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The Scientist’s God : Episode 2

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Xavier could feel a tight grip around his lungs. His breathing was hard. Whenever he forced himself to breathe, it sounded like he was whistling. As he stood inside the train on his way to the hospital for his check up, his mind was really troubled as to whether he had the Islingbee Virus or not.


His phone rang… It was Julie calling…


“ Hello, Xavier… Where are you?” Julie asked


“ Still at work!” He lied. He didn’t want Julie worrying about his health. One thing was sure if the result of the test came out positive, he wouldn’t return home. He couldn’t afford to lose his daughter and wife…



“ Mister! Mister” Someone tapped him on the shoulder. He was standing in the way of the person, but instead of gently moving away from the way, his frustration got a hold on him…

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“ Why the touch! Why would you touch me, Don’t infect me with the Virus!”


Xavier said frustratedly


“ Don’t insult me, I carry no Virus, I could sue you for that!” The man replied


“Go ahead and sue me, stupid man… it’s dirty beings like you that must have infected me with the Virus…”Xavier said absentmindedly in Anger…


Eyes turned towards him and everyone moved away from him…


“ Stop the train! Stop the train! There is someone who is infected on the train… “


“ Stop the train! “


“ Stop the train!”

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There was an unforeseen pandemonium on the train, people trying to move 20 meters away from Xavier…


“ I have not tested positive, I just have the symptoms “ Xavier said out loud in other to save the day and stop the pandemonium…


Right in front of Xavier, people started jumping off the train in a bid to be far away from Xavier.


Unfortunately, out of fear a lot of people jumped into death.


The train stopped when information reach the train driver that people were falling off the train. Xavier knew what was next was death, should the people spot him out to the police officers….


Xavier hideously got off the train and ran off…




Emmanuella and Rejoice had been checked into the one room en suite apartment on the island. The Island was bliss. It was beautiful. It was home away from home, but a beautiful home, peaceful and restful home far from home. She looked out the window and was very happy Stone didn’t come on this trip with her. Stone wouldn’t let her have fun and have a private time to reflect on her life. He would be in her business every minute.More interesting stories available on Topster Stories App


“ Mum, what are you thinking about? I know you are not missing Dad, I know this is your best time!” Rejoice said laughing


“ Why would you say a thing like That?” Emmanuella said laughing trying to hide the fact her daughter was correct…


“ At least there is no “ Ella this! Ella that! Ella my food! Ella the kids, Ella my shoe!” Rejoice said to the utmost surprise of Ella. She never knew her daughter had a problem with her father’s ways.


“ Well, That is what it means to be a married woman, someday, your husband will call.. Rejoice this!, Rejoice that!” Ella said laughing trying to make sure her daughter didn’t see her father as a terrorist that he was.


“ No, not all marriages are like that, Sunmbo’s Dad doesn’t do that to her Mum, he is always helping around the house,” Rejoice said about their neighbor…


“ Well, God made us differently !”


“ I wish we never have to go back home again so you and I can stay together and Dad and the boys stay together!”


Ella turned back looking at her daughter stunned!




“Xavier! What do you mean you are returning to Bribia?” Julie said over the phone



“ I think I have the virus and I don’t want to infect you and my daughter with it! Besides, a lot of people died because of me just now. I can’t explain in details. Stay safe, if I survive this I will come back home… I love you! Always know that….”

Xavier said ending the call….


Xavier went to the bus park. He was going to take a bus to the small town


“Lakeshore” before taking a boat Ride to Bribia, his hometown….


He wasn’t going to disclose his Status, he proposed he wasn’t going to let anyone know he had Islingbee Virus.


To be continued

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