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The Lost Princess – Episode 42

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Chappie forty two




Bella walked grumpily to the door


She opened the door, open her mouth wide and banged the door immediately.


“Jesus” her mom screamed “Bella what’s wrong with you do you want to break the door” she snapped.


“Am sorry mum” she yelled back and opened the door “who are you?” She snapped.


“Oh sorry Ann didn’t introduce me am a robot made just like her”.


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“What?” Bella asked with her mouth hanging out opened. “Robot or what ever you are let me call her and confirm” Bella said tapping furiously into her phone.


She entered into the house and banged the door again.


“Hello” she said to the phone.


“Sis”Ann laughed.


“Like there’s some sort of robot outside there” Bella said opening the door again “what? Ann?” She yelled.


“Where is she?”.


“Shut up stupid” Bella yelled crashing her self on Ann.


“Owh oh I can’t breathe” Ann groaned.


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“Mum dad look who have got here” Bella yelled dragging Ann inside with her.


“Ann? Is that you?” Patricia asked.


“Yes mum” Ann replied pulling her into a hug.


“What about me young girl” Richard said.


“Dad!” Ann yelled jumping on him.


“Easy baby girl” Richard laughed ” have told you am not young anymore, you can go and jump on your betrothed not me”.


“Whatever dad you are my first husband, I love love love you” she said kissing his cheeks.


“Hey young lady you can’t come and snatch my husband here” Patricia said and they all laughed.


“Enough of that” Bella said “Ann let’s go we have a lot of catching up to do” she said dragging Ann along with her.



“So Bella what’s the gist” Ann asked when they finally settled down in Bella’s room.


“Nothing much, have been happy, every one is doing great” Bella said placing her hand on her chest.


“Oh my God!!” Ann yelled.


“What?” Bella asked.


“Oh my God” Ann cooed staring at her sister’s hand in admiration.


“What?” Bella asked again.


“Wow” Ann said holding her hands in hers.


“Oh this?” Bella asked shyly.


“Yes when did it happen, you don’t even tell me” Ann accused.


“Eeeh when i was telling you about how serious we are, you were all about your mother inlaw” Bella replied.


“Oh that” she shrugged “have you tell mum and dad?”.




“Well this calls for celebrations, let party party party party” Ann yelled.


“It’s true crony it been long since we had one of our crazy parties”.


“Yes party that involves two people drinking yogurt and eating biscuits.


“Yes crazy indeed” They both laughed.


“Hey kids the food is ready” Patricia yelled from the kitchen.


“We are coming mommy” They both laughed.




“Hello boyfie” Ann said sweetly into the phone.


“Wife how are doing?”.


“Am fine love”.


“What are you doing now?”.


“Sitting idle in the palace learning more about culture and crap” .


“Wow Ann that’s strange, you love our culture don’t you?”.


“I do but am not finding it interesting anymore it bores me” .she whinned.


“Hold on love I think someone is by the door”. He said walking towards the door.


“Are you expecting someone?”.


“Nope am not expecting and if it’s my mum she won’t knock” he replied opening the door.


“Suprise suprise” she smiled sweetly at him.


“Am speechless, I don’t know what to say” he said.


“Well you are actually talking” she replied.


“Come here” he said pulling her into a hug. “I love your suprise” he smiled.


“You are welcome husband” she said placing a kiss on his lips.


“So what should I cook for you?” He asked.



“Me?” She laughed “don’t worry I will cook my self, dear husband what should I prepare for you?” She asked sweetly.


“Egusi would do” he replied.


“Don’t worry husby, sit down and wait for your wife” she said walking into the kitchen.


“Hello lawyer can you please come over by four this evening, yes I will be expecting you”.


“I feel good pararararan” Ann sang in the kitchen.


“Wife the food must be delicious oo” he yelled from the sitting room.




“Wow this is delicious but love tone down on the salt okay”.


“Yes your majesty, open your mouth” she said picking up a piece of meat and she put it into his mouth.




“Max are you expecting someone?” She yelled.


“Yes is someone by the door please open the door for the person” he replied.


“Ok ” she replied.


“Good evening your highness”. The stranger greets.


“Huh do you know me?” She asked casting a confused look at the man.


“Well am lawyer Adebayo your late parents lawyer” the man introduces himself.



“Oh Ann you are have met with him, he was your late parents lawyer and he is here to do the handing over of your father’s business”. He explained.


“Oh ok that’s nice” she nodded in agreement.


“But there seems to be a problem now” lawyer bayo said.


“What’s it?” They both asked.


“The names, the names on the properties your parents left for you is different from your name now”.


“What am i going to do?”.


“You will have to do change of name”.


“Yes but does that mean I will leave my current names?” She asked.


“Yes” the lawyer replied.


“But isn’t there a way for me not to drop the surname, I don’t want to leave their name behind, they raised me” she said.


“I really don’t know” the man replied. “You really have to do this because some of your father’s properties are with his family.


“You know what can you remove Marietta out of the names and put Richard, like the name will be Lawson Adaobi Richard”. She said.


“Yes we can use that too” the lawyer smiled.


“What about me you gonna get my name when we get married” he said.


“Oh till then love” she replied.Read some more interesting stories from or get Topster Stories app


“Thanks for your time your highness, I will like to be on my way” the lawyer said and walked out of the house.



All the process and procedures for Ann to take over her father’s properties was done and sealed, Ann herself couldn’t believe the amount of properties her parents acquired.


After she had completed the needful she traveled back to Anambra.



To be continued









What Happened In Anambra

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