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The Scientist’s God : Episode 24

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“ THE SCIENTIST’S GOD” © Opeyemi O. Akintunde



“Please Father, don’t do this please, Please for the sake of the elect, don’t destroy the earth again. Please I know they have crossed the line, they have murmured against you, they have insulted you, they have spoken against your integrity, they have tried to outsmart and call you a fool through their technology, they have sinned against you in terrible ways but please Father, don’t destroy these ones, Like Sodom and Gomorrah or Like the time of Noah…, Like the time of…” the SON was pleading but Father wanted to raise another generation for HIMSELF. He was done with that present generation.


The Most High stood and from the same nose that breathe Life, came out Fire…As the Fire dropped on earth, it dropped like droplets and the droplets became little red fire flies… It started dropping on people…


As The Most High finished breathing out Fire, He moved away from Where the Son stood with Him and in anger he went into His inner chambers…


“What do we do?” Said the angel of Mercy to the SON.


“We will need to protect the elect, because this fire would destroy the people very soon.Let’s keep the elect safe!”

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“ I will do my best!” Said the Angel of Mercy.




The Fire from the Lord in form of fire flies located Sharon where she sat in front of her Suite. Ever since she posted her propaganda against God, she had avoided everyone on the Island. She desperately wanted to return home but Islingbee Virus had shut down all airlines.


“ Arrhggg…” Sharon shouted, the Fly perched on her and the poison of Fire went through her veins immediately…


The Fly died the moment it had passed it’s poison into Sharon. Sharon didn’t think much of the fly, she felt it was just a fly…




Juliana slept for few hours and had a brief vision.



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She had seen an aeroplane set to fly to safety and only few people were allowed to board the plane, others were thrown out like they wanted the plane to feel light enough to travel.


Juliana woke up wondering the meaning of the dream, ever since her sister in law had poured water on her dream note she had not bothered to rewrite it.


On waking up she reflected on the dream, the dream was pointing to the fact that some people will be saved in a forthcoming disaster and some will be thrown away.


Juliana knew she had to rewrite the dream encounter like the way Moses rewrote the Ten Commandments to make the world ask God for Mercy. It seem a bigger calamity was about to hit the earth and only few people would be saved. She hurriedly got her electronic notepad, typed the dream experience and sent it quickly to her pastor before anything went wrong…




Massai sat by his Window, his video had gone viral but Sharon’s post had overtaken the Internet. He wanted to pay Sharon a visit and inquire why she spoke negatively against God and instigated a worldwide rebellion against God. He had told his wife to go with him but she refused.


He decided to visit the next day when his wife was in a better mood.




Folabi came across Sharon’s post and he also became angry at her. He wanted to know why she did that.




Xavier saw Sharon’s post and he knew he was the cause of what was happening, he also decided to pay her a visit the next day.




Priye felt he needed to speak to Sharon after seeing her post. He was a scientist and for years he battled with the complexities of Life from the scientific mind. Recently, he came to the knowledge that God was really on top of everything in



the world. He believed if he had a sitdown with Sharon, this evil campaign she had started against God could be stopped…




Chief Larry and his wife also saw the post and they knew Sharon must be suffering from depression. They also decided to visit her the next day.




Early the next day, they all met at Sharon’s doorstep. As Folabi opened the door, the sight that met his eyes was horrendous.


Sharon’s body was burnt and still burning. The burning process was not a physical looking fire, it looked like liquid fire. It was melting her body.




“Oh my God!”


“ Fire!”


As Rejoice looked at Sharon’s body she remembered her initial dream…


“The tears that turned to Fire !” Rejoice said very alarmed.


To be continued
















Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde




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