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The Lost Princess – Episode 8

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“Gosh you’re nervous” Bella replied laughing.


“Am really nervous”she replied.


“Who won’t be nervous, to hear that a hot guy is actually looking worried in your house” Bella teased.


“Huh, he’s worried, Bella what exactly did you tell him” she accused glaring at her.

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“Come on Abella don’t give me that look” Bella replied with an eye roll.


“Go and take your bath and come and meet your prince charming”.

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“Ok mum, could you please keep his company”.


“Yes ma’am that’s what am going to do”.


She wore a white cropped top over a blue jean bum short before she strolled down to meet Max.


“Good afternoon sir” she greeted calling his attention to her.


Max diverted his gaze to her, his heart twitch again,she was so beautiful, he couldn’t help staring at her.


“Hello” she called again.


Max licked his lips, embarrassed that he was caught staring “Good afternoon Ann” he greeted.


“I can see that you are enjoying my sister’s company” she said smiling, whilst winking at Bella.

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“Yeah it’s true, Bella have a great sense of humor” he replied laughing.


“Great then, I don’t have to introduce you guys again”.


“Yeah”they both replied.


“Sis Mum called a while ago,she told me to get somethings for her at Victoria Island” Bella said.


“What? Isa do you know your way around here?” She asked smiling.



“You seems to forget sis,that I work at Ikeja and I know my way around Lagos” she replied grooving at her.


“Whatever, grab some pizza for me”.


“Maxwell see you later” she replied.


“Maxwell?” Ann asked bewildered.


Bella pulled out her tongue “deal with it baby”.


“Screw you” she replied laughing “gosh pardon my manners, I can’t get enough of her she’s is Zee world extraordinary everyday”.


Max did not hesitate to join in the laugh ,he laughed heartedly.


Ann took the moment to examine him, she has never seen him in casual clothes before and he looks so hot, no wonder Bella had to excuse them. He wore a white Polo and a kneel length shorts together with white Snickers.


Max on his own part can’t take his eyes off her,she wore a bum short that clung to her ass firmly and a crop top. He asked himself for the umpteenth time if she’s not out to seduce him but she’s so hot.


“Sir thanks for checking up on me” she said gratefully.


“Hmm” he smiled “for the love of Chin Chin and Yogurt,stop all this sirs, we’re not in the office”.


She paused her lips “yes sir,I mean Max”.


“So you mean you don’t know your way around Lagos?” He asked.


“Yep” she replied.


“How about take you out” he stated staring at her “around Lagos”.



“Yeah it’s a great idea, let me place a call to my mum” she squeaked and looked down “I can’t go like this, let me go change my clothes”.


On getting to her room she had to slap herself for behaving so childish.






“Wow the beach is so beautiful” she yelled happily as she stood besides the ocean letting the waves to wash her legs whilst she took a lot of pictures.


“Max” she screamed before jumping inside the water.


Max was terrified,he thought that she was drowning and he rushed inside the water.


Ann bought out her head laughing happily “I got you boss” she shouted.


Max after realizing that he has been played he was embarrassed but it didn’t take long before he smirked evilly at her.


“Oh no” Ann thought.


Within a flash he grabbed her by her waist and threw her inside the water, she started laughing,then he started tickling her.


“Stop stop Max stop” she laughed.


During the process an image flashed across her vision,she saw a burnt crying woman.


Slowly her smile faded and she started coughing. Max was horrified “Ann Ann what’s wrong” he shouted.


He carried her out of the water “what’s wrong Ann?” He asked.


Ann was paled “I saw her” she whispered with her heart beating furiously against her chest, Max could hear her heartbeat.



“Who?” He asked.


“Oh God not a again” she said crying.


“What’s wrong Ann talk to me” he asked worried.


She looked at him,”my nightmare again”.


“Again?” He asked.


“Max I keep on having this nightmares and today do you know what I saw,I saw a burnt woman crying, what does these things have to do with me why? Am twenty four, have been having this different dreams constantly for eight years but now it only grew worst” she sobbed with her body shaking vigorously.


“It’s time! It’s time!! It’s time!!!.


“No” she screamed covering her ears “leave me alone” she holds her head screaming frantically “get out of my head, please, please” she sobbed.


Max was horrified,he has never seen her so vulnerable before,she was crying and it makes his heart hurts.


Max had no choice than to take her home.






“Fuck Ann what’s wrong with her?” Bella asked glaring at Max


“I think she had a mental break down,chill it not my fault” Max replied.


“What? Ann” she moved closer to her, then she layed her on the couch.


“Hmm”, Max scratched his head softly, “I think I have to be on my way,I will check on her tomorrow”.


“Ok thanks for your concern”.



I cut my hair .



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Lost Princess



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