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The Single Wife – Episode 6

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*Episode six*


Klaus dismissed or the guests and apologized for the little drama that had arised. He later went upto his room and found becca preparing herself for the night. Becca noticed him but completely ignored his presence. She closed the curtains and walked towards the bed. He blocked her way and when she tempted to divert her way he blocked it again. What! she asked. “How dare you embarrass my woman?” he asked furiously. Your woman? she asked sarcastically and let out a laugh.



Klaus, “you amaze me alot, your woman! yet you’ve turned her into your mistress and sex toy. Why don’t you give her rightfully place if she’s truly your woman? she deserves everything I did to her tonight, and I dont regret it,” she said and walked away from him. He grabbed her but she struggled to set herself free and they ended up falling on the bed. Klaus fell on top of becca and the two had an eyelock. Get off me, becca yelled at him. I will, but after I do this, he replied and kissed her. The kiss was deep and intense. She kissed him back but disengaged almost immeaditely. Go kiss your woman, she said pushed him away and ran towards the washroom. Klaus smiled to himself and left the room. He checked on his children and later left. He went straight to sheilas. He found her crying and he calmed her down. He promised to make becca pay for what she had done. After she had relaxed they lay beside each other.


Klaus later returned home to his wife. He helped her with the children whenever becca needed her. Klaus got a contract and he was relocated at mombasa in kenya. With much persuastion from his mother, he agreed to take becca and his children along.


*Few months later*


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Klaus had bought a mansion, where he and his wife resided. Surprisingly, Sheila was also in mombasa, though becca was unaware of it. Beccas children were growing really fast, they would often crawl and at times try to stand while supporting themselves from items around the house. Klaus and becca didn’t argue about anything at all. He would leave work in the morning and return in the middle if the night, while becca was asleep. Today, been on a Saturday he returned earlier than usual. He took his bath and played with his kids. Later, they enjoyed dinner together. After the meal, becca put the children to sleep and joined her husband in their bedroom. Klaus, “i was thinking its been long since you touched me, is it okay if we made love tonight,” she asked and klaus laughed. Make love? “Becca, i dont love you, the only thing we can have its mere sex and nothing more,” he said. Becca stared at him expressionless and ran out of their bedroom crying. She never felt insulted as klaus had done. She left the house and went towards the beach. She sat near the shore and wept silently. “What’s bothering the young lady,” a male voice asked. Becca stared at the man smiling at her. She couldn’t see him clearly but she caught a glimpse of him. Here, you might need this, he said handing her over a handkerchief. Thank you, stranger she said and managed to smile. She invited the stranger to sit with her. The two engaged into a conversation and by the name they were done, she already knew that his name was Daniel and was a movie director and producer. He escorted her towards her house and wished her



goodnight. She got into the house and headed towards her children’s room and slept there. When she woke up, klaus was long gone. She refreshed fed her kids and left them with their nanny as she decided to take a walk around the beach. She spotted the ice cream vendor and approached him. She bought vanilla flavor and when she was living she spotted klaus with Sheila. They were together with their daughter Stephanie. Sheila saw becca staring at them she whispered something to klaus and they both kissed. Becca turned away but Daniel stood right infront of her. Is he the jerk? he asked and she smiled though she was pale. Let’s teach him a lesson, he said and put his arms around becca and urged her to walk towards them………….



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