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The Scientist’s God : Episode 14

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“ THE SCIENTIST’S GOD” © Opeyemi O. Akintunde


“Professor Glass, a Professor Of Microbiology has been found responsible for the Islingbee Virus. Report has it that he was hired by Businessman and Politician; Senator Anthony Brixton to infect a group of politicians during a dinner party.


Unfortunately, things went haywire as the Virus became a third party transferable Virus. All thanks to Miss Ruth Waziri and her team of Tech ladies who were able to trace the Professor through a new form of technology, She calls “ Virus genetic search”. The Virus was therefore traced to Professor Glass. More reports from Vivian cross.” Said the newscaster.


Professor Glass was handcuffed and his head bowed in Shame.


He had been played , he woke up to the banging of the anti terrorism squad at his door. On opening his door, he saw different guns pointed at him and over 50 military men staring harshly at him.


From across the street he saw Ruth Waziri smile wickedly at him before driving off.


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Professor Glass sat across Ruth smiling, he was fulfilled. He had just completed the 1000 bottles of Antivirus syrup.


“ Professor, this is really impressive… I believe your bottle is not included in this…” Ruth said smiling


Professor was taken aback by the question.


“ What do you mean?” Professor Glass asked

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“ You obviously should have taken the antivirus already since you are the brain behind it. So I believe we should dispose one of the 1000 , because there are only


1000 Artificial intelligence houses in the new world…”


Professor Glass suspected foul play, so he decided to play along.


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“ No, I have not taken the syrup, mine is part of the 1000” he lied.


Professor Glass had taken enough Syrup that had given him immunity against the virus…


“ Ok, so would you like to take yours now, or when we are about to enter into the safety Airship…” Ruth asked


“ Ok… I am lost… I thought we all will just take the syrup now and continue our regular life?”


“ There has been a change of plan… we want to beat the medical system. We won’t want the case of doctors discovering any of the 1000 immune persons, who they can get bone marrows from and in the long run transplant into other people. It will defeat our plan. Hence, once the 1000 people have been contacted, they will be notified of a secret place of departure…” Ruth said but Glass cut in


“Departure? Where are we going?”


“We will be in an Airship for six months as a way of protecting ourselves while the Virus kills everyone on earth…”


“ Oh! I get it, so when will the evacuation take place…?” Glass asked “ 6 weeks from now!” Ruth called


“Ok… I hope I make it as well, because there is something I will like to give you before we get into the Airship.” Glass Said



“ What?” Ruth asked seductively. She had noticed how Glass had been looking at her recently.


Ruth believed Glass wanted to date her, so she played along…


“ Do answer that ! I will wait till the departure day to receive whatever you want to give me…”


Glass nodded, he had something else everyone of those 1000 people would need.


“ ….. go home” Ruth was saying but Professor Glass only heard the last two words. “ Pardon! I didn’t get that!” Professor Glass Said


“ I said, you should go home, rest and wait for further directives” “ Oh, I have no home…”


“ You will have one soon … with me” Ruth flirted


Professor Glass blushed at that…


“ You can stay in one of my houses at the countryside. It is a quiet place you can hide for the time being and another advantage is that I can pay you a visit there anytime because there won’t be hungry and desperate paparazzis from one of those tabloids hiding to take a picture of me…”


“ That’s really kind of you… I don’t mind staying in a place that will feel like home.”


“ Alright, will you be ready by 6pm?, I will have my driver pick you up. It’s always best to relocate at night.” Ruth said


Glass had relocated that night and had a good night rest without knowing what the next day had in store for him…





Glass saw Ruth drive off after smiling at him…


Glass nodded knowing he had been set up and was going to die soon, but if only


Ruth knew….


“ Get into the car…” Said one of the officers…




“ The culprit has been found!” Said one of the nurses at the hospital where Ella was being treated…


Folabi sat at the reception with Rejoice, Ella had been on admission for two days


and was not improving….


“ That should be good news” Folabi said in excitement “ How?” Rejoice asked


“ He is the brain behind the Virus , he will have the antivirus. Since he has been caught, the authorities will order him to create the antivirus.”




Right before everyone watching the Live show, one of the officers shot Glass….


“ My mother is dead because of him, because of the stupid virus he created!”


Screamed the officer after Glass fell to the ground….


The whole earth went silent for few seconds…


“ What just happened?” Folabi said


To be continued


















Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde






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