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The Lost Princess – Episode 32

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Chappie Thirty Two


This chapter is dedicated to Roxy Bella, thanks for checking up on me, it means a lot to me thank you very much I appreciate it


“Mama she’s the sole reason why we came back home please help us to help her” Patricia said to her mother inlaw.


“Yes I have her in mind, but the dibia I want to meet concerning her situation, I will have to book a day with him and it might come to a day where I will need to take her along with me, so what explanation are you going to give her?”.


“Hmm” Richard replied.


“That girl she is so different from her sister, she loves this country unlike her sister but she will ask questions” granny states the obvious.


“But Mama let her explain her dreams to you maybe we can find a temporary solution to it” Patricia said.


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“That’s so thoughtful of you” granny replied.


“Anna dear” Patricia said to the phone “can you please come to the garden, she’s coming”.


“Granny, hope nothing is wrong?” Ann asked looking between her parents and her grandmother when she got to the garden.


“No problem my child, your parents said you had dreams” granny asked.


“Yes Mama, the dreams are terrifying,it has been on for eight years” Ann replied sadly.


“Eight years!” Mama asked wide eyed.


“Yes” Ann replied and explain the content of the dream to the old woman.


“Woah why does it seems like the dreams are trying to send a message to you” Richard exclaimed.


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“Ann sweetie, your granny is thinking about seeing a dibia on your behalf so that we can know the meaning of the dreams” Patricia said.


“Does that dibia means those men I see in my dreams putting on white wrappers and chalkish substance on their faces?” Ann asked.


“Yes dear you could say that’ granny replied.


“No problem,I mean it for the best, thank you sir and ma” she replied walking away, then she walk back to them.


“Mum do we have any of our childhood picture here in Nigeria?” She asked.


“Yes baby it’s in the store” Patricia replied.


“Ok mum” she said simply and walked out.


A week later


Max felt he couldn’t stop thinking about Ann, she had clouded every ounce of his thoughts, everything about her had clouded his thoughts from her smiles to her frowns but what kept pushing him away is Marietta and his mother.


“Nicole you promised to talk to my woman but you did not” he accused his cousin while they are drinking at the bar.


“I did but your mom didn’t listen to me, she was like ‘who the hell is Anabelle that has gotten under everyone’s skin’ , like she doesn’t want to hear any other name aside from Adaobi”.


“Huh” he groaned ” my life”.

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“What about Unice?” Nicole asked.


“Don’t even go there Nicole,am tired of staying here already the reason why am here in the first place was because of Ann, could you believe that Marie’s younger cousin Jessica is making passes at me,I don’t know I think it like am some pass to the throne, I hate my life” he said sadly.


“Hmm this is serious, those people are trying to get you killed what are you going to about Annabelle?” Nicole asked.


“I love Ann, Marie or no Marie, I don’t know if she’s ever coming back,I can’t wait any longer, maybe my life does not revolves around the throne,I just want to be happy and Annabelle makes me happy”.


“All the best bro you know everything you do i will always support you” Nicole said.


“Bro I will like to be on my way now” Max said standing up “See you some other time” he said walking out of the bar.




“Max” his father beconed to him when he entered the sitting room.


“I did my research and I found something interesting about the throne”.


“Oh” was all Max could say as he sits down.


don’t you think Marietta’s parents death is suspicious?” His father asked sitting down on the chair in front of him.


“Nope it’s not suspicious they had an accident isn’t it?” He asked confused.


“Well that’s what everyone believe, their death was staged” his dad replied.


“What dad, how can you stage an accident?” Max asked .


“You can stage an accident or someone’s death through diabolical means”.



“What do you mean diabolical means does that even exist?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.


“Max you are talking like a kid, there are voodoo and charms in this part of the world and if you are not careful you will be killed”




“They kill spiritually, this wicked people deals with the spirit they don’t kill physically, they kill people in their dreams, it this type of people you heard that they sleep and didn’t wake up again, some people they stage their death, they placed things together that will cause their death, this was what happened to the late king”.


“Huh” he exclaimed with his mouth hanging wide open.


“Have you ever wonder why the Oracle always say Marietta is alive?, It’s because the gods of this land and her father didn’t want her to die”.




“A day before they all traveled to Lagos, the king was very much aware that he and his family are going to die but he doesn’t want his family to have the last laugh so he called me and said I should follow him to a sharman house, at first I refused but when we got there he explained what he wants to do, he made an oath that his daughter must not die along with him and it only his blood that must be able to sit on the throne”.


“What?” Max exclaimed.


“Yes his brothers are selfish they want to kill him so that they can succeed the throne,so the king beat them at their game, you are still young then, the second son tried to sit on the throne against the will of the elders and all he was struck down dead at the feet of the throne, this creates fear in them, so no one make attempt to sit on the throne since then”.


“So how do I fit in the whole story?” He asked.


“The first son didn’t rest in his research, finally the king spirit was called and appeased but he told them that only his daughter is entitled to the throne and if his daughter was not seen for a long time another person should be crown the king and that person must not be from the Ewanzi family, if Any part of the family should sit on the throne they will die, a stranger that is not part of the royal family is only entitled to the throne and not any member of the family”.


“So am the available person right?”.


“Well yes I don’t know where they heard that you were betrothed to Marietta so they want to use you to get the throne”.




“To get you married to one of their kids but trust me Max it’s gonna get you killed because the moment you get married to one of them you have indirectly become part of the family and if you sit on the throne you gonna die, they thought you being betrothed to Marietta will change it”.


“So they don’t want Marietta and a stranger on the throne so they are looking for a pawn in their shit” Max exclaimed sadly.


“So Max we have to be very careful and be prayerful that where ever Marietta is she should come back quickly, she’s the only one that can save us am not ready to loose my only son”.


“Oh God this is serious and I have a feelings things are beginning to get dangerous what if am hypotonised what will I do, I love Annabelle I don’t want to die” he said bitterly.


“When ever you see those girls please for the sake of your mum and your girlfriend avoid them, they are both dangerous”.


“Oh God, coming home was a bad idea after all”.



To be continued



More secret to be unraveled stay tuned






What Happened In Anambra



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