The Wishing Well – Season 2 Episode 9

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The bitter cry of the two young women inside Nancy’s apartment attracted neighbours who couldn’t behold the corpse of young Anderson on the floor where Nancy Williams poured out her emotions and feelings. She couldn’t believe he would take his life to save hers which was one significant thing Henry wasn’t ready to do for her before his death. She knew It, so Anderson’s death became more painful to her than Henry’s. As she cried, she turned to see Kiana dialing a number with tears in her eyes. “What are you doing?” she stood up.



“Calling an ambulance” she replied without looking at her.


“For what?”



Kiana met her eyes. “To take the body away of course”



“No one is taking Anderson away” Nancy objected. Her statement got Kiana surprised. What could she possibly want to do with the dead body? She reasoned.



“Nancy, Anderson is dead”


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“The same way I was before he brought me back to life”



“Don’t tell me you’ll be making a wish for him to come back to life too”



“No, but I believe something can be done”



Kiana shook her head. “Nothing can be done to a dead person, Nancy!”



“Ana, you don’t understand!” Nancy’s voice grew high. “We are talking about someone that took his life because of me!! Do you know the guilt it has brought into my heart?! He did something that no mortal man would do for a rude and aggressive girl like me” her voice once again broke down in cry as she glanced at the body then turned to Kiana. “Can you die for Juel, Ana?”



She didn’t respond to that rather stared at her.



Nancy sniffed in. “There is no way I will let Anderson go down six fit on the ground”



Kiana was still speechless, wondering what came over Nancy. How would she bring back Anderson to live if not making a wish at the well? Nevertheless, she said, “What do we do now?”



“His body remains here while we go find Mr Chuks. I swear, he must reverse whatever that is happening now”



“But the police has not found him yet” they remained quiet while Kiana continued. “Though Anderson believed Mr Chuks is inside the well”



Hearing that, Nancy drew closer in her usual action expression. She narrowed her face and stretched her neck like two fowls about to go into a physical combat. Her voice became cold but mean. “Are you sure of what you are saying?”



Kiana began to twist her fingers. “I don’t know. He said he saw rays of light from beneath the Well like some can of electrical energy”



Nancy wanted to rush out of the room as usual but discovered that she still had her pyjamas on. So she turned around and began to dress up in a hurry. She flung the pyjamas on the floor, hung out a jean trouser from a wardrobe and began to wear it. One can see her pant punctured in between her butt as she dragged the trouser up to her waist. Kiana could only wonder what she had in mind. So she asked, “Where are you going to?”



“Inside the wishing well” she replied, putting on a breast-resting-area (bra).



“Nancy, is dangerous. We can’t go alone”



She picked a shirt “I don’t care”


“Well, I care!” Kiana shrieked then picked up her phone again. She called


the police immediately.






On the other hand, Juel could be seen entering inside one of the huts where Prisca laid with eyes open. It had been long she regained consciousness but was still weak. From the mat, she gazed at Juel who prodigiously hung a local bag on a wall, brought out a bottle of traditional medicine which he shook very hard before directing his eyes to Prisca who suddenly smiled. Of course he returned the smile then said, “Happy you’re getting better”



“How do you know?” she asked with a sick voice.



“You know, smile is a very strong non-verbal means of communication. It has the capacity to tell what lies inside the heart and the mind”



Prisca struggled up as she smiled at his statement. Juel sat beside her to make sure she take her medication. She watched him pour a quantity in a small cup then stretched it for her to take. She glanced at his handsome face before taking it from him. After drinking and bringing down the cup, Juel watched as she twisted her face to withstand the bitterness of the medicine.



“Sorry” he wanted to stand up but she held him down in order to stay with her. Both looked at each other.



“Where is my father?” she asked.



“In the woods, probably to get more medicinal leaves” he replied while silence took over again.



Prisca looked down on her thighs covered with a wrapper then look up once again. “I know you’re disappointed that I tried to have you killed with your friends. Yet, you’re showing me love and care. What manner of man are you?”



Juel exhaled to stand up for the second time, but she held him down again. “Prisca, I’m doing what I’m doing because your father told me to do so. Not because I’m happy you tried to kill us. If i have an idea of our geographical location, I would have disappeared even before you gain consciousness”



“But i want you to forgive me”



“You should have understood that I have forgiven you from my smile.”



Hearing that, Prisca recalled his previous statement about a smile. Just then, she saw the death mark on his neck which saddened her mood. Juel noticed it then asked, “What’s the problem?”



She averted her eyes. “Nothing.”



Finally Juel stood up from the floor, surged outside and stood with his hands on the waist, while his eyes surveyed the environment once again like a meteorologist forecasting the weather. He really missed his friends especially Kiana. As he was lost in thought, Prisca’s voice came from behind saying, “I know you miss her”



He turned to see her standing on her feet. He was not only happy but also amazed. So he smiled. “Yes, I do. I miss her” Prisca stood beside him as he continued. “I don’t even know if she’s still alive or not. I just wish I see her one more time before I get my death mark and eventually die” he exhaled without knowing that he had actually gotten it already. “If your father knew that I’m gonna die, he wouldn’t have said I must marry you” he added.



“He said So?”



“Yes, he said I must marry you for disfiguring your body”



Prisca smiled, “He was only exaggerating. He’s always like that”



“He was mean”



“No, he wasn’t, trust me”



Both became quiet. Prisca used that moment to glance at the mark again, feeling so sorry for him. Juel smiled at her. “Let me go get you something to eat. I’m happy you can walk again” he left, while Prisca stared at him until he entered into the other hut.



Hours later, Mr Clinton arrived to see his daughter dressing up by herself. He was really happy at such sight. So he smiled. “I knew you’re a strong lady”



Prisca glanced at him. “Your boy has been very good.” She totally turned to him. “Did you actually tell him that he must marry me?”



The father kept quiet.



“I know you were joking with him”



Mr Clinton dropped a matchet. “Yes, coz he gonna die anyways”



“I will not allow that, father”



He pretended as if he didn’t hear what she said then walked closer to her in a way he tapped her shoulder. “Did I hear you well?”



Prisca faced him with a stubborn attitude. “Father, he will die any moment from now coz he has gotten the death mark. You and I know that there is only one way to preserve their lives. Mr Chuks has to die for him and his friends to live. I failed them once but i want to go correct my wrongs”



“Prisca, you have to listen to me. You’re embarking on a suicide mission coz I just learnt that Mr Chuks is taking refuge inside his well. It’s very dangerous to enter there”



Prisca thought for a while.



The sun radiated the earth surface when she surged forward to the very hut where Juel laid on his mat. She stood at the entrance to see him lying face up like a dead man, but was still breathing. She gently bent down, cares his cheek then kissed him the way she did at the basketball court. Sequentially, Juel opened his eyes.



“I’m sorry” she straightened up. “I thought you needed the kiss of a princess again”



Juel watched her attire then asked. “Are you going somewhere?”



“No” she shook her head then wanted to walk out but Juel’s voice stopped her at the entrance.



“Why do i have this feelings that I’m not gonna see you again?”



She turned. “Does that mean you’ve started developing feelings for me?”


Juel didn’t answer.



She walked back to him, cares his cheek once again and kissed him for so


long which after she exhaled heavily on his chest. “Always remember I love


you” she whispered and left the hut even before the young man said








Like a coop rushing to rescue victims from an arm robbery operation, so as policemen sped on their way to the wishing well with Kiana and Nancy. They had been ordered by Dr. Ade to go get Mr Chuks from the Well after the students analysed their hypothesis towards his presence inside the well. Their siren sounded as if the president of the country was passing by. When they jumped down from the vehicle to begin another journey into the forest, Kiana admired their seriousness, ranging from their footsteps to the pattern they handled their guns.



“Follow me” Nancy meritoriously led the way, while Kiana found herself, running to meet her as the men followed suite. They arrived to the den of the wishing well to see it deep and dark with a small triangular roof. They were seven in number, including the two students. They could see a rope tied on a metal from the surface then lowered into the dark well.



“Officer, this is the well” Kiana pointed at it.



The commander looked into the well, wondering how a human being feels comfortable in it. “Mr Chuks, we know you’re in there! Come out now or you’ll be forced to do so!” his voice echoed inside the well. All listened to hear a reply but none came on.



“We’re wasting time” Nancy briskly climbed the well, held the rope to slide down, but found herself too heavy to slide. In fact, she couldn’t move again.



“What’s happening?” Kiana approached.



“I don’t know. I can’t move myself down”



The commander also approached, held her hand and dragged her out in a way she nearly fell on the ground. “It seems like nobody can enter the well” he said.



“That means we are doomed coz we can’t leave here without making a wish” cloud of tears began to form on Kiana’s eyes. After some series of silence, a voice came from a distant saying, “Only me can enter into the well”



All turned to see Prisca standing with a local bag that hung across her shoulder like a primary school pupil.



“Prisca!” Nancy shouted in disbelief, while Kiana stretched her neck like a


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