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The Single Wife – Episode 4

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*Episode four*





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“I may not love becca, but there’s no way I will ruin her dignity as a woman. Sheila, am happy that you kept our child, and I will gladly take responsibility of our child,” explained klaus. Sheila argued with klaus that he deserved to be happy and the woman who should be beside him was the woman he truly loved. Sheila,



“I’ve heard you, but I think it’s better if you leave, i ain’t leaving my wife,” he said, kissed her and left. Sheila feeling lost, left the house without a word. Becca called her best friend, Maureen and shared her emotions with her. Her friend advised her to take it easy and let things be for the time being. “When is the divorce?” asked becca after she hanged up. There is no divorce, klaus replied. But why? “You don’t love me, neither do you care, why don’t you just let me go,” she asked in anger. Is that what you want? Klaus asked her. Yes, set me free, there’s nothing between us anyway, becca replied avoiding his gaze. Well, “that’s not happening,” he said and walked away.


Klaus no longer spent the night at his house. He was always at work and during the night with Sheila and his daughter. He frequently went on vacations with Sheila and their daughter. Becca was already used to klaus behaviour such that she stopped referring herself as Mrs Sandaval instead she used her name becca. Terry was always with her. She took her for her regular checkups and even took her for baby shopping. Elsewhere, Sheila was preparing dinner for klaus. It had been long since she and klaus made love. She wanted it special. She prepared his favorite dish and awaited for his arrival. He arrived some minutes past nine. She welcomed him with a kiss and led him to the bathroom. She let him refresh himself and awaited him. She put Stephanie to sleep as she didn’t want any disturbance. Klaus finished his bath and joined Sheila at the dining table. She served him his share and served herself as well. They ate silently. Sheila left the dining first and went to their bedroom. Klaus joined her later. Looking at her klaus knew what she wanted. He walked towards her, carresed her cheeks and kissed her as he undressed her. She was wearing nothing inside. He made her lie on the bed and they made love all night long.


The next morning, terry called her brother and Sheila answered the call. Terry told her to inform klaus that his wife was due and he should be there during delivery, luckily klaus heard what his sister said but didn’t look concerned. After she hang up, they took breakfast and klaus left for work. Becca and terry decided to take a walk in the park. They walked around as they discussed what they would name their lovely niece and nephew. Yeah, becca was expecting twins. As they talked an ambush happened and robbers raided the place. They were holding guns and a bullet hit terry at her right arm. The police came and managed to catch some of them. With the help of the police both becca and terry were rushed to the hospital. Terry was immeaditely attended to on arrival. Luckily, the wound wasnt deep. She was stitched and ready to go home. Suddenly becca felt this sharp pain that she couldn’t bear such that she let out a scream. The doctors rushed to her and helped



her. They announced to terry that she was in labor and that she should call her husband. Terry tried to reach klaus but he wasn’t picking up. She left him a message and rushed towards the delivery room…….



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