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The Scientist’s God : Episode 38

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© Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde


Anthony saw the last part of his body withering away like sand and his Spirit laid on the ground. A man who glowed so powerfully walked towards him…


“ Son, it’s time to go home. You made the right choice at the end.” The glowing man said. “ You had to pay the price here on earth so that you can dwell with me in paradise.”


Anthony’s Spirit rose and followed the glowing man.


He didn’t mind that he didn’t die a noble death. He didn’t mind that Henry will never find his corpse or grave, but his happiness was that despite being a terrible sinner, he still was considered worthy to make it to Heaven…


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Ruth noticed almost everyone on the ship was agitated, there was a lot of pacing up and down… Suddenly the first king came to her cell…


“Ruth, don’t we have any leftovers from the first batch of Antivirus syrup…” The first king said as he kept scratching his body.


“ No, what is happening?” Ruth asked


“ Almost everyone on the ship has contacted the Virus…” “ Wow… how did that happen?”


“ I don’t know so I think we have to go back and get to a good hospital. The doctors on the ship said they can’t do anything.”


“ Everyone?” Ruth wondered silently.




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The entire ship was a bit quiet, it seemed people were asleep. She felt the Ship was landing softly. She looked out through the window. Where they were about to land was a desert…


“Rosy!” Ruth called out but there was no response… “Rosy!” she called again…




Lucky, the chef was on the floor in the kitchen, his entire body was swollen. He had run out of his suppressant tablets, he had thought by now he would have taken the antivirus, so he brought few tablets to avoid being suspected.


Lucky heard Ruth calling out… Almost everyone on the Ship had died…


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TELEGRAM GROUP (Topster Stories) Get more interesting stories from generalloaded.comHe suspected the pilot was dying, and probably wanted the ship to land and not crash.


Lucky gathered up His strength, Ruth was the one who ought to have the Antivirus syrup…


“ Maybe she might have a little she is keeping in her stuff!” He reasoned


He stood up and went towards her cell. Along the way, he saw dead people, others were dying. Some had their throat very swollen, they couldn’t cry for help…


“ Lucky!” Ruth said, “ What’s happening?, Why is everywhere so quiet?”


“You …want to know what happened?” Lucky rushed out the words in pain Lucky brought out the master key and opened the Cell…


Out of Anger, he pushed her to the open area of the cell, where people met to socialize.


Ruth saw the dead and near-dead bodies on the floor.


“ The virus?” Ruth asked.


“ No the party!” Lucky answered sarcastically.


Lucky pulled out the gun he was hiding…


“ Give me some of the original Antivirus, you must have kept some for yourself”


“ I don’t have any…” Ruth said. Lucky shot her on her right leg…


“ I will kill you bit by bit, if you don’t give me what I want..” Lucky said “


I had the virus and was hoping I would get the antivirus syrup once we were on the ship but No! You brought the wrong Antivirus syrup. I tried acting smart by spitting into everyone’s food which because of your punishment to water alone you didn’t eat from… I planned that when everyone fell sick on the plane from the virus, a quick solution would be found…..but not going as planned… so before I kill you, tell me where the original Antivirus syrup is….”


“ I dooon’t have it” Ruth said in agony.


A second gunshot rang in the air…


Lucky had been shot from the back in the head by Agnos, the religion representative…More interesting stories available on Topster Stories App


“ Go tell the world the truth… I was supposed to be the ambassador of truth but I failed God. No human or group of people can win God, even when those at the


Tower of Babel did, they failed woefully….” Agnos said Ruth wept and in her pain, she ran towards the pilot’s cabin…


To be continued
















Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde




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