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The Lost Princess – Episode 33

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Chappie Thirty Three


✓ Eighteen years ago✓



King Lawson stood inside the throne room, looking keenly at the throne, the expression on his face is not decipherable but tears was cascading down his face.


His wife the queen entered the room with their six years old daughter with the same expressions on her face and,she was also crying.Read some more interesting stories from or get Topster Stories app


Both the king and queen were crying with no one to console them,their daughter oblivious of what is going on looked at her parents happily.


“It’s time” the king said.


“Lawson isn’t there a way for us to avert this?, Isn’t there a way?” The queen asked sadly.

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“Angela there isn’t a way,the only thing we can do is to secure our daughter’s future”.


“How? She’s going to die also” Angela replied.


“No Angela,our only child is not going to die along with us” the king stated firmly.


“Lawson what have you done?”.


“A life for a life, our lives for our daughter’s”.


“Hmm” Angela heaved sadly.


“Yes we have to beat my family at their game but we both have to go”.


“Lawson if we die, who’s going to take care of her,are they not going to kill her?”.

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“No they won’t have access to her,we will send her far away” the king replied.


“Oh” Angela replied pulling her daughter into a hug.


“Angela we have to Live the remaining part of our lives to the fullest,we have to make most of it”.


“Yes” Angela sniffed.


“Let take a break, maybe we should go to Lagos, after then we can await whatever fate brings to our door step” Lawson said walking towards his family. “I love you both” he whispered and engulfed them in a hug.


The following day they all prepare to go to Lagos as usual to have quiet time with their daughter.



Both the king and his wife knew that they are going to die but they don’t know it will be too soon.


Death is inevitable, every one is going to die.


But let pray we don’t die Young,let pray we don’t die leaving our children to suffer and leaving our children to this life of pain, let pray we don’t die not fulfilling our destiny, let pray that in the midst of our hustling and bustling we don’t lose our lives.


Law and Angela had their plans but fate had more plan in stock For them.


On their way from the beach they had an accident which claimed their lives.


Now the question is isn’t their daughter with them in the car?


She got down from the car to ease her self,she bends down at the drainage system beside the car when the tanker collided with the car, so why is the daughter unhurt?.


The car was burnt beyond recognition and it didn’t affect the girl standing beside it,at least when the tanker exploded some body part will scatter and fly all around, well it did scatter but it didn’t affect the little girl.


During the point of explosion no human in his right sense will go near the fire but the girl wasn’t hurt and she was right beside the car.


Among all the sympathizers only one person was able to notice her and the person was able to save her.


This works with fate and not many people believe in fate.


The king’s plan: Although the king went extreme miles to protect his Daughter.


The king plans to take his daughter far away from Nigeria to another country and he made a blood oath to secure the throne for his daughter, his plan was that after some years the princess will find her way back to the palace one way or the other,



but fate or the almighty or the gods had the same plan as his, as the princess was taken to a country where voodoo could not decipher her whereabouts,she was kept safe until years later when she will find her way back to the palace.


The king and queen died but their spirit didn’t rest until they make sure they lead their daughter back to her rightful place at the right time.






Granny was finally able to secure an appointment with the dibia but her appointment was scheduled for the next couple of weeks and they are waiting anxiously till then.


The dreams didn’t come to Ann like before,she now see it vividly just like visions and it’s making here look crazy.


Like when she saw a strange man walking to her with a smile on his face, she asked her sister if she saw the man and her sister replied that she didn’t see anyone.


She was still curious about the pictures she saw at Max’s,she even begged Max to bring the picture to her, Max felt it was weird but after much beging and passuasion he hands the picture to her and she secretly capture the picture on her phone before handling it back to him.




Two weeks later


Things are taking new turn since when Ann landed in Anambra Without anyone taking her to the palace she had found her way in.


Annabelle didn’t know what’s going on again, but it felt as if someone was ringing a bell to her,she hears the voice not in her dreams but right in her ears, she heard the cool voice of a woman whispering to her then.



One day she woke up from yet another of her numerous dreams,then suddenly she heard the voice “my daughter stand up”.


Just like a force pulling an object she felt herself standing up and following the voice before she knew it she was on the main road leading to the palace “keep going was what she was hearing”.


Suddenly the voice asked her to stop and she realized that she is in front of what looked like a palace.


“Enter” the voice instructed and she obliged,she found herself in the throne room she always see in her dreams suddenly am image flashed across her pheripherals.


“Keep moving” the voice said again, she found herself in front of what looks like a collection of pictures.


She saw a cute little baby girl with big brown eyes as she was staring at the picture she felt something familiar about the picture, then she moved to another picture, the baby was now older probably two years, she was dressed like a princess,a man, the king placed the kid on his lap and a woman dressed like a queen was smiling widely in the picture.


She found another picture, here the princess was five years as it was one of her birthday pictures, she took the picture with two boys, surprisingly one of the boys in the picture looks so familiar but she couldn’t place it.


She took the picture along with her, she took another picture where the princess was dressed in casual clothes,the little girl looks so adorable in the picture.


She walked out of the palace the same way she got in.



To be continued







What Happened In Anambra

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