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The Single Wife – Episode 9

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*Episode nine*



After the outburst klaus and becca had last night, he decided to travel to Paris and meet Sheila. He didn’t understand why he got angry whenever he saw becca with another man. Before he left his house that morning, he had seen becca with Daniel and the two were hugging. He wanted to approach them but recalling what had transpired last night he stopped himself. He hired a nanny and left her in charge of Stephanie though he knew that she was safe with becca. He arrived in Paris three days later. He checked in a hotel closer to the one Sheila had booked. He took his bath, ordered for some food and decided to rest. Later in the evening, he set out to go and visit Sheila. He went towards mosqic hotel. Hey ms, “I would love to see Sheila alverys please,” he requested. The receptionist gave him her room number and he thanked her. He took the elevator and in a few minutes he was outside sheilas’ room. He checked if the door was locked but it wasn’t locked. He slowly opened the door and went inside. The hotel was well furnished. It had a lving room a kitchen, the bedroom and the washroom. Looking around, he realized she was in the bedroom and he walked towards that direction. He opened the door and he wished he hadn’t opened it. Sheila! he yelled out her name. Sheila looked at klaus and realized she was doomed. Klaus couldn’t believe what he just saw. This was the woman he loved most getting laid by two men in her hotel room. He stared at her and angrily left the room. Sheila tried to run after him but the two guys pinned her down and finished their business with her. Sheila refreshed herself, called her secretary and asked her to trace klaus. In thirty minutes, she already had his hotel room and the name. It was just a few meters from hers. She literally ran towards his hotel room. Luckily he hadn’t locked thus giving her easy access. She found him crying and when she tried to hold him he pushed her away. “Is this the business trip you came for?” he asked in a sad tone. I can explain, she begged. Explain what! “Explain how you getting laid, huh! how many have you laid with for the past few days, he questioned her. Sheila fell on her knees tried to beg klaus but he couldn’t listen to her. He asked her to leave him and should forget about her daughter for she wasn’t fit to be a mother. He tried dragging her out but she proofed to be stubborn. He called the security on her and they led her outside. That evening he flew back to Kenya hoping to start a new life with his wife. Three days he arrived at the port of mombasa. He hailed a cub to take him home. On his way, he bought a necklace for becca. He arrived at 8pm and when he went inside the house it was quite. He switched on the lights called out for becca but no one responded. The nanny he had hired approached him. Nana, “where is everyone?” he questioned. Sir, the madam left with the children yesterday, “here she asked me



to give you this envelope,” she said. The nanny explained to klaus that she wanted to leave. He paid her and called her a cab to take her home. Afterwards he opened the envelope and took out the doc*ments. There was a letter and a few doc*ments. The letter read.. *dear klaus, i have loved you ever since we met in Paris, but you never saw that. Now, i have found a man who appreciates and loves me. I thankyou for everything you’ve done. Since, you’ve never offered me anything there’s something I would like you to give to me. Klaus Sandaval, please set me free. Yours becca*..


He didn’t realize it when he started crying. Klaus stared at the divorce papers and he tore them into pieces. “Not you becca, am coming for you, am gonna fix us becca Sandaval”………



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