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The Scientist’s God : Episode 15

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© Opeyemi O. Akintunde


Juliana walked into a large space. She was familiar with the large Space, she always had to fast and pray to get into that space. Ever since the Islingbee Virus had invaded the world, she had been trying to hear from her God, but she never heard anything. It felt like thick darkness had covered the whole atmosphere. The deaths in the world was getting too much for her and she knew it was time to attend the Council Meeting in Heaven…






The council members came in with their horses. They walked into the extra ordinary large room. There were several thrones in that room. Each member of the host took their customized thrones.


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This was the council meeting where matters about the nations were being discussed. The look on the faces of the council members wasn’t looking good. There was something obviously dusturbing them…


Suddenly, a sound like that of many waters, like a loud rushing fountain passed in between the hosts. A flowing cloud form moved towards a high throne that had the Label “ GOD MOST HIGH”. The form was majestic, beautiful and full of power.


The form sat on the throne and His form took shape.



As He sat there, He looked like jasper and carnelian, and a rainbow that gleamed like an emerald encircled the throne.


He who sat there kept mute…


“ Glory to God in the Highest,


And on Earth Peace, goodwill towards Men” Chorused the council members…



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As Juliana got into the space, she saw a lot of people ahead of her, from different countries and tribes. She recognized some of the men and women ahead of her…


“ First, she saw Katherine Numato, a popular tele- evangelist in a hurry towards the Council meeting…


Juliana saw her Spiritual mentor , Pastor Adetosimile in a hurry as well towards the council meeting. She saw the popular 14 year old evangelist Sabrina knowles also on the move towards the entrance of the council meeting…


Juliana walked towards the entrance. She needed to hear what God had to say at the council meeting about the present pandemic. It had just been announced that the man who originated the virus had been shot dead, therefore the hope of the human race had been put down. Juliana wanted to know what was happening…More interesting stories available on Topster Stories App


At the entrance as usual, two giant angels stood there with their swords crossed . Whenever a person got to the entrance, they would step on an elevated footprint scanner.


“ Access denied “ said the Baritone Robotic Angelic voice…


Juliana was taken aback like every other person…


“ Access denied” “ Access denied” “ Access denied”



“ Access denied “


Over 15 popular Christians who normally went into the Council Meeting Of Heaven had been denied access. Juliana wondered what was happening…


Apostle Mark appeared suddenly in the Space. He always used His Fast track. Juliana saw him walk past her and others towards the entrance of the meeting hall…


“ Someday, I hope I will grow Spiritually to the Level of having the fast track privilege.” Juliana thought silently. She knew Apostle Mark must have paid his price, she knew he must have fasted and prayed for over 30 years in ministry…


“ I would like to gain access into the Council meeting so I can find out from Father, the reason for this pandemic” Apostle Mark said as he stepped on the footprint scanner.


“ Access Denied” Said the Baritone Robotic Angelic Voice.


“Apostle Mark was denied Access also…!” Juliana thought silently as she couldn’t believe it…


Juliana felt discouraged.


Apostle Mark was one of the most detailed prophet the world knew. His prophecies were always precise and that was thanks to His First class entrance into the Council meeting.


Juliana for years had always met him at the Council meeting, but here he was, being denied access into the Council meeting…


“ I really don’t have to be in the meeting to know what is happening… this is God showing the World that He is angry.” Apostle Mark said in Anger as he turned away from the entrance proudly.



“Was Apostle going to go back to earth and tell people what he didn’t hear from God at the council meeting?” Juliana thought


Juliana wanted to Stop Him, to tell Him not to conclude for God but she knew it was impossible in that Space, you could not speak to another human…


Another 45 people were denied access. There were about 15 people ahead of Juliana.


All the 15 were denied access, but instead of feeling bad about it, they all were coming up with different reasons why the world was going through what it was going through..


Juliana got to the entrance. Like others and as always she stepped on the footprint




“ Access Denied!”


Juliana felt disappointed…


“ Why was God shutting out people and not speaking to the world about the cause of this pandemic.?” Juliana questioned silently.


She looked within herself, trying to question if she had fallen out of line with God, but she couldn’t find any form of unrighteousness. The angels at the entrance told Juliana to step aside so another person could step onto the scanner…


Juliana did as she was told but instead of running off from that space like the others or assuming the cause of what was happening, she sat close to the entrance.


“ God please grant me access into the Council meeting by your Mercy in Jesus name…”




THE ONE who sat on the throne sat quietly not saying a word, His expression could not be read but it was obvious He had a lot to say.


“ Glory to God in the highest,


And on Earth, Peace and Goodwill unto men…. but MOST HIGH … the earth you


created is not at peace as you desire, Please what is happening?” Said one of the members of the council.


Meanwhile, the Angel of Mercy had heard Juliana’s Prayer.


“God please grant me access into the Council meeting by your Mercy in Jesus name…” Juliana had prayed


The Angel of Mercy saw her seated outside the hall. The council members could see the humans from inside, but the humans could not see what was going on, on the inside of the hall. It had a translucent effect.


The Angel was moved by compassion as that was His nature.


“ OH MOST HIGH,Please permit me to bring Juliana into the Council meeting.”


MOST HIGH looked towards him and….


To be continued










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