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The Scientist’s God : Episode 12

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“ THE SCIENTIST’S GOD” © Opeyemi O. Akintunde


“ Ma’am, Your daughter will be fine in few days time. I believe this is her first time in a cold region?” The Bribia Island doctor said to Ella.


Ella heaved a sigh of relief.


“ Your daughter doesn’t have the Virus, she will be fine in no time…!”


Normalcy returned to the Island as everyone’s blood pressure had risen up, the moment they heard Rejoice was sick and throwing up, an alarm rang in everyone’s head.


Everyone thought Rejoice had the Virus, but on hearing the news that she was fine, the fun atmosphere of the Island returned.


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Xavier was disappointed Rejoice didn’t catch the Virus, but in between, he began to have that tiny hope that he might be negative…


Unfortunately that was not the case…




48 hours after Rejoice’s episode, Ella developed symptoms of having the Islingbee Virus. She tried to curtail and hide it. She used all her First Aid pills she brought along, but her Fever was getting worse…



“ God, I am your child, the Plague of the Egyptians should not come near me…The Children of Isreal experienced Goshen in Egypt!”Ella cried unto the Lord from her heart as she threw up for the sixth time.


“ There was a major sacrifice before Goshen… Are you ready to make the Sacrifice?” Ella heard the reply, but she couldn’t decode what it meant…




Chief Larry was begining to feel overwhelmed, he was spending more than what he budgeted for the trip. He decided to call a meeting where he told everyone they had to be careful with their expenses despite being an all expense paid trip, they had exceeded the days planned…

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All of a sudden Ella threw up in the meeting on Sharon… Sharon went into a fit but what was surprising to her and everyone was the way Folabi rushed towards Ella. Ella’s vomiting was continuous. Rejoice began crying as she saw the way her mother was throwing up uncontrollably.


“ We need to take her to the hospital” Folabi said “ Sure!” Said Chief Larry.


Everyone was in that shock state, because they were all thinking the same thing …


“ Ella must be infected and If she is, I must be, because I ate from her bowl of ice-cream yesterday “ Seun thought Silently


“ Ella has the Virus, I must have it as well…This morning I gave her a peck” Chief Larry’s Multibillionaire Wife reasoned quietly…


Lara Cole -Larry was the daughter of one of the richest Oil Barons in Africa; Deji Cole. It wasn’t a secret, she made her husband. Her father bequeathed Oil Wells to her as his only child.


Fear had hit Lara when she saw her husband’s Female staff throwing up. She had hugged her earlier that day and gave her a peck on the cheek.


“ God, I hope I don’t have this Virus!”….






“ Why the sudden call?” Naito said “ I was in the middle of having a good time with my husband “


“ Exactly… Ruby… Why the unscheduled call….” said another witch…


“ An idea dropped and I didn’t want to be selfish with my idea… I could use it for my country alone, but I thought otherwise.” Ruby said


“ I hope it is worth it..” said Naito; the head of all Witches on earth.


“ Islingbee Virus has been killing a lot of people in my country. This is the best time to feast on enough flesh and blood. We can hide under the guise of the Virus. The moment people get symptoms similar to the Islingbee Virus symptoms, they tend to be half dead already. Fear gets them defeated even before they are tested. I see this as a good opportunity to attack people by projecting illnesses into them. We kill them speedily and it will be assumed Islingbee Virus is the culprit…


“ Hmmm…. Sounds good!”


“ Very good, because the preys won’t pray against us, they just assume whatever they are going through is just the Virus.”


“ Let’s execute this plan and see how it works…”Naito said as she was in a hurry to return back to her body. She had passed out on her husband while they were making love….




“Naito! Naito! Wake up!” Angie said tapping Naito…More interesting stories available on Topster Stories App


Naito woke up all of a sudden



“ What! Angie! What happened to me?” Naito said confused. She had no idea what had happened to her…


“ You passed out!” Angie said


“ Ok… another sleeping episode!” Naito said lightly…


“ Naito, What is happening, in Just three months of our marriage you have had 14 “sleeping episodes” as you call it.”


“ I don’t know, but that is what my doctor called it. I was told it’s a brain disorder, the brain shuts down for few minutes. I am fine… “ Naito said


“ You have told me this before, but I feel there is more to this.”


“ So where were we?” Naito said trying to take the situation very lightly…


“ You expect us to continue love making after one of your sleeping episodes… No! Forget it…” Angie walked out


Naito hoped she wasn’t going to lose Angie like she had lost other men… Her sleeping episode was getting worse by the day.


She didn’t understand why as she was a senior blind Witch….


To be continued
















Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde



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