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The Scientist’s God : Episode 9

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© Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde


Almost everyone on the Island rushed towards Emmanuella’s hut. The en suite rooms in Bribia Island were built as individual huts . Rejoice’s scream of Fire



rung loud on the Island and had attracted almost everyone. The island had only 55 guests.


“ Rejoice, there is no fire, you were obviously having a nightmare…” Ella said trying to calm her down


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“ No, I was wide awake, I saw someone crying and the tears turned to Fire..”


Rejoice said


“ That must be as a result of the cartoons you have been watching all day…”


Emmanuella said trying to cover up for the embarrassing situation. Everyone was up because of Rejoice…


“ I apologize for what…” Emmanuella was saying, when Rejoice cut in…


“ Mum, I saw a hand writing on the wall…” Rejoice was saying before Ella cut in…


“ I said it was just a nightmare…”


“ No, let her speak!” An elderly male guest said


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“ The hand wrote…The Kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together against the Lord….” Rejoice was saying, but the elderly man bowed himself on the ground….


“ All praise to the God of all the earth”


Everyone looked at the man expecting an explanation…


“ Today, the 3 Kings of the earth are holding a meeting against God and the humans… I saw it, He showed it to me, Yeshua Showed it to me…The end is here, and the end will give birth to the new beginning …” Massai said…


Wendy, Massai’s Wife pulled him away…


“ Not here… Stop the visions…” Wendy said as she pulled him away…


There was a brief moment of silence as everyone kept quiet…


“ I am sorry everyone… I am sorry for the false alarm” Ella said as she pushed


Rejoice back into the hut. She waved everyone goodnight” “ Mum, I am sure of what I saw!”




“I know what I saw” said Massai.


“ What did you see? Other than those riddles you call visions.”


“ I saw God taking me to the top of the hill and showing me things… I saw the Pyramid and I saw the 3 kings of the earth having a meeting” Massai said


Wendy was not in the mood for any of Massai’s dreams that were very hard to decode.


“This new deadly disease is not a mere disease from the forest, It was engineered by humans as a way of waging war against God and his creation. This thing is a big organized battle..”


Wendy rolled her eyeballs as her husband’s end of the world Conspiracy theory would definitely keep her awake all night.


“ I need to be alone, I need to hear what God is saying, that Little girl’s vision was just the confirmation I needed” Massai said


“ What?” Wendy said eyeing Massai, “Don’t tell me you are about to leave me to myself on this Island.? Massai, you promised we were going to have fun for this week.”


“ God wants me to come up to HIM, so HE can speak to me… I know the signs”


Massai said and Wendy knew the meaning of that. It meant Massai was going to spend a lot of time alone, he was going to start fasting as from the next day.


“ Fine, suit yourself” Wendy left Massai angrily.





“ Ruth, we see that your plan is giving us the result we want…” The Head of the


Pyramid Cult said


“ How many humans are dead from the Virus?” The 2nd King of the Pyramid said


“ 11,678 so far and still counting.., but I spoke to Levato that he should make sure the media doesn’t report the actual figure.” Ruth said and immediately the 3 Kings and other cult members turned to Levato….


Levato was representing the Media in the Pyramid Cult as Ruth was in charge of Science and Technology. The Pyramid Cult had one or more world influencers in their cult, that way they set the agenda of how the world would be every year.


The Pyramid Cult had top influencers in the major pillars of the society…


For the Church/Religion Pillar; they had a Religious Leader named Poserous Agnos. A global religious leader, One everyone held in high esteem. He was not a true religious person, he had been wooed into the Pyramid Cult. He had been given the agenda to make Sure the people accept a new kind of religion that will negate all the commandments, laws given in most religions and foster a one World religion. The World religion will be dedicated to the “Evil good man”.


The Government Pillar; they had the Vice President of the No 1 nation in the world as their member. He was to influence the President into wrong decisions, which other nations would copy and see as the standard…


The Business and Economy Pillar; the Pyramid had Amid Marshall in the business World representing them. He was the second Richest Man in the World. He could buy a Whole third World nation and still have enough money to Keep. Whatever, he predicted about the economy would always come true, which unknown to them was the agenda set in place.


The Media Pillar had Levato representing them.More interesting stories available on Topster Stories App


The Science and Technology Pillar was represented by Ruth.



The Entertainment, Sports, & Arts was represented by MIrara.


All these pillars of the society were represented in the Pyramid…


Levato owned the most popular news Agency in the World. Part of his agenda before the Islingbee Virus was to always report bad, unsettling news that would always cause panic, anxiety, unrest in the society. He was popularly known for his slogan “ Bad news is good news”


“ Ruth has made it clear that not disclosing the real figure of those dying would make people not take the virus seriously…” Levato said


“ That way we would have wiped quite a number of people off the earth before people begin to see it as a big deal. By that time , fear would have crippled people from proferring solutions. The fear of dying would kill a lot of people, paranoia would kill others, Anxiety of not catching the virus would kill some…and the list goes on and on…” Ruth said defending Islingbee Virus.


“ Ok, so when do you think we will achieve the expected human reduction ?” The


2nd King asked


“ If this Virus keeps going this way, in 3 years, the earth number would have reduced drastically…”


“ 3 years! that’s a lot… you think people would have their hands crossed and watch a virus wipe the whole earth… Scientists will begin to look for solutions, believers will begin to pray and you know Alpha could inspire one of his creations to know the solution to the pandemic!” The 1st king said…


Everyone went silent…


“ You never thought about this?” He asked angrily “ We did and we actually have a master plan”


“ We?” He asked



“ The Pillars… We are working hand in hand!” “ Let us in…” The 3rd King said


To be continued










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