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War Of The Supernatural – Episode 39

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Episode Thirty Nine



Jeffrey’s POV



I watched helplessly as my Saphira struggled with death..



I wanted to attack Lord Andrew but if I do that,he might hurt Saph..



“Are you happy now? My foolish daughter is slowly dying all because of you and you just stand here doing nothing” Saphira’s mum suddenly said ..


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“I can’t bear to watch my daughter die before my eyes..if anything happens to Saphira,I’ll also end my life..I’m sure that will make you happy” she cried..



“No! No don’t say that..I won’t let anything happen to Saphira” I promised..



“Two! ” Lord Andrew counted still strangling Saph..



“Saphira I’m sorry but you’ll have to kill me” I yelled..



“What? I’ll.. never do.. that” she managed to say..

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“Don’t be stubborn! If you don’t obey your Lord,he’ll kill you”



“I don’t care! I’ll..rather..die” she groaned..



“If you don’t pierce that sword on your hand into your so called Jeffrey before I get to five, I’ll end your miserable life” Lord Andrew yelled..



“Why are you doing this? You’re not doing the right thing” Sapphira’s father said..



“Who are you to tell me what’s right or wrong? Just because you were allowed to get married to Sofia, doesn’t mean your daughter will do the same..Her destiny is to kill Jeffrey and she has to do that” Lord Andrew fired..



“But one can change his or her destiny.. moreover, there’s no need to kill Jeffrey-I mean,he’s now a changed person” jin hoo said..



“So what? Just because he’s changed doesn’t mean that he won’t be punished..Corovi is a demon,he can’t be trusted..What if he returns back to his old self? Look! If this dude can betray his own brother,then he can do anything”Lord Andrew replied..



Pheew! Maybe he’s right..



What if I return back to my old self.?



But he shouldn’t have judge me too quickly..No body knows why I wanted to poison my brother..



That bastard called my brother,deserves a punishment worst than death itself..



How could he do this to us?



When I was still at Hace, I was popularly known as the good prince..



Yeah I’m a demon but I was different from other demons..I never loved the way my father the king,treated other demons..



My father was cruel and ruled the people with violence..I vowed to be good and different from my father..



Of course I was good but everything changed when I found out that my brother..



“Four!!” Lord Andrew said,bringing me outta my thoughts..



Gosh! I have to do something..



“Hold the sword now!!” Lord Andrew yelled and released her as she fell to the floor sweating and breathing heavily..



“ I won’t” Saph said..her eyes were now red and she was very weak..



She tried to resist but Lord Andrew finally managed to force the sword into her hands..



“’re not doing the right thing” she weakly said..



“How dare you talk to me in such manner? Since you have decided to die, I have no choice than to kill you..goodbye”.Lord Andrew yelled and stretched forth his hand towards Saph..



“No!! ” I yelled and ran in front of Saph..



I got struck instead of her and fell-unfortunately,into the sword that Saph was holding..





Saphira’s POV



I closed my eyes expecting Lord Andrew to kill me..



But to my surprise,nothing happened..Rather, I felt that something has come in contact with the sword in my hand..



Everywhere was as silent as a grave yard..


What could have happened.?



Wait! A body is on my lap!



I quickly opened my eyes and to my chagrin,my Jeffrey laid on my lap with the sword which I was still holding stuck in his heart..



“Jeffrey!! Jeffrey!! What..what happened?” I asked with a wide opened eyes…



“Please..try not to” he forced himself to say..



“No! No! Don’t do this” I cried..



“Its..not..your..fault..this was destined to..happen” he said and gradually starts fading away..



“No! No!!What’s going on Jeff? I..I..can’t live without you” I cried..



“I’m sorry but you have to learn to live without me..I…I…love you Saph” he said and finally vanished away..



This is just a dream right?



“Someone should just wake me up from this dream!!” I yelled..



I stood still in shock as reality struck me..



“ Jeff is gone!! ” I cried..



“You guys has taken my Jeff from me” I cried…







I’m emotional right now someone should get tissue for me


























The fallen Angel












By Authoress Ruthie

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