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The Single Wife – Episode 3

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*Episode three*


“Thats not reason enough,” Sheila said. Look, am not in the mood of arguments just enjoy the party, he said and walked away. Sheila left the party and walked towards her vehicle. She walked towards her car and drove off. She got into her house and ran to her room crying. She cursed klaus a million times and swore to make his wife’s life a living hell. Back at klaus, he drank himself until he passed out. Terry helped becca take him to his room, they laid him on the bed and becca decided to help him. She took off his shoes and changed his shirt. He covered him with the duffe and retired to her usual sleeping spot. In the middle of the night, klaus woke up and went to the washroom. On his way back, he noticed her and stared at her. He lifted becca and laid her on the bed and he retired to bed. The next morning becca was shocked to find herself and on klaus’ bed. She knew she was in trouble so she quickly woke from the bed and rushed into the bathroom only to find klaus taking his bath. She let out a scream, and tried to run but her legs failed her. She stood there and stared at klaus. Need something becca, klaus asked. Yea, “I mean no, sorry I will go,” she stammered and turned to go but klaus pulled her and she landed on his chest. The look he gave her made her shiver in fear. Am sorry, i did mean to sleep on your bed, i don’t even know how I got there, she said staring deep into his eyes. Klaus just looked at her with no expression at all. You can sleep beside me every night, he said and she smiled. But that doesn’t mean anything, you still nothing to me, he said and let her go. Take your bath and join us for breakfast, he said and left. His words hurt becca, but she was already used it. She took her bath dressed up and joined the rest for breakfast. She was used into sitting beside terry but the seat was occupied. Only the seat beside klaus was empty. She dragged herself and sat beside him. They took their breakfast silently. Excuse me sir, You have a guest, anhela announced. Who is it? Klaus asked. She says her name is Sheila sir, anhela said and excused herself. Klaus stood from his seat and walked towards the living room as the rest followed. Sheila, “what are you doing here?” Klaus asked smiling. I have a gift for you love, she replied. Who is she? becca asked terry in a whisper. She’s his friend, she replied. What gift, he



asked. Just a moment, she said and snapped her fingers. A young lady walked in carrying a child and walked towards Sheila. Klaus, meet our beautiful daughter Stephanie, she is 6months old now, Sheila said handing the child over to klaus. The shock on beccas face was evident. In her thoughts, she already knew klaus would divorce her. Why didn’t you tell me, klaus’ voice brought becca back to reality. Honey, am sorry but I couldn’t get through you, thats why she explained. Brother, “do you mind explaining to us, what exactly is going on,” terry said folding her hands. Please, take a seat all of you he said handing the kid back to Sheila. This is Sheila Alverys, the love of my life. We used to date back in Paris when I was still in the university. klaus explained. I didn’t know she was pregnant by the time we parted ways, he added smiling at Sheila. So you guys didn’t actually breakup, “what about becca?” who is she then, terry asked. By the time I met becca we had broken up, but later reconciled with Sheila. And then, terry asked. “Sheila left Paris and I couldn’t trace her. For the remaining months, i got involved with becca and thats how becca ended up getting pregnant and becoming my wife,” he explained. Hunny, now that am back, becca has no business here, said Sheila. What! “Are you mad?” yelled terry. Yes, “klaus doesnt love her, he loves me or didn’t you hear him well,” Sheila fired back. What are you suggesting? Terry asked. Klaus should divorce becca and marry me, she said smiling at terry. As they argued, becca couldn’t stop herself from crying. She just stared at terry and Sheila arguing. Stop it terry, becca yelled at terry in between sobs. Let your brother decide for himself, she said and walked away. “What’s your decision brother,” terry asked. Im his decision, Sheila replied. Am divorcing no one, klaus said leaving Sheila shocked……….


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