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The Lost Princess – Episode 40

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Few days later


“Now Princess you have been taught the moral etiquette of this kingdom, now let’s move to the history and origin of this Noble kingdom” Amaka the head maid instructed.


“Yes ma’am” she replied.

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“Well Princess you Will have to drop all these your American replies you are in Nigeria now”.


“Ok I get it can we just move on to the origin” she said with distaste in her voice.

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“Yes my princess Ijele kingdom was originated from old Anambra state here in Nigeria many centuries ago”.




“This Noble kingdom is represented by a great masquerade and it is the biggest masquerade in the sub saharan Africa. It is a tradition of the igbo people listed by the UNESCO archives as an intangible masking tradition”.


“Why intangible?” She asked.


“It was considered intangible because it’s difficult to describe and understand the masquerade is so big” Amaka explained.


“Continue” she said.


“It comprises of two segment: the upper and lower segment divided at the center by a big python”.


“What? Python” she shriek ” did you just say python? Is it living or dead?”.

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“You don’t cease to flatter me Princess, it dead python of course do you want it to kill the masquerade inhabitants?” Amaka laughed.


“Oh” she smiled.


“The upper segment is called MKPU Ijele while the lower segment is called AKPAKWURU Ijele or Ogbanibe and the centre is called Eke ogba that’s the python”.


“I can’t even pronounce the names you are calling” she laughed.


“Ijele towers about 15feets to 12feets based on gravitational balance construction”.


“Wow this masquerade is very large then 15feet?” She wowed.


“Yes my princess it’s built around the intricay of multi colored clothes, bamboo sticks and came in line with a creative hand element.


Due to it weighty size, an outdoor big house must be prepared for Ijele anywhere it will perform it takes about 100men to work for six months in preparation of Ijele costumes and house before an outing performance”.


“100 men to work for six months just for costumes and house? I guess that’s why it’s intangible”.


“Yes Princess”.


“Our kindom is the largest mask system ever to enter the history of the world masking tradition”.


“Like is there music or anything played for this masquerade?”.


“Yes the masquerade has a special brand of band group that entertain it whenever it performs. It dances majestically to the royal band group called and known as Igbaeze. Royal band group or literally known as drums of the king popularly called Akunechenyi in our language, the musical instruments include 4drums Ogene, Uyo, Ekwe flute (oja ufele) wooden clapper (Aja oja) amongst other”.


“This is interesting is that all?”.


“Nope Princess The masquerade has it own mirror” Amaka informed.


“Mirror? What does a masquerade want to do with a mirror?” She asked.


“Let me explain to you, the Ijele’s mirror picks up and sees anyone with charm or destructive weapon”.





“The mirror magnets the person to Ijele for punishment. This mirror is reflective and creates an aesthetic beauty.


The python you freaked out on is a big snake signifying royalty and mightiness of Ijele”.


“What about the clothes and costumes the 100 men took six months to design Is there any peculiarities about it?”.


“Yes your highness the fabrics is popularly known as Idodo it’s very expensive colour velvety material Ijele has all colors but yellow, black and red are more pronounced. Ijele trees, animals white men carved human activities signifies wholesomeness of Ijele as every aspect of human life is depicted on Ijele’s masquerade”.


“Anything else? Please I need a glass of juice” she said.


“Ijele is crown up with mermaid objects signifying Ijele as the greatest of all masquerade. Ijele horse represents majesty and greatness. This masquerade has political spiritual ,social, psychological and recreational significance”.


“Thanks Amaka please can we stop for today and before I go please cancel my schedule for too till tomorrow” she said walking into her room.


“Ok Princess Adaeze” Amaka said.




“Princess it is time for you to be introduced to the family” Amaka informed the princess the following morning while they were dressing the Princess.


“Family indeed same family that killed my parents” she hissed.


“Chichima don’t think about that, thank the gods for keeping you alive there is nothing they can do to you God is with you”.


“Ok” she breaths.




Ann walked elegantly into the sitting room where her family sat down her eyes swept through the familar and unfamiliar faces in the room until it landed on Eze the elder son his expression was grim more like he was forced to be there she smirked beside him seated Unice and her sisters she wasn’t suprised at all Unice had a look of jealousy and hatered on her face Ann shakes her head and smirked at her.


“Who do we have here my favorite family” she said sarcastically.


While they all shifted uncomfortably on their seats.


“So am to be introduced to my rebellious family” she smiled “am the lost Princess Marietta Adaobi Lawson”.


“Chichima” Alfred stood up .


“Sorry uncle it Marietta to you not chichima” she snapped “go on with what you want to say”.


“Nothing” Alfred said sitting back down.


“Hello young girl” Eze thundered “we are trying to reconcile with you don’t make it hard for us”.


“Hmmm” she laughed “now the first rebellious son talks, listen to me uncle or whatever you are don’t you ever yell at me am not your daughter and it will be better if you know your place, I don’t like you guys and I won’t pretend to like you ok” she replied.


“Who the are you princess or no Princess don’t talk to my father like that” Unice spat angrily.


“Hmmm” she scoffs ” now the rebellious daughter speaks out, you seems to forget something Unice am not six year old again you can’t bully me anymore and your father now I can see who you really look like, like father like daughter, if you and



your father don’t have anything significant to say to me please I will advise you not to talk at all”.


“Hi Marie am Jessica do you remember me?” Jessica said smiling widely at her.


“Yes I remember” Ann smiled back at her ” my favorite cousin who is out to seduce my betrothed because of the throne” she smirked at her.


“Oh” Jessica said guilty.


“Oh you guys aren’t complete with my dad out of the way, you guys supposed to be five why four where is uncle William?” She asked. As they shift uncomfortably on their seats.


“Oh sorry he tried to sit on the throne now he’s dead, sorry case” she laughed “you know what this meeting, introduction or what ever you call it is dismissed”. She said with dismissal in her voice and they all walked shamefully out of the palace.


“Amaka I want all the staffs in the palace changed with immediate effect” she said.


“Why?” Amaka asked.


“Are you going to question my authority?” She asked .


“No my princess”. Amaka bowed as she walked out of the room.



Did she treat her family fairly



To be continued



Please don’t castrate me oo the bus we were taking to Anambra broke down on the road for two days







What Happened In Anambra

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