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The Single Wife – Episode 8

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*Episode eight*


The next morning, becca fed and prepared her children ready to take them out for a straw. She asked her nanny to get ready as she was tagging along. On their way out, they spotted Sheila in the living room with her daughter Stephanie. Becca approached her and asked her what she wanted. Sheila just stared at her and ignored her. Getting no response, becca just turned and walked out of the mansion. They walked around the shore enjoying the beautiful scenery of the nyali beach. After a while, they got a ride and paid a visit at the fort Jesus. They took pictures and even interacted with some tourists and kenyans. Becca, was able to interact with some colombians and they eventually became friends. Surprisingly, they resided at newyork and they were on vacation. They exchanged contacts and promised to interact once they were back in newyork. In the afternoon, they settled in a hotel and they were served with some biriani. It was so delicious such that they requested for some take away. Back at the mansion, klaus was arguing with Sheila. She wanted to leave Stephanie with klaus as she wanted to travel to Paris but klaus could hear none of it. He didn’t want his daughter staying with becca but Sheila was adamant. Listen klaus, “I’m leaving you with our daughter, just employ a nanny if you ain’t comfortable with your wife taking care of our daughter,” she



said. For how long? he asked. Hun, i will be back before you know it, she said. Sheila kissed her daughter goodbye and left. In the evening, becca returned she saw klaus but didn’t bother greeting him.. She asked the nanny to prepare the children as she prepared dinner. She warmed the biriani she had bought earlier, fried some chicken and set the dinner table. Nanny came later with the children and put them beside klaus and went to help becca to set the table. Klaus played with his three children. For the first time in a long time he finally had his three children together. Becca called klaus but was surprised when she saw Stephanie. Where is her mother? she asked smiling at Stephanie. On a business trip, klaus replied. Okay, “go take your dinner,” I will handle them. Klaus left the children with becca. She took them upstairs, fed them and put them to bed. Stephanie lay beside Abigail on her bed. Becca left the room after they all fell asleep. She met klaus almost done with his meal. She served herself some and concentrated on her eating. The door bell suddenly rang and becca asked the nanny to answer it. It was Daniel and he came carrying gifts. Becca saw him and smiled. She ran to him and hugged him tightly, her gesture angered klaus. She ushered Daniel in and asked the nanny to serve him some juice. You again! “what are you doing in my house at 9pm?” klaus asked rudely. Hes my guest klaus, “show some respect” becca fired at him making him more angry. He lifted Daniel away from the couch and pinned him on the wall. “Stay away from my wife! if you really love your life,” klaus threatened. Becca tried to intervene but the look he gave her made her to remain silent. Klaus literally dragged him and threw him out of the house. I don’t want to see you around that guy again, klaus warned. “You have no right to ask me to stay away from the man I love,” becca fired back. The man you what? klaus asked surprised. You heard me right, ” I will keep seeing Daniel either you like it or not,” she said. Klaus held her by the waist and pinned her on the wall. Don’t test my patience darling wife, “just stay away from that jerk,” he said sniffing her neck. And why should I? “Are you jealous?” she asked………….



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