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The Lost Princess – Episode 44

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Chappie forty four


Final episode






All king Lawson immediate family , assembled in the palace, they all did not understand the reason for the emergency meeting.


Eze was the first to see his daughter body on the floor.


“What did you do to my daughter?” he yelled moving towards Ann as she shot him a glare.


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“What did you do to my daughter?” He yelled again moving to touch Ann.


“Don’t touch me” she screamed moving away from her uncle.


“Now everyone listen and listen very good to what I have to say”. She said sitting down on one of the cushion in the room.


“Unice put poison in my food, she ate the food a while ago before she died”. She said.


All her family looked around with shock on their faces.


“Fine Unice is not someone I like but I don’t hate her either, but putting poison in my food is too extreme, she said she was only following instructions”.



“Eze! See what you caused, you killed your daughter because of your selfish interest” his wife yelled dragging his clothes.


Hot tears fell out of Eze’s eyes his favorite daughter is gone.

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“I don’t hate you all” she said calmly “I just don’t like you all, you all derived me the joy of growing up with my parents, do you all know the kind of emotional trauma you made me go through, I sat down and think that I should let it go, you took my family, God gave me a great family in replacement but I don’t know my uncle could be so shallow to want to kill me after all these years”.


“Princess we are deeply sorry, we have now realized that none of us is destined for the throne, with or without the throne we are all doing fine, please forgive us,we are all against our brother ,we warned him not to try anything but he wouldn’t listen please forgive us” Oluchi pleads.


“It’s no problem, it all in the past” she said walking into her room.




“I swear I didn’t want her to die” Ann cried Max when he came visiting.


“What really happened?” Max asked.


“The maids bought my food,and a voice whispered to me not to eat the food,I was curious, I swear I was” she cried holding her chest.


“Take a deep breath” he said.


“I asked the maid who prepared the food and I was told it was Unice”.


“Unice? When did Unice starts preparing your food?”


“I asked the same question, so I told them to call Unice ,I told her to eat the food but she didn’t want to eat it”



“I should have left her alone but I threatened to break a plate on her head she should have tell me instead of eating the food I just want to force the answer out of her” she cried.


“It’s ok” he soothes “don’t blame yourself for her death, she chooses to eat the food herself” he replied.


“But she didn’t have to die” she sniffed.


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preparation for the marriage and coronation had begun in earnest in the palace. Max insisted on having a white wedding but Ann kicked against the idea,she

hadn’t been to a traditional wedding before but she made sure to watch hers.


Bella had gotten married to Davis two months ago they both will be flying from San Francisco for the wedding.


Ann forgive her biological family, after Unice’s death Eze swore not to come near Ann again, he begged for forgiveness and he was forgiven. The bride price was to be shared among the two families the Lawsons and the Richards its an order.


Mrs Choima Anderson couldn’t stop showering Ann with gifts, even the car gifted to her on her sixth birthday was given back to her. Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from


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News spread far and wide across the globe, Ijele people from far and wide came to witness the coronation after the throne had been vacant for Eighteen years, the governor and presidents are not left out.


A lot of cultural groups came to performed that day the ijele’s masquerade was not left out.



After all the rituals she was crowned the queen and her husband the king and they all lived happily.




“Mummy mummy look what have got” her six year old son rushed into her room hold a box in his hands.


“Sebastian what have you got there?” She asked walking towards the boy.


“A box mummy a box” he replied showing her the box.


“It so big how do you manage to carry it?” She asked collecting the box from him.


“Dad said am a big boy” he said flexing his muscles.


“Yes my dear, you are, where did you find this?”.


“Grandparents room” he replied.


“Seb what have I told you about searching what isn’t yours?” She frowned at him.


“Am sorry mum” he looked down guilty.


“No problem boy now let find what is in the box” she said trying to open the box.


“Mum is the box not opening?” He asked.


“Yes my dear”.


“What should we do?” He asked.


“I don’t know?”.


“Mum should I call uncle chidi?”.


“Yes my dear” she replied and he ran out of the room.



“Good evening my queen” chidi greeted.


“Oh good evening please help me to open that box” she said pointing to the box.


“Ok ma” he replied.


Her phone rang.


“Crony how is the baby doing?” She said happily to the phone.


“Baby is kicking well” Bella replied.


Bella is having her third baby.


“How are Davebella one and two doing?” She asked.


“They are fine, Marie am planning a baby shower for my little Davebella and I need your great planning skills” she said.


She was so engrossed with the conversation that she forgets about the box.


“Mum uncle chidi has opened the box” Seb said but she waved him off with a wave of hand.


By the time she finished talking to her sister, it already time to pick Princess Tania from her ballet class so she totally forget the box.


Max was the one to later notice the box laying on their bed when he got back from his various meetings.


“Mrs Max what is that?” He asked after breaking from the welcome kiss his wife gave him.


“Oh” she replied “Seb found it in my parents room and I told chidi to open it for me, I don’t know what’s inside” she shrugged.



“Why don’t you let us check what is inside?” He said moving towards the box and she followed him.


“My childhood pictures?” She asked picking up the pictures one by one then she found a flash, she picked it up and show it to her husband.


“A flash drive what could be in it?” He asked.


“Well we don’t know let check” she said putting the flash into her laptop.


The first thing that shows was the image of her late parents. She stared at the picture for a long time next she saw a video and she clicked on it.


Her parents sat down in her mother’s garden with beautiful smiles on their faces with little Ann in their arms.


She heard a masculine voice. Her father’s voice.


“Adaeze we hope where ever fate kept you will still come across this flash, I and your mum strive hard before we gave birth to you, we tried to have another baby but we couldn’t but what could we do you have been a blessing and a source of joy to us, I want you to know we love you so much”.


Another video was displayed where her parents sat down gloomily in the garden.


She heard her mother’s voice this time.


“Adaobi, we are not happy about what is going to happen to us after your sixth birthday, it like we are destined to die” she said.


“And I swore to protect you, we will take you to a far away land where no harm shall come to you, we will be your guardian angel” her father said.


“Max is your husband, he was the husband you choosed for yourself and the husband we choosed for you and he is also the husband the heavens choose for you, he is the one you should marry”.


“We don’t know how and when we will die but we both hope to die peacefully.



“Marietta please don’t hate my family, don’t hate they will sooner or later realize what they have done”.


“Underneath the pictures you will find in the box are our diaries read it at your leisure time, it contains some of our secret property these are our last words to you our only child Adaobi Marietta Lawson.


The video stopped to be replaced by videos of when she was still a baby till she clocked six and videos of when her parents met when her father was crowned and when they married.


She cried when she saw the videos even Max couldn’t stop his tears.


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She clutched the pictures in her hands . She swore to keep their memories alive.








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