sudden leave from work so I could stay away from all that. I don’t sleep at night, I have no appetite for anything at all!


Stacy had no reason to do that! She has everything she needs and more!


If she wishes to shop weekly abroad, she can afford it. And I mean without my assistance.


Ever since I married her, she’s never asked for anything without having it same week at most!I mean anything!



Chika: I know bro, she says it herself as well. But she did it because she wanted to assist you more.


Stephen: Assist me with what? Are you kidding!


Chika: I know this is bad, but is it worth losing your home for?


Stephen: That’s exactly where this is heading to!


Chika: Please don’t say that! What happens to Steph?


I’m sure you don’t want her to grow up without the both of you in her life

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Stephen: I’ll always be in my daughter’s life. That’s not even an issue.


Chika: So, you are going to continue living under the same roof with your wife as strangers?


Stephen: I’m divorcing her. I can’t handle this.


If she slept with another man and confessed to me, I would forgive, but this very one? Nah!


Chika: You didn’t just say that, did you!


Stacy: Erm, sorry to interrupt, sweetheart, I’m going to church to see the pastor. I’ll be back very soon before Chika leaves.


Stephen: Bye!


Chika: Stacy, do you want me to drop you off?


Stacy: Oh! That’ll be great.


Chika: Just give me a moment to grab my shirt….


(Stacy and Chika got to the pastor’s residence but Chika stayed back in the car while she made her way to the pastor’s office…)


Stacy: Good morning, Sir


Pastor: Good morning, sister Stacy. Please take a seat.


Stacy: Thanks sir.


Pastor: God bless you. Erm, without wasting your time, I know you have things to do so I’m just going to go straight to why I summoned you.


I was told about some inappropriate video of you that is said to be all over the internet.


Just so you know, I was sent the video, but I have not opened it at all because I am not sure of its content.


Is this true?


Stacy: Yes, Sir. It is.


Pastor: Oh no! Stacy why???. Why did you allow the devil do this to us?


Did you not think about your girls and how they’ll feel if they come across the said video.


Stacy: I wish I can say anything at the moment, Sir. But I have no words…


Pastor: Oh not you! So what exactly is in the video? Was it with your husband or someone else?


Stacy: Sorry, sir but I do not want to talk about it.


Pastor: I understand, sister Stacy. You’ve been very faithful and committed it’s sad that I would have to take away your position as a teenage counsellor in the church. The board suggested we excommunicate you but I can’t.


I believe God will not cast you out so neither would I. But henceforth, sister Peace will take over that office.


Stacy: That’s fine, Sir. If you don’t mind, can I have a meeting with them so I apologise for failing them?


Pastor: When would you want that?


Stacy: Tomorrow, if possible.


Pastor: Okay, I’ll announce it in the whatsapp group. Stacy, don’t be hard on yourself. I’ll keep you in my prayers, okay?


Stacy: Thank you, Sir.


Pastor: Let’s just say a word of prayer before you leave.


Father in the name of Jesus…………


(Stacy got into the car and as they drove home, Chika noticed she was crying…)


Chika: Stacy, you have been trying to hide those tears. What did the pastor say to you? Did he see the video too?


Stacy: No, I’m fine…


Chika: No, you are not. You can’t be fine and crying. And these tears are definitely not those of joy…



Stacy: Chika, it’s hard! (Breaks down in tears )


Chika: I know, but you have to remain strong. That’s the only way to get over it.


Stacy: I’m trying but my strength is thinning out!


Chika: I’m always here when you need a shoulder to lean on (Hugs her)


(They got home and Stacy went straight to her room, not wanting Stephanie to see her crying. As she lay on her bed crying her heart out, she noticed someone entered the room. It was Stephen…)


Stephen: Can I borrow five minutes?


Stacy: (wipes her tears) sure.



Stephen: You’ve wronged me severally in the past and I forgave. I have also wronged you and you forgave.


This time, it’s going to be a little different.


Stacy: Okay….


Stephen: Do me a favour, kindly sign these papers.


Stacy: What are they?


Stephen: divorce papers.



Stacy: Okay, just drop them on that table. I’ll sign them later…


Stephen: Please do it as soon as possible. Thanks.



Stacy: I Will. Please shut the door when you leave. Thank you


To be continued…

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