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The Lost Princess – Episode 6

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“Mum am back” Ann informed her mum.


“Hmm Anna what are you doing here, have you been fired from work?” Her mum asked smiling.


“No mum, she smiled “am not that bad,am taking the rest of the week off”.


“Sweetie it seems this dream is taking it toil on you”.


“Like seriously sunshine,am fed up,I don’t know what to do and it seems real”.


“Sorry sweetie,be praying,I will also be praying for you,go take your shower and sleep it shall be well with you”.


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“Abella, what up you are a bit early today? Bella asked.


“I took the rest of the week off” she replied.


“What happened?” She (Bella)asked.


“Isa you are my sister has you are aware of what am going through”.


Bella moves closer to her and hug her.


“Am sorry sis”.


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“That aside am going on a date with my boss” Ann informed lightening the mood.


“What?” Bella stared at her wide eyes “like seriously,are you for real?”.


“Nope am for fake, am serious girl”.


“Wow, around what time tomorrow?”..


“Six pm ma’am”.


“Ok don’t you worry little sis, I will do the make up”.


“No problem sis, I trust you”.






“Now the finishing touches”.


“Isa, no need for all these,am just going on a date with my boss not my boyfriend”.


“Who said your boss can’t be your boyfriend, come off it kid sis”.


“Isa do you have to tell it to my face that am your kid sis, anyway thanks biggest sis”.


“You gonna wear this blue gown a matching jewelry and a blue heel”.


She did as she was told and she looked at her self in the mirror


“Oh” she held her head, she suddenly had a flashback she looked exactly like how she was in her dream except for the crown and the horse tail.


“What’s wrong” Bella asked.


She didn’t want to bother her sister so she told her she is fine.


At exactly six pm Max called for the direction of her house which she did gratefully,he later called that he is outside.


Wow she held her breath she couldn’t believe who was standing in front of her it seems like a dream she had this kind of excitement in her..


Max was super excited when he saw her he still couldn’t place the kind of feeling he has for her. Is it love or lust but he was confident that it’s the former.


“My princess let go” he said reaching out to her.



“Huh?” She asked” my princess?”.


“Pardon me Annabelle”.




“Just forget about that,let go”.


Max took her to a classic restaurant.A table was reserved for them at a close corner. Max stood up and pulled out the chair for Ann to sit during the process his hand brushed her back. Ann felt a bolt of electricity rushing through her vein and that’s not the only thing she felt ,she felt the butterflies again but this time they didn’t twitch they are actually flying in her stomach.


“Yeah”Max said “let be formal with each other, you call me Max”.


“Yes sir”she replied.


“Come off it Ann, don’t be be so official,we are on a date, not some company assignment.” He said.




“Tell me about you Ann”.


“Am the second child of the Richard family”.


“What! Come again,did you say Richard” Max asked wide eyed.


“Yeah” she smiled.


“Wow, why did you come to work in our company?”.


“hmm I choose so though am being talked into working in our company but am not interested I want to explore”.


“Let order our meal” Max informed when a waitress came to take their orders.


“Ok”, tell me about you sir” she smiled.


“Am Maxwell Anderson the only son at that and the……………”.


“My boss” she completed.


Max laughed heartedly.


‘Gawd she loves his laugh’.






“Let do this more often”he smiled.


“What? More often?” Ann asked to be sure of what she heard.


“Yeah” he smiled.


“Ok sir”.


“Hmm Ann” max called.




“Can I take a picture of you” he asked.




She pose for the picture and they also took picture together with max kissing her slightly on the cheek.


He later drop her home.


“I will see you on Monday, thanks so much sir”.


“No Ann” he replied “Don’t be so sure”.




“Bye” Then he drove off.



How Rich do you think Annabelle is?



Who else think Ann loves saying ‘what?’







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