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The Single Wife – Episode 11

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*Episode eleven*

Letting becca was the last thing on klaus’ mind but no matter what he did becca wouldn’t hear of it. She wanted her freedom back and didn’t want anything to do with klaus.

Klaus sat on his bed and recalled all his memories with becca. He realized that in their married life, he did nothing that made happy. He caused her pain and never once realized her her love for him. She never even once complained but always yearned for his love. Klaus wrote down a letter for becca but later tore it into pieces and decided to talk to her in person. He took his phone and wrote a text message to becca. After sending it he switched off his phone and slept.

Becca was putting her children to sleep when the message popped in her phone. She took her phone and read the message. *Becca, im ready to grant your request _but before that I would love to speak to you in person, please_ let’s meet at valentines’ garden at *10;00am, i will be waiting for you, goodnight.* the message read. Becca smiled* and switched off her *phone.

The next morning klaus wrapped the necklace he had bought for becca at coast. Afterwards, he asked terry to *drive him at valentines’. They took breakfast

together and left after becca arrived. Terry had a chit chat* with becca before she left. Becca took her seat and faced klaus.*

Here are the documents, “i hope you were serious,” becca said smiling. Yeah I am.he replied. Talk to me, here I am, she said smiling. You know, “I just realized that I did love you, i fell in love with you a long time but I didn’t realize it,” he said smiling and becca laughed. You funny klaus, “are you saying that because Sheila is gone or is it because she cheated on you?” becca asked trying hard not to laugh. You know, “terry asked me the same question so did Sheila, at first I thought that was the reason but I had already realized it even before I found her cheating.” That day I saw you with Daniel, “i felt jealous and mad, i wanted to hold you and kiss you and claim to him but you were mine, also during my birthday when I saw you as I danced with you, i felt complete and I realized that I held a deeper connection with you,” but I let my ego overtake me, klaus said and becca smiled. Waow, what a confession! “but don’t you think its a little to late for that?” becca asked sipping her coffee. Its because of it, i wanna set you free.Klaus said. He smiled at her took his pen and signed the divorce papers. Here, you are finally free, Miss Rebecca Marshall, he said handing her the papers. Thankyou, am free from been a single wife to a complete single lady, she said smiling. I have a gift for you.he said and handed her the box. I bought it at mombasa, hope it will remind you of me. “I wish you the very best, becca. He said smiling at her. I will hold unto this, she said and walked away from him. Be happy my becca, klaus whispered to himself as he watched her walk away….

Days later, klaus decided to restart his life with his daughter Stephanie. He made up his mind and chose to fully relocate at mombasa kenya. Terry was to join him as she had decided to start a business in Kenya.

Becca, after separating from klaus cleared things with Daniel. To her, she saw him

as a friend and had no intimate feelings towards him.More interesting stories from Topster Stories. Daniel did understand her and wished

her the very best. She had also decided to relocate back in Paris, where she would

bring her children up. Maureen, was to accompany her. As they packed, becca

noticed the envelope klaus had handed her. Maur, pass me that envelope, she said.

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Becca took the envelope and opened it.

To becca Sandaval.

*I don’t understand why klaus had to choose you over me, yet he loved me most.

But with the time we were together, i noticed he wasn’t happy and contented. He

always seemed and looked to be in deep thoughts. Becca, i have stayed with your

husband and believe me when I say that I know him better. *Klaus loves you. Even if he didn’t show it, he always did.*

*Becca, i may not survive this but I will just ask you for a favour. *Please forgive and give klaus a second chance. *I know he did hurt you and as a woman I get your pain, but everyone deserves a second chance. *Take care of my Stephanie for me, bring her up and teach her to be a lady. *I xam deeply sorry for causing havoc in your marriage. *Sorry I made you single even when you were married, yours Sheila*.

Maureen also read the letter and looked at her best friend. Becca wanted to grant her, sheilas wish but she and klaus had already seperated. Maureen told her that she could always remarry but becca wasn’t convinced.

Time for klaus to finally leave his home was here, a farewell party was thrown for him. At the party becca, graced the event. Dressed in a red short gown she stood in front of klaus and smiled at him. Hi, “may I know your name, and if possible may I know your name? ” she asked smiling. Excuse me, “are you okay?” Klaus asked and they both laughed leaving the rest in a shocked state. Incase you all wondering, that’s how I first approached klaus, becca said and they all laughed. The rest excused themselves and left the two alone. “Let’s start all over again,” becca said holding klaus’ hands. Klaus smiled at her and didn’t utter a word. He called for the rest and announced he had something important to say. After they had gathered, he went on his knees and faced becca. *I may not be the best man on earth, but if there’s something I would want its for you, Ms Becca Marshall to allow me to make you Mrs Sandaval again, becca will you re- marry me?* klaus asked and let out his hand. Becca smiled and handed her hand to klaus. Yes I will, she replied and everyone cheered. Let’s start all over again, but I would like us to do it in kenya, klaus replied. I would prefer Paris, where it all began, becca argued. Paris it is, klaus said and kissed her. The party lasted for the night.

Three days later, they were all set to leave for Paris together with their children. Klaus set his things together with Stephanies’ belongings. He asked the driver to take the things into the vehicle as he followed behind. Love, “what’s that?” becca asked. Sheilas’ letter to her daughter, he replied. Oh, okay, let’s go we getting late, becca said and they went towards the vehicle. Klaus placed the envelope inside stephanies’ belongings hoping that one day she shall read her mothers letter…………

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