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The Lost Princess – Episode 5

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Few weeks later


“Mum have been having this dreams over and over again” Ann complained to her mum.


“Anna am also fed up” her mum replied.


“Mum could you believe it’s been eight years already” she informed. Flashback


She found herself in her school back in California,she was talking to her friends when a man and a woman suddenly appeared to her.


“Marietta it’s time”! They said.


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“Who is Marietta?”she asked screaming .


Her voice attracted her mother who rushed inside (Ann) her bedroom.


“Mum!Mum!! It’s time” she panicked.


“Ann what happened?” Her mum asked.



“Mum I had a terrific nightmare”.


“It’s ok dear” her mum soothed.




“Mum the dreams are coming more often and often, and it seems so real all the time but what I can remember is that they always tell me that it’s time”she cried.

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“It’s time?” Her mum asked.


“Yeah mum I don’t know what time is it gosh am fed up” she complained pathetically.


“Hmm what can I do”her mum sighed.


“Mum am off to work,see you in the evening”.


“Ok dear, hmm this is getting more often and often” her mom thought.




‘she looks so disturbed today’ Max thought to himself.


“Mr Max, Mr Max”Ann called.


“Ms Ann what’s wrong you looked disturbed” he asked.


“It’s nothing sir” shr replied.


“Are you sure?” He asked.


“Yes sir am alright sir”she smiled.


“If that’s is the case then what can I do for you”he smiled back to her.


“Hmm sir”she smiled.



For a spilt second Max thought his heart twitched.


“Ok I know this may sound awkward,can I take a picture of you?” she asked cautiously.


“What! My picture for what?” He was shocked ‘this Lady is sure full of surprises’ he thought.


“Hmm just a shot sir, just one”she pleaded.


He was still contemplating about it when she took the picture




“Wow it’s indeed a nice shot” she compliments.


What! Did you just take the picture?” He asked.


“Yeah” she smiled happily, “letme show the picture” she moved towards him and bend in a way that they were only few inches from each other.


Max took in a deep breath, he inhaled her perfume, she really smell nice, he felt his heart twitched again before it started beating again ‘what’s wrong with me’ he thought


“Sir! Sir! She called again “thank you very much sir” she smiled brightly “am off to my office”.


“Ms Ann can we have lunch later today?” He proposed.


“Nah,I will pass, thanks for the pictures” she replied and exit the office.


‘what’s wrong with me?’ Max asked yet again.


“Bella this is the picture,are you satisfied now” Ann said showing the picture she took earlier to her sister.



“OMG” Bella screamed” Annabelle you didn’t inform me that you are working with a freaking Greek god”.


“Ha ha ha ha” Ann laughed “baby don’t forget that you are in Africa”.


“Come off it Ann, this guy is freaking handsome, look at those nice pink lips,gosh look at his eyebrows”.


“Hey it’s my boss we are talking about here”.


“Ann cutie please send me the picture” Bella said.


“What? Come again,I can’t,I know what you can do I can’t ok” Ann said.


“Ann please” she begged.


“Nope” Ann said firmly.


Bella can be crazy sometimes and she had this vibe for cute and handsome men, there was a time, Ann was walking at a restaurant back in California,she told Bella about Cassie her colleague and Bella requested for his picture she went as far as editing her picture and that of Cassie together and boom she posted it on social media,it was really embarrassing for Ann, Cassie swore not to take pictures with her and Ann wouldn’t want history to repeat it self.






She was clad in a white wrapper from her breast down to her hip,she carried a Calabash surrounded with cowries and white wrapper,three men followed her and they were chanting some songs after her,then a man came in front of her and said “it’s time” before he started chanting incantations.


“Oh my God, not again, what’s really happening to me” she cried.


“What! She jumped up “am late” she rushed to the bathroom to take her bath and hurried out of the house.





“Good morning sir, you are scheduled for an 8:00 flight this morning and you are to go to your personal assistant” The secretary informed Max.


“And where is she?” Max asked.


“She’s not in yet” she replied.


“What? He checked his watch it’s 7:50 already, “we ought to have been on the way now” he complained.


Ann rushed inside looking disorganized.


“Am sorry sir” she apologized.


“Ms Ann” he called.Read some more interesting stories from or get Topster Stories app


“Sir?” She flinched.


“Ms Ann what’s wrong with you?” He asked with concern evident in his voice.


He moved closer to her and whispered softly to her “come to my office”.


“Yes sir”.


“Ms Ann what’s the problem, since the past few weeks, you have been different and that’s so unusual of you”he asked.


“Hmm” she sighed “sir I have a serious problem have been battling with since eight years ago”.


“Hmm problem like what?” He asked.


“Sir am sorry sir I don’t want to burden you with my sad story” she said.


“Ann do you remember that problem shared is half solved”he protested.



“Yes sir”she paused “it all started eight years ago when I started having this nightmares at first I thought thought it was just a normal dream until it started coming frequently and it becomes a daily routine, though the dreams are not different from others but recently it’s utterly different from the ones have been having,am tired” she cried.


Max looked at her and hugged her closely “it’s ok,stop crying, it’s fine” he soothed.


“Can you tell me the content of the dreams” he said.


She raised her head up to meet his gaze “it’s just a strange man and woman telling me it’s time but the problem is time for what,I just don’t know am fed up”.


“Hmm it ok”.


She suddenly stood up “am sorry sir, what about the flight we want to catch”.


“Ann it can wait I will schedule another meeting with them , just take a leave and ease off your problem tomorrow by six pm am going to pick you up for dinner” he smiled.


“Pardon, excuse me sir,why will you do such a thing?” She asked.


“Don’t you worry, it’s ok, you have my word and don’t keep me waiting tomorrow” he smiled.


“Ok sir thank you sir” and she left.


Max couldn’t help but have mixed feeling,he was feeling so sorry for Ann and at the same time he couldn’t contain his happiness because since the rift between them he found out he has been thinking more about her recently and he couldn’t place the type of feeling he’s having.


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