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The Single Wife – Episode 2

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*Episode two*


“Why would you say that, sisy?” asked terry. We both know what you did terry, “I know you and your family love me, but even once did you ever ask if klaus loved me?” asked becca. Well, he wouldn’t have paged you if he didn’t atleast like you, said terry. Well, you know nothing about klaus and I, she said and walked away. Later that evening, becca didn’t join the rest for dinner, she locked herself in her bedroom and refused to talk to anyone. Klaus, who didnt give a damn about her, just used the guest room but before that, he reminded her that his bed was off limits…


Few days later, it was klaus’ birthday and influential people were invited. The party was held at their mega mansion. Terry did some shopping for herself and becca. She headed towards beccas’ room and found her getting dressed. Hey sisy, “you aint going anywhere with that gown,” here use this, she said handing her over the dress. I will be waiting down stairs for you, terry said and left. Downstairs, the place was filled with riches. Soft jazz, was played to entertain the guests. Klaus’ parents also graced the event. Klaus was dressed in a black tuxedo making him look charming than ever. Terry was elegantly dressed herself. She was in a black pearled gown with marching heels. She approached her brother and the two



engaged in a hug. So, tell me something, who is the cutest guy in the party tonight, she asked smiling at him. “Who else if not Klaus Sandaval,” a female replied. They both turned and klaus was shocked. Right there infront of him, dressed in a short red gown, with silver heels, she looked deep into his eyes and smiled. Sheila, klaus called. Hello love, its been quite a long time she said and hugged him. Klaus was shocked but at the same time happy. Happy birthday klaus, she said after disengaging from the hug. Thankyou Sheila. Please, meet my beautiful stubborn sister Terry Sandaval, sister, Sheila Alverys my sweet..I mean my friend, he introduced the two ladies. After exchanging greetings, terry excused the two of them. Klaus pulled Sheila away from the party and led her towards the balcony and without question he hungrily kissed her. You have no idea how much I missed you, he said and kissed her. I missed you too love, but for now let’s enjoy the party she said and walked towards the party as klaus followed. He joined his friends for some drinks. As the party went on, his parents called for him and questioned him about his wife’s whereabouts. You such a crook, you forgot about your own wife, his mother reprimanded him as he looked away. Don’t worry ma, i shall give her a grand entrance, terry said and headed towards the dj. She put off the music and demanded everyone’s attention. Well, thanks all for gracing my brothers event tonight, its his special day and I would love you to meet someone. Ladies and gents please, let’s welcome the lady of the night, Mrs Becca Sandaval, she said and faced the stairs. Everyone followed Terrys gaze, and they saw her. She walked down the stairs as everyone cheered on her. She’s my lovely sister in law, brother don’t be mean attend to your wife, terry said and everyone clapped. Becca was dressed in a silver gown, with a long slit leaving part of her right thigh exposed. She wore matching heels and her perfume filled the room. Klaus stared at her for quite sometime, and for the first time klaus saw the beauty in his wife. He walked towards her and stood infront of her. May I have this dance? he asked her as he let out his hand for her. She gladly took it and they danced as the song hero played. Happy birthday hubby, enjoy your party she said and smiled at him. The two stared at each other and when she tempted to leave he grabbed and kissed her while Sheila frowned as the rest cheered on them. She disengaged and walked towards terry leaving him perpelexed. Sheila walked towards him and handed him some champagne. So you got married? She asked with bitterness in her voice. I promise, I don’t love her, he said staring at Sheila. Then why? she asked. She’s carrying my child, that’s why, he replied…………..



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